Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC: How to Catch Meloetta

Meloetta requires some specific steps to capture in The Indigo Disk, the second half of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. But by following the steps outlined below, you can encounter and catch this Mythical Pokémon without too much hassle!

This method was found through the work of Lunagrade, Jan and others. Screenshots were kindly provided by friends.

Note about encountering Meloetta: You do not have to have completed anything special in The Indigo Disk to encounter Meloetta. It is also, unfortunately, Shiny locked which means you will never be able to spawn it in its Shiny form.

How to catch Meloetta in The Indigo Disk

Step 1: Go to the location required to spawn Meloetta

In order to encounter Meloetta, head to the area shown above in the Coastal Biome. The Coastal Rest Area Flying Point to the west is the closest, but there’s also a flying point to the east as well.

The exact place you need to be is next the bush in the field. Even standing in the bush. You’ll be able to see the wind rippling the grass.

Step 2: Spin and open your camera

You then need to spin your character around for 10 or more seconds by continuously rotating the left joystick. Some people have had more luck by spinning for 20 seconds. Clockwise or counterclockwise does not seem to matter.

Then immediately exit your spin by opening the camera with the down button on the d-pad. Change the camera filter to ‘Sepia’ using the left or right d-pad buttons. You do not need to change the music.

After several seconds, you’ll hear the music change to the Relic Song. Look around and you should see Meloetta. You can then close the camera — or snap a few photos first!

Step 3: Battle and catch Meloetta!

Interacting with Meloetta will start a battle and you may want to save first. Meloetta is level 70 and knows Relic Song, Hyper Voice, Sing and Psychic and has the ability Serene Grace.

A note about Meloetta’s formes: If it uses the move Relic Song it will change between its Aria Forme (Normal/Psychic) and Pirouette Forme (Normal/Fighting). The Bug and Dark-type attacks that are super effective against its Aria Forme will be resisted in its Pirouette Forme, so you may want to bring a team that knows Flying and Fairy-type attacks that will be super effective against its Pirouette Forme and not resisted by its Aria Forme.

Now catch it like any other Pokémon and you’ll have your very own Meloetta!

Video walkthrough for catching Meloetta

Our friend Austin John Plays has created a helpful guide for those looking to watch the process! We’ve embedded his video below.

Meloetta isn’t appearing for me, HELP!

If you’ve tried to follow our steps and watched the video above but are still having difficulties, here are some things that you may want to try:

  • Make sure you’re standing on the bush. The location for this all to happen seems to have a small radius and, if you’re standing too far out, may not trigger Meloetta to appear. Therefore, we recommend actually standing in/on the large bush area featured in the screenshots above.
  • Try different lengths of spinning. Some people have reported having difficulty spawning Meloetta after just 10 seconds of spinning. You can try 20 or 25 seconds and see if Meloetta appears.
  • Count the seconds more accurately when timing your spin. We recommending starting your count after your character actually starts its spin, not just from when you started rotating the joystick. Try counting “one-Dudunsparce, two-Dudunsparce…” if you may be counting too quickly when timing your spin.