Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC: Snacksworth’s Legendary Pokémon Locations

It turns out the best way to attract Legendary Pokémon is sometimes a snack! Read about how to get items to attract Legendary Pokémon and where to encounter them.

A word of warning: these Legendary Pokémon are “Shiny Locked”, which means you’ll never encounter them in their Shiny form!

How to unlock Snacksworth

In order to meet Legendary Pokémon throughout Paldea, you’ll need to talk to an NPC named Snacksworth. You’ll need to clear out Area Zero and return to Blueberry Academy, after which you’ll be directed to him.

How to get snacks for Legendary Pokémon

Getting snacks from Snacksworth requires you to have completed 10 individual Blueberry Quests or a single group quest. The snack he gives you for a Legendary Pokémon is random and he will only give you a hint as to its location.

Map of all Legendary Pokémon locations that can be encountered through snacks

The map below shows the locations of all Legendary Pokémon that you can encounter by using snacks.

Map created by Lewtwo