Remember that article about Genesect being officially announced pretty soon?

Well, the latest issue of Corocoro has announced it, Many Thanks to twitter user papico028!

Basically just talking about it’s original move Techno Blast, and that the Wi-Fi distribution for Genesect will start from August 11th up to September 14th, available only for Black2 and White2.

We also finally get to see Sugimori Artwork of Genesect too 🙂

  1. Why am I still awake!? Anyway, it’s great that Genesect has finally been revealed! But what’s their reasoning behind getting it out so soon… I wonder…

  2. Wow, all three of the event Pokemon release in one summer! Game Freak must want the sixth generation to be released really bad.

  3. There’s a scan that show a 3DS and there’s some info about it… if I unlocks something special for that console… many people wont be happy
    On a much more happier note… GENESECT!

  4. Wow didnt expect so soon that it would be revealed awesome, was hoping there would be some Gen VI hints in this corocoro

  5. Thank god its on Wifi-I never dreamed Id get Genesect before Keldeo or Meleotta but since those were only on location in Japan I was out of luck. Funny thing is I just reached the Team Plasma frigate outside the P2 lab in the game-soon I’ll get to see what happend when I bring Genesect there!!! 🙂

  6. I love it. Can’t wait for gen VI, there’ll probably be some new pokemon in the Genesect movie. Long before gen VI though.

  7. So much gen 6 in comments xD

    I’m glad they finally revealed it, I haven’t been interested in a Legendary in a long time.

  8. Glad good ole Genesect is finally getting some recognition after 300 million years.

    Too bad in about a week everyone will be worrying about Gen VI. Guess you’ll have to wait another 300 million years pal 🙁

    1. That’s under the impression gen 6 is the next game. I know someone in need of a remake that could be made. When Arceus was revealed it was not the end of 4th gen.

      1. It was revealed fittingly before its movie though, like any other proper main star, not some random wifi distribution in the summer.

  9. Yeah, People seem to forget the pattern that Gamefreak has taken over the year, for example, we had Diamond and Pearl, then Platinum, then HGSS. Now i’m assuming we will have Ruby and Sapphire remakes before 6th gen…

    1. A pattern is the same thing happening several times..

      FRLG were released before Emerald,
      while HGSS were released after Platinum.

      However, both of those third games were merely minor variations or improvements on the initial two games, requiring way way less development than completely seperate (but on same handheld and game engine) titles, like those remakes.
      With BW2, that was not the case, maning they didnt have time to work on RS remakes in the background the past year or two.

      But regardless..
      Its not like the DS is getting more games.
      And surely they will not change to a new handheld through mere nostalgia cash-milking titles as plain remakes are.

      And with Genesect revealed, there is nothing left to prolong this generation much further.

      It doesnt fit any way right now. (and wouldn’t even be THAT great, or better than the originals.)

  10. Thinking about it futher, I agree that GameFreak should move onto the next generation on the 3DS, but in a similar way to Gen I and Gen II are hopefully.

  11. Actually now that I compare Arceus and genesect I see a similarity. Genesect has sort of a crap event in B/W2. Arceus got a major event in Hg/Ss. So maybe the genesect that will be given away with the movie will unlock a big event in the next main game.

  12. I am thinking that there may not be a Ruby and Saphire remake because of the amount of effort put into black and white 2. I am guessing that Gen 6 will be in Japan in October of 2013, and in the US around February or March. IF there are Ruby and Sapphire remakes however, i believe it will come out October of 2013 in Japan and February or March in the US, prolonging the wait for gen 6 to around June of 2014 and september or october in the US. Just my timetable, please let me know if you agree!

  13. Okay, this is just me, and feel free to comment back, but we usually get a new generation of Pokemon about every 4 years. Black and White came out in Japan in 2010, so we still have two more years before another generation arrives. With that said I’m sure Ruby and Sapphire remakes will be made

    However, with the release of the 3DS, Gamefreak may give us Generation VI early, and completely skip the remakes although that might upset the fans of Pokemon who started out with that game. Not all of us started out with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. I did, but still. 🙂

    Black/White 2= 2012

    Ruby/Sapphire remakes= 2013

    Generation VI= 2014

    Personally, I love all Pokemon. I do NOT think Gamefreak is running out of ideas for Pokemon, and I support their decisions no matter what.

    I hope we just get a 3D RPG Pokemon game soon. Lord, somebody notify me, and a hospital, if that happens because I will have a stroke from excitement! 😀

    1. Couldn’t agree more 😛 I’m glad someone else wants more Pokémon. There will never be enough. They could release Gen VI first then do the remakes after? Unless it HAS to be on their 10th anniversary.

      1. Maybe so! However, they usually do remakes after two generations have pasted Ruby/Sapphire=FireRed/LeafGreen, Diamond/Pearl=HeartGold/Silver, but who knows? They may switch it up this time around. 🙂

        As long as they keep giving me new Pokemon every four years I’m fine. I just get overwhelmed when new Pokemon are released. My mind starts racing wondering what other new Pokemon there are, what the trainers and gym leaders will look like, and just everything. Pokemon has been apart of my life sense I was 4, and I’m 20 now. I love it so much. 🙂

        And yes the more the merrier. I have so many ideas for new Pokemon. Mostly dual ghost types. Though ice-types are my favorite. I’ll die if they make a Fire/Ice Pokemon. 😀 😀 😀

        Sorry for the length, I’m just really passionate about Pokemon.

        1. True, but they shocked everyone by releasing 2 generations on the same console, so it’ll be hard for them to decide what to put on the 3DS first.

          Haha same here 😛 it’s probably the series that got me into gaming, and everything. It’s a huge part of my life, I treat it different to how I treat other games, it’s hard to describe.

          I used to design loads when I was younger, I have a huge folder full of stuff, it’s all I ever used to do XD I was never good at drawing, but my designs weren’t bad, and I got one published in the Pokémon World magazine (though it wasn’t difficult considering the amount of stinkers they published from 5 year olds lol).

  14. i don’t get it, what does the release of genesect have to do with the 6th generation??
    can anybody explain please?

    1. Genesect is the last pokemon to be revealed in 5th gen. So some people assume 6th gen is coming soon. But in reality, 5th gen is still gonna be around for awhile. Even more if the next main games are RSE remakes.

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