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New BW Commercial w/ Plasma + Gym Rumor

pokejungleAug 4, 20103 min read

httpv:// Main thing in this video is at the 0:17 mark where you see Team Plasma lined up behind someone…

2CH SCAN=FAKE, Plasma Leader/Admin Shown?

DaigoAug 3, 20102 min read

Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here making a quick update for Pokejungle. The scan from 2ch is unfortunately…

Updating from phone…[FAKE SCAN]

pokejungleAug 3, 20101 min read

Chimecho evo = horikyan Skull = zugasei Aaaand we also have known pokemon on there. This is RUMOR! And names…

zZzZzZ…what? New pokemon? (UPD1)

pokejungleAug 3, 20101 min read

Sorry I missed this while I was sleeping, here are the pics.  That’s Aloe and Dento up…

Picture from Tokyo

pokejungleAug 2, 20101 min read

I was tickled to see this picture in my inbox this morning from my boyfriend.  He saw this while he…

Small Black and White News

pokejungleAug 1, 20102 min read

And by small, I mean small.  I dunno if you guys like me posting these little crumbs of information, feel…



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