Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The TM Machine

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, one of the ways to acquire Technical Machines, or TMs, is through the TM Machine located at Pokémon Centers. It requires League Points (LP) and materials that can be obtained through battling wild Pokémon.

Unneeded materials can be traded for additional LP.

Expanding the list of TMs you can craft

By finding new TMs, the list of TMs you can make at the TM Machine will expand. New TMs can be found while exploring, received as rewards or possibly purchased.

Cost and materials for each TM

  • TM 002 Charm: 400 LP, 3 Azurill Fur and 3 Teddiursa Claw
  • TM 009 Thunder Fang: 800 LP and 3 Shinx Fang
  • TM 015 Struggle Bug: 400 LP and 3 unknown items
  • TM 027 Aerial Ace: 800 LP, 3 Starly Feather and 3 Fletchling Feather
  • TM 034 Icy Wind: 800 LP, 3 Snom Thread, 3 Snover Berries