Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC: Rotom Phone upgrades

The Rotom Phone is a helpful device in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet that allows you to view your Map, Pokédex, and Profile… and will also help you descend more slowly should you fall from a great height! In the Scarlet and Violet DLC, the device gets upgrades that we have detailed below.

Rotom Phone upgrades in The Teal Mask

Case-matching app borders

In front of Kitakami’s Loyalty Plaza you can find an app developer who will upgrade your Rotom Phone to have app borders that will match your phone case in compatible apps.

You can see the new borders for the Sprigatito Rotom Phone phone case above. This is just a visual change and doesn’t affect the Rotom Phone’s core functionality.

Rotom Phone upgrades in The Indigo Disk

The second half of Scarlet and Violet’s DLC The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will be launching in late 2023. It is currently unknown if The Indigo Disk will contain any Rotom Phone upgrades, but this page will document any upgrades (or lack thereof) after its release.