Pokémon Sun & Moon Legendaries’ Names Revealed?

A Japanese trademark filing has revealed potential names for the mascot Legendaries of the upcoming 3DS titles Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon; “Solgaleo” (ソルガレオ) and “Lunaala” (ルナアーラ) were both submitted for registration.

Solgaleo definitely seems to combine sol/solar with something, possibly “leo” for lion.

Lunaala we are still researching, but the base of luna/lunar is evident.

UPDATE: A working theory is that this could be hinting towards Sun and Moon being based in Spain. In Spanish “luna” means moon and “ala” means wing, thus Lunaala could be some sort of winged Legendary. “Sol” also means sun in Spanish and “león” means lion. Back in 2014 game director Junichi Masuda visited Spain in person and reported the trip on his blog. Coincidence?

A third trademark filing was for “Gigareki”, but it is unknown whether or not it is related to the two, the name of a Pokémon or an entirely separate product.

<3 PJ

  1. Interesting, a lion will be super cool. Can’t wait to see them and decide which version to buy!

  2. But Digimon World Dawn had an exclusive that was a sun based lion.. such irony. Almost seems deliberate.

    1. I thought that too, but who knows? Maybe they both have a similar origin (maybe a mythology has a lion and sun linked together?)

  3. Sun lion <3 yay. I wonder what origin the ga in the name comes from? (A first thought was Galileo, but ehhhh xD)
    And Lunaala sounds interesting, wish we knew what it could look like! I'm trying to think of what its name is comprised of, but I got nothing.

  4. I think it has something to do with astronomy. So more like Sun and Galileo. For Sun and for Moon…. I have nothing haha

    1. You might be onto something, I just thought mythology cause I have more knowledge on mytholgies than I do with astronomy. But I definitely thought of Galileo too, maybe because he has leo in his name xD

    2. @PokeMadness1996 i think solgaleo will be a sun gladiator and fire fighting
      Lunala will be moon bird water flying

      The duo works

      Galeo means cover with a helmet and gladiators wear helmets


    1. Hey watch wat r u trying to say u should be aware about ur ability : when predict something it will become true ……just do like me make ur self like u didn’t that and it’s will be ok .

    1. That would be my guess on the name origin, now we just need lunaala (and not just the luna/lunar part of it)

      1. In spanish ala means wing. Maybe something to do with that. Solgaleo will be lion-like and Lunaala will be a wingged something (Pegasus please!). Could also have a Apollo/Artemis feel.

        1. Ah, interesting. Maybe an owl or bat? (since they are winged creatures active at night) but a pegasus would be awesome too!

          1. OMG I want another Owl. We have plenty of bat or bat-based pokemon. Another Owl would be cool, that is if they don’t go for a pegasus, lol.

          2. Yes, I love Noctowl at times, but a good amount of the time I wish for a better owl Pokemon.

    2. The funny thing is that Galileo not only measured the length of a day with accordance to the sun, but he also discovered the four primary moons of Jupiter

    1. I wonder also if this came up today because GameFreak will reveal the box arts BEFORE corocoro. Any thoughts?

        1. Hey, it could happen. You never know. But at this point I just want this to be real XD

  6. I tried looking into various sun gods/goddesses in various cultures to see if a lion is associated with one of them, and I couldn’t really find anything so far. The closest is Sakhmet (I believe that’s how it’s spelled, but a goddess related to the sun with a lionness head) but I dunno.

      1. yeah, but I was looking for lion at first cause of what we have so far. Plus Sakhmet is not a sun goddess technically only related to it somewhat. And yeah, that would be cool, is there an animal relation there?

          1. Hmmm, interesting, lines up with what we have so far. Maybe next region is Egypt? Or near there?
            Then again, Yveltal and Xernease were Norse-based while Kalos is French-based so maybe an area near Egypt xD
            Or it could be somewhere else, I dunno anymore

          2. I would like to discus more about mythology u have many good topics unfortunately I feel sleepy …when I sleepy my english become bad ……so person like is very important to be here at least for me …ty very much.

  7. SOLGALEO sounds like it could be a ROOSTER, GALLO (GAL-yoh) in Spanish. Roosters crow at dawn, so it’s possible!
    Maybe a cross between a lion and a rooster?

      1. One of Apollo’s sacred animals is a griffin! (At least, from what I saw) So it could be a possibility!

          1. Please elaborate a bit, I don’t watch MLP so I don’t know what you mean, thanks.

          2. In MLP the pony kingdom is co-ruled by a sun princess and a moon princess who control the cycle of night & day. The moon one is the ever popular fan-favorite, Princess Luna.

  8. I’m hearing that “Sun shark” and “moon wing” are some accurate assumptions, if Spanish is taken into account. Holy crap, I think it’s actually happening. I’m still confused as to why this didn’t leak earlier, though.

          1. Aw man, I knew I should have invested in getting a Japanese 3DS! CURSE YOU AND YOUR EXCLUSIVE EVENTS!

    1. @PokeMadness1996 i think solgaleo will be a sun gladiator and fire fighting
      Lunala will be moon bird water flying

      The duo works

  9. I see a lot about a lion type sun legendary and a winged moon legendary. This all reminds me of the fake Coro Coro leak with the three starters…buy I could still be wrong because GF is totally switching it up a bit on us.

    1. Even if they were fake (which they were at least in that time), maybe they were closer than they even realized, based on what we have right now.

        1. I know I would be like ‘….wat….was I right unintentionally? Holy shiz, I need to invest in the lottery now MOM DAD I AM A PSYCHIC TRUST ME’

    2. @PokeMadness1996 i think solgaleo will be a sun gladiator and fire fighting
      Lunala will be moon bird water flying

      The duo works

  10. I googled the “reki” part of Gigareki, and it supposedly means gravel or pebble, as per this http://karneval.wikia.com/wiki/Gareki. I remembered that anime/manga names are mostly made up of kanji that give some insight into the characters personality or can be pretty self-explanatory (if you know the Japanese). So Giant pebble/gravel, must be the legendary that is based on Earth.

  11. Oh look, Pokemon speculation news to distract me from my schoolwork!! Yay to bad grades!!

    1. And they’ll release the next game as soon as finals or midterms start up too.

      1. A girl at a party once asked me what I do for income. I told her I was a Pokemon Master. Worked like a charm. 10/10 would recommend.

        1. Does that work if a girl like me does that to a guy?
          I mean, I’m checking my bases here.

          1. Um, I’m the diamond here 😉 cause I sparkle like one.
            Nah, one day it’ll happen. I’m focusing on school. Plus, I was never the best with these things and I’m socially awkward so yeah, there’s that.

          2. My wife’s the same way and here we are now with a 16 month old who says pika when he wants pokemon lol

          3. Hey, you. Get back to your corner, who told you that you could leave? I’ll have Chandy bite your d!ck off if you slip up one more time.

          4. Haha thanks. I just want my son to have a life that I never had and hope that he finds joy in some of the things I grew up with (Pokémon)

  12. Looked up “ala” and was drawn to Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu.

    Moana means Pacific Ocean in the loosest of terms

    The tides are influenced by the moon

    Hawaii confirmed (maybe? Lol)

    1. Maybe they’re doing this thing, where Sun and Moon are both set in two different regions? Like Moon in Hawaii, and Sun in Spain? Probably not the case, but it would be epic af if we get that lol.

      1. That would be a major curve ball. It would be something I liked, nonetheless.

        “it all comes together”

    1. Not trying to be that person, but….Technically the Shinx line is based on lynxs just as much as lions sooo yeah. (possibly even more than lions)

      1. True. You are right. Their appearance is based on lions, but they have more charactericistics of a lynx. But still, I’m gonna be furious if the Sun Legendary just turns out to be a Legendary Mega Pyroar. Lol.

          1. “Lit” and “Leo”. The combination of the name and the fact we just got a proper family of lions last generation is just all the more fuel to my fire if the Sun Legendary is based off of the Nemean Lion, which is part of Greek Mythology.

          2. I mean, there wasn’t a lot relating any sun gods to lions, but I know griffin was related to Apollo by being one of his many sacred animals, so there’s something there at least.

          3. Well, “Leo” is used in the endings of a lot of things related to the sun. For instance, Galileo was an Italian astromer who studied astronomy. I need to be more open minded on this matter and not jump to conclusions. And besides, Game Freak says they design the Legendary Mascots with the most effort. My hope is that the Sun Legendary could be based off of a combination of animals. Like a Lion and a Griffin and the hooves of a horse. It would be pretty weird but cool if they made it actually work out.

          4. “Hooves of a horse”

            Please no, I don’t need bronies invading Pokemon. This is my safe zone.

          5. True, but I was thinking more mythological basis here (and maybe culture too). I didn’t want to research too much into it, since it’s getting late for me, but I saw some things from the little I did.

  13. Seriously though, those Trademark Bot tweets are from March 22 (with the Gigareki tweet on April 16). Why is this now suddenly so important? Just because it’s been discovered today?

    1. Trying to think of something funny and sarcastic to say but I’m out of creative juices for tonight.

  14. That’s a pretty weird name for the moon one.
    It’s showed romanized on the trademark as Lunaala, but the Japanese is Lunaaara (LU/NA/Aー/RA). Very weird to read. xD
    So it probably reads on the romanized one as Luna-ala (broken into two) not as Lunaala (long Ah sound).

    1. The reason it is ra instead of la is because there is no la in the Japanese language. The sub l for r. And plus when you say the ra you pronounce it with a soft r (sorta like a r and a l combined)
      Reason why they have the stereotype of saying their Ls like Rs.
      Really interesting to learn that in Japanese :3

      1. That’s not what I meant. xD
        What I meant is that it’s written with NA-A-a (ナアー).
        Like three A sounds in a row.
        If it was supposed to be a long A sound, it would be just Na-a (ナー).
        So I guess it supposed to be read as Luna-Ala.

        1. Oh xD Ah ok, I see what you mean. And maybe the other word is aala? I dunno
          Sorry about that xDD

          1. No problem. I didn’t make myself clear. It’s hard to explain what you are thinking about a language that’s not yours in yet another language that’s not yours. XD

          2. It happens xD And it’s late where I am so my brain is not functioning well right now.

  15. In the blurred out box art of Pokemon Sun in CoroCoro, I swear I could make out of a hoove or leg of some sort below Sun’s blurred out Japanese logo. It may of just been my imagination or something. I’m still hoping for a Griffin/Hippogriff Pokemon of some kind. It would be really cool if they took a Greek Mythology approach!

      1. I’m going for Moon as my primary version at this point. I’m a creature of the night and I love the color blue. I really have a feeling both mascots will look really cool. I’ll pre-order both games at the same time cause I know there will likely be some cool bonus if you do that. For ORAS, I got a poster of the artwork of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre fighting.

    1. @PokeMadness1996 i think solgaleo will be a sun gladiator and fire fighting
      Lunala will be moon bird water flying

      The duo works..

  16. It’s possible the sufix leo may not mean anything at all. Could be for Galileo, the astronomer. And the first part of the name “Solgal” is very interesting as well (the French version refers to the game as Pokemon Soleil). It’s possible that the Sun Legendary can travel through space and is seen at night as a constellation, much like the Leo in real life. In fact it’s interesting to note that in ORAS, the Litleonids Meteor shower, was named after Litleo. This is all just a crazy crackpot theory. Can’t prove anything until we see the Mascot Legendaries, which I hope is in next month’s issue. I’m excited to see the Mascots whenever we may see them!

    1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One thing at a time, let’s wait until we get some designs before we start analyzing origins and name meanings. For all we know, it may not even be a lion.

      1. Exactly. I shouldn’t be too paranoid. Game Freak hopefully knows what they’re doing this Generation. I’m sure they wouldn’t want another Fire type Lion like the Liteo family (Entei I guess could be considered one while it did resemble one to some degree, it was inspirted by other things to a degree and didn’t have the behavior). I hope it’s not a lion, considering they referenced Litleo in the english versions of ORAS as part of that meteor shower due to it’s name. But we’ll just have to live with whatever choice Game Freak makes. And I have a feeling it will be great, now trying to look on the positive side. I really have liked all the Mascot Legendaries. There’s not one I truly have hated.

        1. @PokeMadness1996 i think solgaleo will be a sun gladiator and fire fighting
          Lunala will be moon bird water flying

          The duo works.

      2. @PokeMadness1996 i think solgaleo will be a sun gladiator and fire fighting
        Lunala will be moon bird water flying

        The duo works

  17. So after a very round about way of getting there, I stumbled upon a goddess name Astarte. Her symbols are lion and Sphinx. I think we will see very similar looking legendaries, but have them more masculine/feminine differences. Seeing as Astarte is linked to Venus, I’m getting a very feminine vibe. Maybe something to do with mirrors too. I’m hoping a lion for moon and Sphinx for sun 🙂


    1. She has a horse as another animal symbol so maybe the “earth” based legendary is a horse!

  18. I’m totally down for mega Bellossom being the Sun mascot legendary. She’s got that Hawaii vibe going on already.

      1. Yeah Bellossom has zero chance of ever being a fire type, Same goes for Sunflora

        1. Just said it would be cool. Obviously, it wouldn’t happen because it has no fire moves that isn’t a status move other than HP fire.

  19. Solgaleo kinda sounds like “Galileo”. For those who dont know, Galileo Galilei was an italian astronomer, among other things. Perhaps a psychic fire type legendary based on him? Would be cool ^-^

    1. GF could just be pulling in space and the earth as an influence. Galileo may have used the sun for measuring how long a day is, but he also discovered the four primary moons of Jupiter.

  20. Really hoping Solgaleo would be some kind of lion. But they have done so many lions and yet no decent tiger mons 🙁
    As for Lunaala, I’m guessing some owl or other bird or some avian thing.

  21. Wow a clue! Solgaleo (ソルガレオ) and Lunaala (ルナアーラ) Hmm a Sun Lion And a Moon Bird.Hmm what does it means?

  22. Solgaleo = Galileo?
    I’m thinking we might have italian influence in these games. Gen VI french, so i guess Gen VII Italian.

    in the new movie trailer they did have a Leonardo Da Vinci type who madge Magearna.

  23. Hmm Solgaleo could be a mix of a Rooster (Gallo in spanish) and a Lion (Leo) … a kind of Griffin! <3

    Galeo also sounds like Galileo Galilei, the astronomer, which makes sense (Sun and Moon are astronomical objects).

    Regarding Lunaala … "Ala" means Wing in spanish.

    Then… if we have such spanish names could it be possible that the new region is based on Spain? (it makes sense since Kalos is based on France).

  24. I see a great celestial lion with his mane being a massive burning ball of fire, pupiless eyes, with metal spike like headpieces similar to the logo, and it’s legs will each have a comets tail, it’s body is bright orange but holds many glowing fragments similar to a celestial body

    And for the second I see a navy blue and Raven colored bird with crescent moon snapped plumage similar to the logo and a long beak, it’s mighty wings look like nebulas in coloration and just beautiful dark blue and umbra colors and each wing is crescent moon shaped, and again celestial body

  25. After going through maybe lunaala is based of Allah many sources say Allah is also a moon god so this can be possible. I am sure they will change its name in english. Also i am hoping for Gladiator Sun legend lion would be cool BUT gladiators man theyre cooler.

  26. Luna ala…lunar wing? o.O

    Eh, I’m gonna try not to overthink this. Pokemon names are crammed with puns and often have different puns for localisation translations. The English names will be the ones I’ll have to remember in the long run.

    1. Don’t the names usually carry over to English for the box legends? (Xerneas, Yveltal, Reshiram, Zekrom)

      1. For some of the older games they change slightly, dialga was diaruga, and palkia was parukia. I may have spelled them qrong, but pronounced that way haha

    1. Yeah they’re putting the fate of the moon in the paws of a koala, nature’s quitter

    1. I always had this idea for a Dark/Psychic Lunar Wolf
      Pure pitch black body with white highlights and muzzle, pupiless eyes and a moon shaped crest on the forehead
      It has deep connection to the the moon, and when the moon is at its apex these Pokemon gather in great numbers to bask in moonlight and evolve

    1. Yep, apparently those other names are the starters and…something else. A Japanese Twitter account said that these starters are a grass crow, a fire cat and a water manatee.

      1. A Fire cat? Looks like I’m continuing my long lasting obsession with picking the fire starter on the first playthrough 😀

          1. But there’s a cow. Cows are technically bovine. Even so, I’m sure it would evolve into an Ox or a Bull or something.

          2. Yeah and the font on the others is slightly off so I’m guessing everything but Solgaleo and Lunalaa are fake

          3. I believe there are a few bovine-inspired pokemon. Tauros, Miltank, Boufalaunt, skiddo, gogoat. There are a lot of feline pokemon: meowth, persian, sphinx, luxio, luxray, skitty, delcatty, litleo, pyroar, Raikou (for sure), Suincune (maybe), Entei (maybe) glameow, purugly, purrloin, liepard, espurr, meowstic, growlith & arcanine (essentially canine/feline hybrids but that’s up for debate)

          4. Actually there are a few more. I think goats/sheep are technically bovine. Trying to update my post lol

          5. Tauros, Miltank and Bouffalant
            Compared to
            Meowth, Perisan, Espeon, Entei, Raikou, Skitty, Delcatty, Glameow, Purugly, Purrloin, Liepard, Espurr and Meowstic

            So no more cats

          6. Regardless my concept is fool proof
            Wild angry bull that has a temper almost as red hot as my own
            So Fire Rage Bull makes oodles of sense

          7. Well I like to see any other concept make any more sense
            And don’t just throw other cows or oxen since my idea stems from actual Bulls not subspecies

          8. You dum hole, Goats are Caprine, granted very close to the family but not traditionally

      2. Mokuroh could very well be moku (wood) + crow
        But I believe it’s probably moku (wood) + fukuroh (owl).
        So also a grass bird, but a GRASS OWL!

      3. If these ARE indeed the starters, I’m going to have a tough time picking between them.

      1. That remind me of Mars and Shadow. There was a picture that the Rover took that a lot of people claimed to be an extraterrestrial humanoid creature controlling the Rover. This was proven false [obviously].

    2. Marshadow could be a water/ghost or water/dark type… Maybe the final evolution of the water starter?

    3. The transliteration would be more like Nyabii… so it’s possibly “Nya” or “meow” in japanese, and “bee”. So what’s a cat with stripes like a bee? A TIGER. And the Tiger is in the Chinese Zodiac.

      So my bet is that it’s a Fire/Bug or Fire/Poison starter!

      1. I don’t think Horubii (Bunnelby) or Serebii (Celebi) are bees, nor do they have stripes. This is what I think:

        Solgaleo-sun legend
        Lunaala-moon legend

        Mokuroh-the moku part apparently means wood, so I’m guessing this is either the grass starter or possibly the bird we saw in the trailer

        Ashimari-one transliteration of this name I’ve seen is Atsumari, and Atsu means heat, so this is my guess for the fire starter

        Marshadow-it has marsh in it, it could well be the water starter

        Nyabby-I do agree that the Nya part could refer to it being a cat, I think this is an early route cat like Purrloin

        1. The Japanese characters for shi and tsu look very similar at a glance, so it’s easy to confuse the two. But looking at the image it’s definitely “shi”.

    4. As long as nyabby isn’t a bipedal fire fighting tiger I’ll be fine. We need a pure final fire type, hasn’t been once since typhloshion. Plus non of them are quadrupeds!

  27. As long as they’re not dragons and something creative…I’m good.

    I’m honestly more interested in the typing, ability and stats than simple names. But I can wait for those.

          1. Let’s seeee I’m counting anything Dragon
            Latia and Latios
            Dialga, Palkia and Giratina
            Kyurem Black and White that makes three
            And Zygarde

            In total 10 dragons

          2. Latias and Latios weren’t box legends, neither was Zygarde. I don’t count Palkia or Dialga as dragons because they look nothing like dragons. I understand what you’re getting at though.

      1. Too cutesy, Legends are meant to be these large imposing beasts
        I’m still waiting for my Drill Toothed Messanger Squirrel Ground/Fairy

        1. Not really…I mean we have Mew, Jirachi, Manaphy/Phione, Diancie, Hoopa (confined), Victini, Meloetta, Keldeo..They could make a rabbit pokemon and have it be imposing. The Lunar rabbit in japanese culture isn’t exactly scary though

          1. Well people say they’re tired of formulas, and while I’m sure they’re not wanting to completely change things, they can start with smaller things like this to set this gen apart. Of course this is all speculative

          2. Pikachu is a legend. Is it forgotten easily? No. So it’s a legend since it’s also a mascot and will go down in history.

          3. Good point! Idk how I forgot them. Cresselia is also cute and definitely I think could’ve been a box legendary if it and darkrai were the main

  28. If it’s based on Spain I really hope there is no Pokemon representing a torero bull or anything related… It’s a shame we are still killing those bulls for fun in Spain.

    1. Its not like they killnit and do away with the body, they do actually eat the bull and most of it. Its just tradition

      1. It’s a tradition that should stop. I am not proud of having a tradition where people make animals suffering for fun, despite they are eaten afterwards or not… that’s cruel.

  29. this is quite interesting. As some have said the names could just be trademarks for the sake of doing so and may not have any real relevance, but given that Sun and Moon were trademarked only a couple of days before they were actually announced I would say there’s a pretty good chance these are going to be the legendaries and the other ones could be the starters. It is god timing that in early May we’ll likely get some info so these trademarks happening only a couple of weeks early makes sense. I don’t think we’ll see any sort of confirmation until may. Sure Sun and Moon were announced within the week of their trademarking, but we were promised stuff in May and I don’t think we’ll get anything until then.

  30. ala (from Lunaala) is also a Latin word meaning wing or fin… Which, could very well make sense that the Sun legend is a fire lion and the Moon legend is a water bird or something…

        1. I’m still finding it difficult to believe the rumors until it’s confirmed. It’s not even registered by GameFreak or Pokemon. It’s a cool idea, and makes sense, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  31. In lighter news
    All this bovine and goat talk has got me a’thinkin
    Are anyone familiar of the Nerubian Ibex breed of mountain goats? I can easily see a Normal/Rock Mountain Goat with impressive stone spire like antlers, with these powerful antlers they viciously challenge one another to duels on mountain peaks for supremacy
    And their main ability is Rock Head and Reckless with all sorts of powerful moves such as Double-Edge and Head Smash, Megahorn and many more (Most likely Wild Charge via TM)

  32. The winged moon Pokemon seems even more reinforced by the symbol in the logo, very winged. Not sure how I’d feel about another fire lion, or rooster, but a griffin would be cool 🙂

        1. Yeah, maybe new forms. I personally don’t think these games are related to Johto or any other previous game except XY. But who knows, like Jon Snow, we know nothing xD

        2. Absolutely no more primal Pokemon
          Half the time they have no idea how primal reversion really works

      1. Well they are dumb, everyone knows that the Legendary Birds are the Guardians of the Sky and Sea

        1. Ho-oh is the rainbow Pokémon, connected to the light and the sun. Lugia is the guardian of the sea, the sea is connected to the moon because of the tides.

          1. True, but let’s assume (never ever assume) these trademarked names are 100% authentic. Lugia and Ho-oh’s Japanese names aren’t even these. I would love to see something new with them but if it isn’t the time and place for it, then there’s no need. Frankly, I don’t see a need for some Lugia and Ho-oh related.

  33. Should we look at these again? Honestly, these statues remain very intriguing even after how long we’ve known about them

          1. Manectric’s tail looks different, too. But it could be an abstract or rough but not exact representation

    1. Ehhh I wouldn’t think too much onto this one
      Sure plenty of unanswered questions (Like I’m interested why the Parfuum Palace has a Golurk, Palpitoad and a Eevee statue)
      But it could just be a red herring or some Kalosian artwork

    2. They still just look like arbitrary statues for the sake of background design to me.

    3. More importantly what about the huge dragon in Drasna’s chamber?? That thing is just begging to be a massive draconic legendary if you ask me.

  34. Anyone pointed out that Solgaleo also sounds like a broken form of Galileo? Galileo the astronomer -> astronomy -> study of celestial bodies -> like the sun 😀
    Also Gigareki sounds Earth-y to me, to complete that trifecta of Sun, Moon and Earth.

    1. It was pointed out some time ago but yes the trifecta is evident and ties it all together.

  35. I’m just sitting here waiting for an actual poison-type legendary. Arceus with the Toxic plate doesn’t count

    1. Toxigeddon a unholy Pokemon created from the careless humans dumping contaminated wastes into the ecosystem
      A massive corrupted landmass with vile oozes and smog pouring from the smokestack like pores on its back
      The pollution created this undesired life and its causes nothing but destruction

  36. Watch them release the box legends in a few days like they did the titles after they were registered, and the next Corocoro rehashes the exact same thing promising more in the next issue.

    1. If that were the case they would’ve released them last month when they were trademarked. They were just discovered overy the course of the last few days.

  37. A lot of people think that Solgaleo is a reference to Galileo, a sun, and a lion. When I first saw this name, my initial thought was that the ‘gale’ part of the name might be a reference to a solar wind lion. Maybe the Pokemon has something to do with solar winds?

  38. For every comment after this one that mentions the correlation between Galileo and Solgaleo, I will fucking kick a baby or something (not literally speaking but you get the point). Everyone’s comment is exactly the SAME.
    This also applies to mentions of “sol” being spanish for sun and “ala” for wing.

    1. Sol is Spanish for Sun and Ala is Wing. And Galileo and Solgaleo, Astronomy and stuff, full circle! Woo! Oh and Leo means it is a Lion don’t forget that. Etc. etc. etc.

    2. Did you know that ala in Spanish is wing and sounds sun? Also Galileo was a world renowned Italian astronomer who…… [filler].

      *goes to kick my son (I call him sun bear lol humanoid sun legendary confirmed)

      *son dodges – Zen Headbutt!

    1. Yeah I’ve seen that fakemon on DA before. I don’t remember who the artist is, but that’s definitely fake lol

  39. Also in Italian Luna means moon and ala means wing and sole means sun and leone means lion. So what?

  40. I’m reading the Pokémon Adventures manga and all I can think about is how many pokémon still don’t have evolutions, or the third stage evolution. I’m all in about the mega-evolution but I would like more the regular evolution, like in Tauros and Milktank, or Ariados or another three houndred XD Please, no more silly megas like Mega Audino.


      1. I was joking, besides koalas may be cute but they’re stupid.

        They only eat eucalyptus leaves from the tree. if it’s on the ground or on a plate, and it’s given nothing else it’ll starve.

        1. And the sheer fact that eucalyptus leaves provide literally no nutritional value and are even poisonous, so yeah they’re not fit to do anything

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gimmicky Pokemon was a koala. It might have something really cool, with tons of potential, but its stats may not even make it to the meta game.

      1. The water one looks like Coballion, the grass looks too Yu-Gi-Oh, and the bull I like but I feel like it’d have a lot of furry fan porn.

      2. Can’t see how that antelope is a water type. The Minotaur is sick though. Idk what to make of that lizard.

      3. For once in my life I don’t want a bipedal Minotaur
        I just want a magnificent bulky Fire Bull, massively bulky frame of a dark Crimson coloration, dark grey horns, burning eyebrows and fire running down its spine, flame decals and I guess with his animation its snout would expel a burst of steam and flames
        the more anger this Pokemon feels the stronger its fire burns it can easily derail a locomotive with one Headbutt, easily angered these Pokemon burn off power by bashing into rocks and trees until fully burnt out

  41. Just a fun speculation:

    What if there was a Normal-type Eeveelution named Eeveon, and it’s the only one with a Mega Evolution? Eeveon may have Simple with the hidden ability of Normalize (or vice verse), and Mega Eeveon will have the ability Protean. Keeping in mind it has a fairly decent access to almost every damage type, including the types for the existing Eeveelutions.

    Just think about it.

    1. My goodness I thought about this earlier when I was throwing plush pokeballs at pokemon plushes with my son. He threw one at Eevee and I was thinking about an Evo and mega with Multitype or Protean.

      1. Even more fun.

        What if they’re done with Megas to focus on new Pokémon and Milotic will never get a Mega?

        Just think about it.

        1. Well they coooould add some more unova Megas
          Every region needs a small handful

          Not hoenn they got more then anybody

      2. Stop being so greedy
        Let other Regions have some Megas
        Sinnoh and Unova have so little while Hoenn has so many, I doubt we’ll even get any more for them since we just were there

    2. I’ve tangled with Mega Eeveelutions and I feel since Eevee has such an unstable genetic code it will never peg down a true mega form,

  42. I just reclaimed Pearl (and got Diamond as as well), and I have SoulSilver on the way. My goal of collecting all mainline Pokemon games before Sun and Moon just became much easier. I’m SO excited to explore Sinnoh again!

    1. I restarted Diamond but it’s hard for me to get into old games once I’ve beaten them. When I was little it was easy to restart Yellow or Crystal but it was because I didn’t have much option and I couldn’t just run out and buy a new game when I felt like it. So when it was video games, it was watching or playing Beyblade or watching the X-men TV series.

      1. I understand that. Unless you have an extremely strong attachment to a game, replaying it can feel like a slog. But for me, Pokemon is infinitely replayable (especially Gens 4 and 5). I felt so much regret about giving away my old Pearl the instant I gave it away, so having it back in my library makes me feel like a kid again. That’s all that matters, in the end.

        1. I would love to replay Pokémon Ranger but I let a friend borrow it and I never got it back. 🙁

  43. My guess / hopes are that Solgaleo will be a Fire/Fairy Leo / griffin with a fiery mane representing that of the sun, Lunnala will be a Ice/Fairy Pegasus with Crystal or ice crescent shaped wings representing that of the moon and the third trip legendary will be a Electric / Fairy centaur shorting electric arrows having a star theme to match that of the sun and moon and would make sense since it would be both a astrological sign Saggitaruis and constellation as well as a mythical creature to complete the trio. Once again that’s just my theory / hopes.

    1. Enough of the damn fairies
      How could a Griffin be a Fairy seriously Griffins are just so beyond the fairy type

      And the Pegasus gets a half pass and that’s it

          1. Well yeah that other grass owl was lol But has this particular owl bee confirmed fake? ‘m not saying it’s real, but I was just wondering in particular case. The thing about wishes for stuff to be in the games is if everyone wishes enough or comes up with enough ideas at least one of them is bound to end up being real. If we get a grass owl (whether it’s the starter or not) it will have been a long time coming in reference to what people have been saying all these years lol

          2. Yes. Because it’s the same damn owl I’ve been on here since BW 2 so Ive seen some of the same damn fakes that have been confessed to be fake. The only difference between this owl and the other owls is the fact that it has been laid out on a screen shot differently.

      1. I am serious, why?
        IT’s the one thing, that
        a) hasn’t been obviously faked as it has a lot of detail. Matches up with how the unova starters got leaked. Granted it could be a copy cat, but still has good work put in.
        2) None of the mons pictured have been found, and considering one user on 4chan purposely goes about making fakes, that’s pretty good. It also came from 2ch which is where most legit leaks come from.
        It could still be fake, but as I said, the comparisons are interesting…

      1. It’s meant to be a fire starter. Seems rabbit like, if I had to guess. If real, I’m sure it would look better.

        1. Well to be fair at least this pic kind of looks like a bird. That’s close enough right? lol

      1. These are what one guy claimed. No context was given in the tweet, so it appears to be a guess. But that’s not my reasoning. The words that make the supposed starter’s names in Japan, are different then the guy claiming the animals, but they could still match up. Anyway:
        Grass: The words come out as Tree Owl. There are two species that fit this and match the “leaked grass owl.” Those are the literal grass owl, and the barn owl.
        The Fire one apparently had a complex set of Japanese text. People were interrupting it as Fire, and cat, but it was hard to pinpoint the base apparently. If these are real, the fire one, could be a rock and fire cat like creature. Only the face is cat like though, but we don’t have full proof towards cat, so it’s hard to say.
        The water one comes out to Round Seal(Or Ball, forgot which). Meaning it’s a creature like the water one there, which isn’t fully detailed, but it could definitely fit that description. I could also see sea lion to, as it kind of looks like a baby one that’s colorful.

    1. I have a really good feeling that there will be a trio based off of this. I don’t think it will be the main mascots but maybe a trio who knows!!

      1. Ever watch brickleberry?
        They invented a beautiful phrase
        “Jupiter Fisted to death”

  44. I keep hearing that Ho-oh and Lugia might be involved with Sun and Moon in some way
    And the bile in my throat forces me to say that will never freaking happen
    Ho-oh spends its time circling the globe while Lugia is at the bottom of the ocean, that is all, this isn’t even about Sun and Moon, they just want damn Megas or Primals, which just does not have any significant reasoning to be in sun and moon outside the drooling greedy fanbase
    We have ZERO LEGIT INFO,

    1. Not really surprised. PJN is actually relatively well-known in the Pokemon community, but the reason why it’s not mentioned nearly as often as say Serebii or ‘Beach is because PJN isn’t a dedicated news site, in other words there are lots of speculation and side articles, unlike Serebii which in reality is more like a database.

      1. These names aren’t trademarked by The Pokemon Company, Gamefreak,or Nintendo so their’s still a huge chance these aren’t the names

  45. I’d Love some more polar opposite pokemon again.

    Like a big giant solid rock hard pokemon and a soft wet squishy pokemon.

    One with ultra defense and the other with near none.
    One with mega sp att and speed the other slow and zero sp att.

    1. I wanted a colossal Rock/Fighting Pokemon loosely inspired by a Rockbiter

      Some gigantic secluded Pokemon living in a dense mountain range that eats rocks and makes these impenetrable mountains

      Also a floating Psychic/Electric Brain
      Bug/Dark Mosquito that has an ability that increases the power of HP Draining attacks but piss poor defense

  46. I just had a very interesting idea
    Don’t ask me how but I just had a brain flash of a decent Mega Mr. Mime idea
    It’s body would double in length and around his collar would sprout one of those zig zag mime/clown paper things (u know the ones) and his shoulder blades would point out and his head will spawn three long jester hat horns with blue rhomboid like appendages, his arms get longer and he’ll develop star shaped wristbands, and lastly his feet would split into too points and finally a cape like frill on the back

    This Mega form gains a whopping amount of defense but I’m debating to let it keep filter or give it prankster

      1. Dude I spent like 85% of my entire school career drawing and coming up with this stuff K-12,

        School sucked colossal wang and I hated every moment of it, and do you know what cluster migraines are? Well I had one from say fifth grade to the present try going to a school with obnoxious people with an unending headache and try to stay enthusiastic

    1. A fiery lemur is not a Fire Bull
      It’s better off as a whimsical Grass/Flying caped lemur

        1. Grass Peacock where it’s feathers are a blooming bud and slowly become a massive flower Grass/Flying
          And a water newt where it slinks and skims through the water at lightning speeds and then became Water/Poison kinda a mix of Newts Salamanders and a little bit of whatever those water running lizards I can’t remember if they’re monitors or a gecko

          1. I like your ideas. I HATE cute pokemon. I prefer awesomely designed over cute and a peacock with a blooming tail sounds like something I thought of a long time ago.

        2. Honestly I just randomly saw this and thought it was cool. But Earthen is right, I’d prefer it as the grass starter. I thought he was cute though and worked with the tropical theme. I’d love a bear fire starter and a platypus water starter

          1. Seriously what the hell are they, I can’t tell if they’re avian or mammals or mollusks

    2. Reminds me of these. MagesPages just made the BEST fakemon. I always thought any fire lemure starter line should end on a fire/Dark Aye-aye though.

  47. Another daring idea
    I had the idea of a Pseudo-Legend, This entire line’s theme is luck
    This Pokemon is a gigantic mishmash of all the world’s lucky symbols and objects
    Now it should be long and serpentine like one of those Chi Dragons with a bright jade coloration, a Barnstar and Horseshoe like crest on the forehead, rabbit rodent like feet, long Albatross like wings of rainbow coloration, fish gills, protruding feathers similar to a sarimanok (some Mindanao rooster) gold fragments throughout the body and a that should be it, I can’t cram everything into this thing buuuut I can make the pre-evos possess pig ears and clover like wings and ladybug colors

    Now the typing is extremely fickle, Dragon is a must but I can’t decide if Dragon/Fairy or just pure dragon, a lot of cultures consider them good luck but some fear them for being tricky

    And obviously the ability is Super Luck

          1. Also I want to make a few changes
            In place of the Horseshoe crest I changed it to upward pointing horns with bends at the top to resemble a horseshoe
            Also the very end of the tail would be a shamrock like splay for the tail

            I’m thinking of calling it Furyu or Starluk
            I will draw this eventually

  48. Somehow I feel this name Solgaleo Is really tricky if GF wAnt to Make another fire lion represent sun that’s mean they run out of idea …..Somehow someway I start to searCh about the woRd Galeo or galeon it’s the name of famous Spanish ship “Galeón” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galleon. Y

    Now u ask me wat the connection Between the sun and the ship ….and that’s bring me back to egyptian mythoLogy again , Ra was thOught to travel On two solar boats calleD the Mandjet (the Boat of Millions of Years), or morning boat and the Mesektet, or evening boat. in ancient Egypt boat is Solar symbol.


  49. So apparently Masuda is gonna be at the Pokemon Booth or something at PAX. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for anything substantial, but who knows? lol

      1. Oh I agree. Plus I think the main focus is a Pokken Tournament……tournament…anyway lol

  50. Time to Remember :

    The rumours in Gen 4 that the starters would be
    Fighting – Dark – Psychic ?

    Simkenno Remembers.

    1. I think it’s just one of those things that if enough people try and guess what’s coming next it’ll eventually become true. There are so many ideas out there that at least one is bound to come true at some point lol

      1. Exactly 🙂 That’s why I feel a grass bird starter is definitely happen at some point.

        As is mega flygon 😉

        1. My only hope for Mega Flygon is that they supercharge his Sp Attack, and that should be enough also give it Sand Stream for a Hidden Ability (and I guess to be fair Hydreigon deserves one as well)

  51. The Gen 4 Rumored Pokémon as I said below.

    Definitely wouldn’t have minded these either. Sigh back in 2006 when fakes where still good.

    1. I remember seeing these back in those days where I was young it and speculation was even more emotionally absorbing (being a kid and all), and boy did I want those to be real. It would have been cool to shake up starter archetypes too. Not disappointed with what we got instead, but these are probably the best realised and most marking hype-period fakes I’ve ever seen.

  52. Anyone remember or have these ? “The original” fakes ? Diamond’s legend was the business… But wasn’t even in the game hahah

    1. I remember seeing jade in a bootleg market in some Mediterranean country on holiday and being completely freaked out by how weird it was. I’ve always found it weird how this ugly goat thing is like a prototype for xerneas with it’s ornate horns and all.

      1. That “ugly goat thing” is the deer god from Mononoke hime, a movie by Studio Ghibli from 1997.

        1. Oooooooh! I’ve see princess Mononoke, but I’d never have guessed! Thanks! To be fair the forest god in the movie is Fugly in it’s own anthropomorphic nightmare of a way, but here it just looks like an ugly drawing to my eyes.

  53. What’s your favourite and least favourite mascot legendary? ( just to help time fly) My favourite is probably Xerneas/ Reshiram, with Black and White Kyurem as my least.

        1. Not to me. I just do not like Reshiram’s crotch fur. Throws the whole design off for me

          1. I always thought that just seemed odd. But oh well hahah

            Design aside Reshirams a beast tho 🙂

          2. True, I never really see it as crotch fur. I love them both because they’re just so ethereal and heavenly… But den White Kyurem comes along with its upturned teeth….

    1. Favorite: Rayquaza (does it count?)
      Least Favorite: palkia (I don’t know why but I never loved Palkia)

  54. So I know these have been confirmed fake….. But what if we’ve been played and these are real? The box legends totally work with the so called legends… A fire lion and a winged Pokemon… Plus, I really want these to be the starter…

    1. Like you said they are fake, there’s no way around it so I wouldn’t ovethink if they are real. They aren’t haha.

      I too love the boxes and would be very happy if they are similar. Those starters also get a solid + from me 🙂

      1. But what if it isn’t fake? They just told us it was to make us think that? I mean… If these are the legends, this box art which was leaked or whatever came out way before we knew about these two lions and winged legends… And the starters are very cool.

        1. Because the picture is meant to be a ‘leak’ from CoroCoro. It doesn’t match the official CoroCoro magazine. Its just a nicely put picture is all 🙂 Its convincing yes, but not real at all.

          I need that water starter haha its like a totodile2.0 😀

    2. Those are definitely fake, the starters are from Pokémon Sage, which is a fan-made game using the Gen IV sprites.

  55. I have 2 things to say about this.

    First, I was originally skeptic about this until I noticed the logos. If you look at the Pokemon x and y logos, they are obviously based off of the features of xerneas of yveltal. Well look at the Pokemon sun and moon logos. It’s kind of a stretch, but the sun looks like a lion’s mane and the moon looks like a wing. But the moon is what interests me. That is not a stereotypical moon. I will say that this feature will be a part of the moon legendary.

    Second. Just because the words are Spanish doesn’t mean the region is Spain. Kalos isn’t Norse or English because of xerneas and yveltal. It is French.

    Thanks for anyone who listened to me ramble.

  56. PJ on the rise again? It’s been a while since I’ve seen almost 500 comments. Anyways, I’m guessing this is why GameFreak could not share any information in Feburary, March, and April. It’s because they were still filling the patients for the Pokemon Sun & Moon. This pretty much guarantees that were going to get some new information about Sun & Moon in May. Going off of what ShinyXatu said, I’m hoping to see the Grass Cow, Fire Cat, and Water Manatee. Even tho I want a dolphin over a manatee… It seems like a neat starter roaster.

    1. I realize that Skiddo and Gogoat are goats, and not cows, I don’t know what they would do with a grass cow that hasn’t been done with that line. Someone earlier said something about an owl; I would love that instead.

    2. I actually meant to say seal instead of manatee. Apparently that’s more accurate, but who really knows.

  57. I know this is totally off-topic, but now that we know what the device’s we saw on Ash and Greninja in the preview does (it revealed Ash and Greninja share the same heartbeat during the transformation), are there any new theories? Or are people still sticking with synergetic evolution?

    1. Apparently the process is called Synchro, but my source for that is a post on NeoGAF, so take it with a grain of salt.

      But to answer your question, I’m sticking with Synergetic Evolutions.

    2. I’m still hoping it’s a weird form of mega evolution, IMO I’d just get pissed off if they introduced yet another type of evolution. I’d probably get used to it like I did megas, but why in high damn hell would you add yet another superfluous type of evolution to confuse things further when you’ve clearly already got enough to play with with megas and, dare I say it, good old standard evos? (Plus judging by what we’ve seen in the anime this isn’t very different to mega-evolution, so why complicate things further?)See I’m just getting riled up thinking about it heheh… I’m also not very partial to this form being anime-only, though it appearing in spinoffs makes me doubtful of that being the case. Ideally this strange process is anime only but mega-greninja stays. That sounds about right to me.

  58. I know i say this a lot but i would really want gen 7 to be gen of unique types
    Not necessarily meaning new type combos but having the starters have the 8 (bug dragon electric fairy ghost ice normal rock) secondary types never seen in starters. I want box legends to be one of the 8 (bug fighting ghost grass ice normal poison rock) types never used on box art. Fossils to have new secondary types. Very unique and cool gym type order (bug is always near the beginning and electric in the middle) and have the elite 4 have the 7 (electric fairy flying grass normal rock steel) e4 types never used. No water specialist!! We’ve one in every single pokemon game. And i know some of you will say this is unlikely or not possible or will immediately reject it. But its just a WANT list so rejecting it is pretty useless because i will still want it. Also I’d be okay with a dark gym i know i know “dark is evil and gym leaders are supposed to be role models,” but maybe we can have someone with a dark gym that defends dark types and saying just because theyre evil type doesnt mean they do evil things and not all do evil things blah blah blah. Or he can try for pokemon equality. “Arceus created us all the same. Just because this pokemon is dark and your pokemon are different doesnt mean they should be discriminated. Dark pokemon have rights! Dark pokemon and white other pokemon are all the same on the inside!! And since the other pokemon types have gyms. So should dark.#EndSteretypes #DarkTypesGetRights.” And a poison legend would be cool.

      1. Of course they do. Nobody says they don’t, but that doesn’t mean they have to be assholes about it hahaha

    1. Seeing how randomly dark pokémon can get in many cases (genocidal villains, pokédex entries), I think the whole “dark type is evil type in japanese” argument is a fallacy, and gamfreak are just their usual random selves when it comes to not making a dark type gym. My ideas for dark types gyms were a depressed/emo teenager in a boring suburbian city, and a reformed team rocket admin. Every time I make up elite 4s I also make them novel types, because it’s really not hard to come up with ideas for those (ex: DJ/Rock star, Lorekeeper, Air Admiral type pilot, a Trimates-inspired researcher, a butler, a palaeontologist using fossil pokés…). (Also just wanna say Wiklstrom is a steel E4 member). In one of my gym lineups the first gym is Dragon, the second psychic, the third ice, and the seventh bug, and it makes for very fun creations and storyline possibilities. And yeah all those ideas about the ultimate toxic-waste derived legendary floating around are awesome!!

    1. My ideal Mega Jynx would she would like nearly double or double.5 (at least 10ft) in height and be some kinda Nordic Amazon with a tiara of gold and hair nearly reaching the floor, a Viking-esque styled breastplate and around her neck would be solid gems of psychic power
      But I don’t know if j wanna so some leg kinda leave that up to GF, so major speed and sp attack and I’m kinda stumped for an ability
      I think either Snow Warning or Snow Cloak would fit this one Refrigerate is an thought too but then it’s just gonna be Fake Out, Hyper a Voice, Psychic/Psyshock, Shadow Ball/Grass Knot/Signal Beam/Draining Kiss

  59. What would be your ideal generation? I’m putting mine in terms of similar generations.

    Pokemon designs: Gen IV
    Story: Gen V
    Villainous team: Gen V
    Post Game: Gen II
    Challenge: Gen I
    Music: Gen II-Gen III upgrade
    Reigon: Gen VI style
    Lore: Gen IV
    Competitive experience: Gen IV

    1. Designs: Gen 2
      Story: Gen 5
      Villainous Team: Gen 4
      Post Game: Gen 2 (duh)
      Challenge: Gen 3
      Music: Gen 4
      Region: Gen 3
      Lore: Gen 4
      Competitive: Gen 6

    2. Design: a mix of Gen 2 and Gen 4
      Story: Gen 5 (obviously)
      Villainous team: Gen 5
      Post game: Gen 2, no questions
      Challenge: Gen 3
      Music: Gen 1 and Gen 6 (I love great melodies)
      Region: gen 3
      Lore: Gen 4
      Competitive: Gen 6

    3. Pokemon designs: Gen 6
      Story: Gen 5
      Villainous team: Gen 5
      Post Game: Gen 3
      Challenge: Gen 5
      Music: Gen 3
      Region: Gen 6
      Lore: Gen 5
      Competitive experience: Gen 6

      3, 5, 6 😀

    4. Pokemon designs: Gen VI
      Story: Gen V
      Villainous team: Gen V
      Post Game: Gen III
      Challenge: Gen V
      Music: Gen V
      Region: Gen VI
      Lore: Gen V
      Competitive experience: Gen V

    5. Designs 4
      Story 4 (because it was less linear than gen 5, and you were jumping back and forth to places. Could’ve added more complicated and emotional and thoughtful stuff though. My fav rival was in this game)
      Villianous 5
      Postgame: gen 3 battle frontier, gen 2 other region
      Challenge 1,2,3
      Music haven’t done enough research on this one
      Lore gen 2
      Comp gen 6 but improved pss

    6. Pokemon designs: Gen V
      Story: Gen IV
      Villainous team: Gen V
      Post Game: Gen II
      Challenge: Gen III
      Music: Gen III (TRUMPETS)
      Region: Gen IV or V
      Lore: Gen IV
      Competitive experience: Gen VI

    7. Pokemon designs: Gen IV
      Story: Gen IV
      Villainous team: Gen IV
      Post Game: Gen II
      Challenge: Gen III
      Music: Gen IV
      Region: Gen V
      Lore: Gen V
      Competitive experience: Don’t care

    8. Designs: Gen 3 (favourite all time is Metagross, favourite legends are Lati twins)
      Story: Gen 5
      Villainous Team: Gen 3 (Team Magma all day, every day)
      Post Game: Gen 3 (specifically emeralds frontier)
      Challenge: Gen 3 (only time I ever actually lost to certain gyms)
      Music: Impartial
      Region: Gen 3 (hoenn is a beautiful region, plus battle frontier)
      Lore: Gen 3
      Competitive: Gen 6

  60. I never knew how stupid Gen 1’s item management system is. Literally all of my space is taken up by Pokeballs, Key Items and HMs, and now I can’t pick up any more items. Hardware limitations I guess, but damn, I’m getting a little bit salty.

    1. Yeah, as shady said, the pc can hold your items. Any 1 use key items, or hms after they’ve been taught, go straight to the pc to clear room

  61. How would anyone feel if GF ever decided to mix up the starter pokemon like the 2006 rumour ?

    Personally I wouldn’t mind too much but I woukd miss the usual types. Its difficult to get that balance again of water fire grass.

    Most believe due to the old rumor that it would be Fighting Dark Psychic. But Thrn the arguement of psychic cant hit dark at all comes into play.

    If they did a possibility could be fighting rock flying as it achieves balance.

    Apart from all that what would your take be on an all new typing set of starters 🙂 ?

    1. I’m a firm believer in set formulas
      Maybe for a spin off but my body just cannot process the thought of a non-Grass Fire and Water starter system
      Also the need for: Regional Rodent and Bird, Electrical Rodent, Draconic Pseudo Legend and 2 Legends
      Sorry but I just wouldn’t have it any other way in my book

      1. I’m tired of Electric Rodents…they’re all bland with shit stats and serve no purpose. Pokemon needs to mix it up a bit. Also, I’d like a pseudo legend that isn’t a dragon. Still pissed Volcarona wasn’t given the privilege. At least there’s Tyranitar

          1. Well it’s a Chi Dragon with
            Rabbit Feet
            A star shaped crest on the forehead
            Horseshoe shaped horns (pointing up)
            Albatross Wings (rainbow colored)
            Pig Ears
            Shamrock tail splay
            (can’t remember the culture) rooster feathers
            Fish gills and scales
            And lastly bright jade coloration

            Dragon/Fairy, well rounded stats allowing it many options and its ability is Super Luck

    2. I think pokemon is in desperate need of mixing things up here and there. Soaring was nice, but make it a new permanent option for flying. Idk if I like changing the starter types though. Maybe custom fit them to every region? I don’t think they necessarily have to complete a “triangle”

    3. I’m tired of fighting types with starters. It’s like an unofficial 4th type and I just want to see fresh combinations!

      In terms of completely new types, three dragons would be cool. Three ghosts would work too, but theyre more of a niche type and it would be weird for a young kid starting of on his journey with a ghost type, the whole region would need to be haunted. But looking at type triangles I don’t think any others would work. One of grass, water, fire, psychic, dark, fighting are almost in all, and I can’t see them using fire without using grass and water, etc. Same with using psychic without dark and ghost.

      I’d be great for psychic dark fighting if they hadn’t used it up last year. But after fire fighting three times and just seeing how repetitive they are with the starters types , I’m begging for a change.

      At other times there is too much change. Game freak almost seem to try and shock with the starters final evos, like Samurott, Greninja, Chesknaught. Serperior was great but it lost legs? I don’t understand the appeal, it’s not like a growing tree or flower, or gaining canons or a fire crown, but loosing legs? Meh. I miss it when the starters would have balanced, but creative progressions from each stage and fans didn’t need to point closely at similarities between completely different forms. It means that the designs of the first form really was developed and progressed, but it was still the first form. Sinnoh, Kanto, Johto and Hoenn ( I suppose not blaziken but at least it developed the theme of punching and kicking with fire, not like greninja which went from bubbles to tongue or Samurott which became another similair species, I understand lizard–>dragon, tortoise—> dinosaur, but otter to sea lion?..) got this really well.

      These are all really personal reasons and not entirely logical. But starters and legendaries make the game for me, I know others love greninja and such. But, a personal hope is that I love another starter this year, l went with delphox and Emboar and though they’re sensjble progressions delphox’s design for me was overshadowed by Braixen and Emboar was another fire fighting with a fire beard. I was hoping for something like this with the gen Vs.

      Yeah I went on a tangent, just thought I’d share my opinions ( which by no means are based on logic, or are things I consider necessary, just what I’m hoping to see in the games!)

      1. A lot of the Fire/Fighting types are insides by Chinese novels Journey to the West like Infernape Son Wukong which is a ape with great abilities, Emboar the Soilder from Romance of the three kingdoms or the Pig Demon from Journey to the West, so it seemed appropriate to be a fighting type (also it’s just super powerful coverage for young trainers
        And it was stated in an interview that they experienced artist block for Samurott and settled on a sea lion after a trip to the aquarium
        Also Serperior loosing its legs is understandable since it’s a damn snake

        1. Why did snivy need legs though? I don’t think artist block is a reasonable excuse for such a huge company with so many designers. Especially starters.
          The journey to the west thing is interesting but I don’t think I could bare another fire fighting! Purely because it’s repetitive.

          1. I think just to give it a more likable design, also anime purposes
            Well that’s just how it happened
            And I for one love my long line of Fire/Fighting types, and I hope we get at least one more hurrah


    1. Id pick Oshawott and my mega… While Ice types are my favorite, it’s either Abamasnow or Ampharos

    2. I would probably pick Piplup. I would probably pick Mega Sharpedo as well. Unless a mega I like more is coming.

  62. Okay… New topic. If you were a trainer, tell us your story. What region would you be from, what city in that region, where would your journey currently have taken you, what are you doing, what is your goal, what’s your team, etc…

    1. I’d be from Olivine City in Johto. I would probably have just finished my apprenticeship with Professor Rowan on pokemon evolution (something that’s intrigued me ever since I took Genetics). I’d be contacting research on pokemon genetics and it’s influence on evolution. My goal is to eventually map out the exact process of pokemon evolution on the molecular level.

      Moltres (because why not?)
      Porygon Z
      Rotom (normal)
      Meowstic (F)

    2. I am from Unova, somewhere either around Nuvema or Driftveil, my journey began in Kanto because my Aunt had a special present for me, a Rhyhorn calf that was hatched fairly recently, instead of returning home I decided to challenge the Kanto devision first. Now years have past and now I’m a wandering (abet hotheaded) Battler who fights tooth and nail with his plethora of Ground Types out to challenge strong opponents
      (But in spare time digging underground for precious gems and metals to made ends meat
      My team consists of
      Rhyperior: Gruff, Headstrong and proud of its strength, truly my other half first thick headed and disorderly but now after years or hard work he’s one of my strongest Pokemon
      Excadrill: my second and most loyal Pokemon, once a timid and weak drilbur but now a seasoned battler who’s determination to be strong never falters (Wears a life orb pendant)
      Garchomp: Garchomp the wild stallion of the group with a fierce competitive streak, ever since discovering a chunk of Garchompite I let it undergo Mega Evolution where it becomes violent and savage
      Hippowdon: The strong silent type, but his bulk and stubbornness teaches opponents he will not give an inch
      Mamoswine: my “mount” Pokemon, Mamoswine is actually quite gentle and shows great patience but in the heat of battle he’ll freeze you solid and shatter you
      Nidoking: Nidoking and I met in Kanto and has proven to be just as aggressive as his trainer, after years of training Nidoking has developed fast sharp shooting elemental attacks
      Lastly my Seismitoad: Seismitoad is thick witted and constantly snickering to himself in a lazy grungy manor, but that resistant personality proves useful when being berated with attacks and barely yawn through it

      My Aunt’s ranch holds nearly all species of Ground Types I caught over the years and it continues to grow

      My Goals are catching and mastering each and every Ground Type on the planet, and one day either opening a gym or becoming a region’s Elite Four

        1. Hmmm my Ground Types may have an disadvantage but I’ll keep hammering until you break

          1. Yeah my Seismitoad has a major advantage (I’m in a Seismitoad mood, he’s kinda your lazy stoner roommate)
            He’ll snooze off any of your watery special attacks or Ice attacks

            Granted Abomasnow is his only threat but he can still pound out Drain Punch to everything and eat it back up

    3. I would be from Castelia City (only because that’s the city that closest a resembles my home city and where it’s based off of). After training under Grimsley and mastering Dark type moves, I would then be in the Kalos region working on becoming the best Ice type trainer there is under Wulfric in Snowbelle City. Mastering mega evolution with my Abomasnow. My goal would be to become the greatest Dark/Ice type trainer out there. My partners would be Samurott, Beartic, Abomasnow, Unbreon, Pangoro and Weavile.

        1. Actually Beartic is my favorite. But dark and ice types are my favorite so Weavile just fits…

      1. I also travel with my best friend Johnny who is training to become a master of Ghost type Pokemon. He is also from Unova and we grew up together. Rivals but friends still, his team consists of Haunter, Quagsire, Spiritomb, Chandelure, Alakazam and Rotom. He’s currently in Kalos region too training alongside Olympia to master a second typing and advance his psychic skills

        1. Reminds me of my rival Jordan
          A total douche who picks on me constantly
          He has a Dark/Poison/Grass team

  63. By the way were any clear shots of the whitened box art released on the internet after Coro Coro came out officially?

        1. Even if you had clear hq pics of the whited out box art you wouldn’t be able to do anything with them. People always assume they can, but that’s not how pictures work. You’re not looking at a file that you can just wipe away the extra layers. It’s one single layer by the point it makes it onto a real piece of paper and even then the pictures we get are just pictures of pictures so it would make it even more separated from the original images. All we can do is wait for the real box art to find out what’s on it.

      1. I hate this guy,
        Also why Ho-Oh and Lugia they have nothing to do with the Sun and Moon, they are Guardians of the Sky and Sea, Moon commands the tides not the tides command the moon Lugia just spends its time deep underwater and its wings can create forty day long windstorms literally nothing moon related, and Ho-Oh just has rainbow colored feathers when the light hits it the right way, where’s the connection to the sun now huh

          1. I’m hoping they release a video before Coro coro or something. Serebii said that it’s possible because they may not want the first ever footage/ information to be a leak. Also the leak said May not next edition. But May 12 is when we’ll defo have info.

    1. I got Gastrodon. I’m okay with this but I wish it would’ve been something else

  64. YES! Just beat the League in Blue (for the first time ever in Gen 1, I may add). That was extremely stressful, mostly because I was only using Blastoise. I think I’m going to take a good long break from Gen 1 by going through Diamond and SoulSilver, and then I’ll return to Yellow sometime later.

    1. I think is anybody woke up and saw its own reflection, I think they would find the nearest living thing and kill it

  65. I see an awful lot of talk about different youtubers discussing Pokémon.

    All I’m saying is sometimes it pisses me off because they never think of any of the ideas or theories themselves they just take what others have done and then take it

    No credit to who originally came up with it. Some are especially guilty of it. Not to mention half the time they have the theory totally wrong or just a ridiculous idea.

    Some of the 3 things I constantly see but just clearly are not true. So below is what I know :

    1) Ho-oh and lugia won’t be the mascots for Sun and Moon .
    2) Its gen 7 now deal with it. Not 6.5
    3) Solrock and Lunatone may get megas but come on they aren’t suddenly going to be legendary Pokemon how can people even think this is a thing .. !?!

    1. Ho-Oh and Lugia will fuse with Solrock and Lunatone respectively…to give the mascot legends.

      True story.

    2. It’s because they get paid. They don’t care what the topic of the videos are, or if the info is true, or if they steal someone else’s idea; as long as it gets them some views.

    3. I dont see how #2 and #3 are necessarily wrong. They really arent confirmed but still fairly likely

      1. There has never been a gen.5 it’s always the next gen over
        And none of that Johto crap, it has its own dex and entire story, the only thing is Kanto was always meant to its neighboring region but that doesn’t make them the same place

        1. I think what .5 means. That its apart of kalos. Its too make it easier to think of. When you say gen 7 you just think of everything new and different, but with 6.5 you think a bit of kalos. Basically Kalos:Kanto as 6.5:Johto. Its not supposed to make you mad. Its just to be simple.
          So from now on when you hear Gen 6.5 yes it is gen 7 but its supposed to represent like what johto did and connecting to the previous region.

          1. The Orange Islands and Decolore Islands are theoretically seperate regions, but were there new Pokémon living there? Sun/Moon are gen 7, 2016’s also the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon games, what better way to celebrate than introducing a whole new gen?

            And where do all the South Kalos stories come from? Kalos’s obviously a very large region with a significant portion still unexplored, but I highly doubt that GF or The Pokémon Company would troll us by making an X/Y remake and adding a new portion of Kalos to it.

          2. Well i don’t know how it is considered a “troll” and XY is riddled with hints of a nearby region. Sure it could be a completely new region with all new pokemon and no kalos post game, but the way they refer to it as “nearby” catches people eye

          3. yeah but Kanto had very little influence, it was just a post game place
            its never been .5 anything

          4. Maybe thats how it will be in the this game but with Kalos. I don’t think you understand the point of the .5

    4. These people think that they’re being cool and innovative by taking an obvious lie and considering it as truth. It seems to me like they’re trying to elevate their “Pokemon status” online by making these stupid, irrelevant connections through past knowledge. There’s nothing but selfishness in the whole “Pokemon theory” business.

    5. What really gets me is the click-bait titles/thumbnails. The video posted just a wee bit below this comment thread is a perfect example.

    6. You cannot even patent an idea, so I don’t think you have to credit a jibber-jabber conspiracy.

  66. Interesting question. Is it lucky to find 3 shinies in the safari zone in soulsilver or unlucky because two of them escaped?

    1. Both. I’ve found a shiny Paras in leafgreen and fortunately caught it or else I would’ve had a seizure. (my second wild shiny)

      1. Oh man! I lost an Abra due to Teleport HAHA.

        And I almost false swiped a Shiny Metang in Friend Safari then I realized it had Take Down. :p

  67. THEORY!

    Were Ludicolo and Shiftry supposed to have a Mega Evolution in ORAS?

    These icon sprites where changed in ORAS: Steelix, Treecko, Combusken, Blaziken, Ludicolo, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Sableye, Metagross, Diancie. All of them have a relationship with ORAS mega evolutions, excepting those two… hmm coincidence?

    Maybe the Mega designs were not going to be ready for the ORAS release (like Mega Flygon) and we will probably see them in Sun/Moon.

      1. Not I
        Quite literally nearly every decent Poke from Gen 3 got a mega
        Just for the sake of my sanity no more Hoenn

    1. They are some nice fakes ! I wouldn’t object too much if the officials looked like that 🙂

    2. These actually look pretty awesome. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they were real, and even if they’re fake, well done to the artist

    3. Oh and btw shady you do realize Chickens and Penguins are flightless birds right? So them being part Flying were out of the question
      The only thing I have to say is most were dumbfounded when Empoleon turned up a Steel type rather than a Ice type

        1. Emphasis on short distances, but to still a great degree they’re acknowledged as flightless birds

    4. I like them and they are well made, but the fact that they originated from 4Chan is too much of a flag. Sure some people are claiming that they originated on 2Chan or whatever, but that remains to be seen……I do like them though and wouldn’t mind them being real.

    5. These are the most realistic “fake” starters yet. They certainly look Sugimori-like. I want that Water starter to be real more than anything else.

      1. I can easily see that sea pup smacking foes with those plank like flippers and diving at them with Aqua Jet

        Honestly if they were real i might pick the Sea Lion

      1. There’s a group on 2ch that have been doing this for the past few months. Multiple people post various crudely drawn images of starters they’ve seen, followed by “sources” backing them up and eventually fake scans.

        I’d be very sceptical of anything like this, it’s unlikely anyone will see the starters before CoroCoro releases (or an official reveal).

    1. On a more relevant note, I think there will be some nostalgia will be induced in the game on seeing the trailer. They will imbibe(is that the right word?) the 6 generations of gameplay into these two games celebrating the 20th anniversary. What do you guys think?

  68. Hmmm I really like these fake starters
    If I were to name them

      1. Look there’s just not so many fire feline names that aren’t repetitive, Pyrowl, Cuburn, Fyger, you come up with something better then
        And I took Skipper as a marine title and Flipper since of it being a sea lion

          1. Yeah it’s getting harder each yeah
            But some names just work or flow organically

            Like my Dark/Steel Evil Treasure Chest (Otherwise known as a Mimic) Treasurous (Treasure + Treacherous)
            Or my Water/Steel Crab Rustacean

  69. PSA: We could be getting NX news in a few days at the Investors Meeting. Or, at the very least, we could get an announcement of an announcement.

      1. Nintendo Investors Meeting on April 27th. They sometimes reveal new products at these events. “NFP” (Nintendo Figure Project), or Amiibo, was revealed at a meeting at the same time of the year in 2014. It’s only logical that they’d mention a new console that it likely releasing this year.

    1. Expect the date aswell 😉 Can’t say much but I’ve seen some stuff nothing major ( No final design or official specs ) but all I’m saying is don’t throw away the Wii U games yet 😉

  70. I have been in love with these starter leaks but then I realized… I like all of them… there is no way they could be real then. GF always throwing curveballs, that makes me dislike at least one thing.
    Also I want to state since this is gen 7 Ken Sugimori wants to go Simpler with pokemon designs and other things not quite fully stated. ( http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=707763 )
    These starter designs (excluding fire) aren’t really that simple, but it did say COULD. This could also apply to these super complex theories about gen 7.

    1. Literally I believe Samurott because SuperPower of 100 BST on a 88Def Pokemon.
      But Favoritism wise, but I prefer Empoleon

  71. you guys sould have back up on the stuff you post! i will not beleive anything till gamefreak says so. so please dont raise ppls hope up if it’s not true.

    1. Please don’t take this rudely as I mean no harm, but Pokejungle’s (the community, not the person) primary function has been locating and discussing leaks (real or not) for years. No one here is raising anyone’s hopes; we’re just doing what we’ve always done: discussing leaks until they’re confirmed/debunked. 🙂

  72. i also think that looking at the trade mark stuff isn’t proof at all. you should know for a FACT that its real. it could be names to a restront or a car

    1. You have to take into account that these trademarks have their owners/filers listed. These wouldn’t be Pokemon news/rumors if we just dug them out randomly.

  73. Well 4chan went into chaos with these “leaks”…


    These surfaced last night(2nd ones). They supposedly match the trademark names.

    They look nice, but the cat is to simple, the bird is overdesigned and nothing like an owl, seal is cool. They could be real, but they look off, and have minor errors( which legit leak have had), but the straight up attempt to copy the unova leaks also has me doubting them.

    Also it’s to convenient that this leaked afterwards. But we shall see. Thoughts?

      1. The owl is nice. The fire and water one aren’t the actual leak though, just a mockup by someone. I posted the actual leak somewhere in this comment string haha. It was in response to Wes.

    1. That owl has supposedly been leaked once before, a few weeks before the trademarks were even filed. ♥

      1. Yup! The owl and co originate from the same 2chthread, two months ago, and actually could work with the trademarks.

    2. Something deep inside tells me that the bottom three starters are real. I’m having visions of the bottom seal rolling around on a ball (as the name Ashimari would imply), some cocky rival owning the fire cat, and a more quiet companion having the bird on their shoulder. They just seem like Pokemon that Game Freak would create for merchandising purposes. I’m highly impressed with the faker, if it is indeed fake. Just compare this to the fake CoroCoro leak from March. People thought those were detailed, but these absolutely blow those out of the water. I’m convinced, to say the least.

      1. well the bottom 3 are fake as pointed out by Dicie. Timmy turner on 4chan had artists make them to fool people, after seeing the trademarks. Don’t get why people fully brought them. Yes they looked good, but anything leaked after a trademark, that matches that trademark, should be doubting heavily, a that’s when artists try their hardest to make convincing fakes.

      1. The ones in the first set are mockups based on the attached images. The image above isn’t 100% accurate, but it captures the basic concept. The fire and water ones appear to have been early sketches, and if real will probably look different a bit, in the final design. I’d say fire is either a rabbit, or cat, which could actually fit with nyabby. It’s like an erupting, volcanic cat.
        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/29b1fc29da02e903842c35bb2ca79f973ef677b956bbc74687744087945427f9.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/18259106269248f89e6970d20d08d78281914c81b61fa19f5d63eb03c4314f58.png

    3. Bottom three have already been proven fake (creator came clean on 4chan.)
      As for the top three…fire and water starters are absolutely disgusting. Grass one, on the other hand, would definitely be my main. Although I have reason to believe those are fake, also.

      1. Just saw this now! Thanks for alerting me! I found them way to suspicious. The first 3 I like, and they match the trademarks and were leaked and unproven before the trademarks were even found. So they have some credibility, but I’m not sold yet. The owl would be amazing though!

  74. I just found this in my pictures. Remember when we thought they didn’t reveal every mega in the game?

    1. Awwwww Flipup totally blew Sklipper out of the water….literally
      And I wasn’t far off with Pyrowl/Fyger

    2. Also, I knew these were too good to be true. there is no way I was going to like all 3 starters.

  75. Like those who are disappointed that the starters were proven fake, as they did look nice. Let’s not forget the terror of when this was supposedly the BW starters….

      1. Is this your first time seeing these ? I tell you when they first came about and I saw the fire one I nearly cried with laughter and how vile it looked haha.

        1. It’s face. … ?
          Snivy was pretty darn close though.. but such s thin tight silhouette didn’t leave much room for imagination

  76. It’s so funny how many fake leakers are coming out of the woodwork now hahahah And they’re all doing similar styles of art where it’s on a white piece of paper . lol

  77. Has anyone seen these GORGEOUS fake box art for Sun and Moon. ? Very nicely done. The Pokémon look so fierce but elegant. I really like them. The Moon legend a bit more but I’ll still use Sun game as my main 😉

      1. That’s fair, some things I’m Not too fond of. What are you hoping for yourself ?

        1. I have no real hopes lol. I just want it to be released already.. guarantee I’ll like it. I’m not picky! ?

          1. I’ll get Sun as my main defo. I’ll also get Moon but that will be my restart one if the urge sets in haha. I’ll buy them physical because I work with games so i get a hefty discount haha 😀

          2. I Always Restart!
            Only my Togetic survives lol.
            Takes me forever to get my team right

          3. Haha stop I’m the exact same. I restarted sapphire today and I’m using prinplup and Vigoroth so far but it took me ages to decide on them alone.

          4. Don’t get me started on finding breeders… figuring out moves… whose going to mega! “Why have this pokemon on my team if the other will mega, I should use something better.. is there one from this gen?” Thank goodness for hackers.. though their hard to find

  78. I mainly want my togetic to learn better fairy moves this gen… selfish .. I know ?
    Prob have to wait til the end for a tutor or something . .. ?

      Why even bother, your just going to spam Air Slash and Thunder Wave
      Wants better fairy moves ha

      1. You are I’ll informed. I said Togetic.. not Togekiss..
        Not even similar playing styles, as Togetic needs eviolite and cannot learn Air Slash.
        Regardless… why do you care so much of what I want anyways?
        It’s just a random thought and you attack it. I understand its another slow news day but…
        Chill ( -, -)

          1. And I am the sites top player (this can be taken IRL or Pokémon ) 😉 sorry I just wanted a moment there…. Carry on good sir

          2. Lol… but aren’t you more of a rock steel kind of a guy..? Fairy is pretty irrelevant to you

          3. Tell that to all the crap from Flinch Spaming Togekisses, all those choice banned Azumarill and Whimsicott Spaming sub leech seed

            Fairies need to DIE!!!!!!!!

          4. I was always more impressed by cinccio or whatever it’s name is.. when it comes to this. Flinch.. power boost.. and speed!

          5. Same applies to Jirachi
            Seriously you cannot deny a 60% chance to flinch isn’t horrifying

          6. And it keeps coming and coming and you lose
            Last time some douche got 7 flinches

          7. Oh.. OK.. so you care more about the Pokemon themselves.. not their typing and moves
            That’s grass and flying paired

          1. Yeah, I’m not fond of the Fire one… It doesn’t look like a Fire starter. I don’ mind the Water seal thing. The Grass bird has one leg…

          2. Oh it’s cute! It reminds me of Oshawott. I don’t care for that thing on his head though

          3. Fishing cap/ears
            I just love those long plank like flippers

            I bet it can deal out a mean Doubleslap

    1. I’m not opposed to these either but the detail in colour is too much. Hence automatically fake :

    2. I think I like this owl more than the parrot, but the other 2 are kind of meh…..

  79. Okay, so I re-started my X version (I also restarted my Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 versions) but I need some opinions… What Mega should I add to this team:


    I’m debating between Manectric, Herracross, Aerodactyl, Scizor, Gengar

    1. Your team would-be pretty balanced with any of those megas. Just not Gengar tho. I’m gonna say Scizor or Heracross.

      1. I was leaning towards Herracross because it fits my character (which is based off my dog) or Manectric

    2. Ok, assuming that is an in-game team, Manectric is a Y exclusive. And its replacement Houndoom clashes with Weavile AND Pyroar, so goodbye to that.

      My suggestion is: Meowstic and Manectric out, and Ampharos/Helioptile, Alakazam and Aerodactyl in. Any of the “A” Pokemon can be your Mega.

      1. Ampharos is on my other X team, and I have Y version also, so the fact that Manectric is Y exclusive isn’t an issue.

  80. it seem all these new fake design r centered about cat,bird and seal I wonder y? I feel I was miss something…..is this related about these names and how could u know it will be like that???

    1. Someone mentioned that the so-called starter Japanese characters mentioned a seal water type, feline fire type, and a crow-like grass type. This was way way back but still on this page.

        1. I don’t remember who posted it but I just remember seeing it on this page a few days ago.

        2. It is, most people think that three of the six names are for the starters.

          Mokuroh-could translate to “Wood Owl” or “Wood Crow” (Grass Starter)
          Nyabby-Some sort of feline according to the “Nya” part (Fire)
          Ashimari-Translates to “Water Sea Lion” or something like that (Water)

          I hope that this clears it up for you.

  81. I hope we get new fossils again for S&M. What types would you hope they are?

    1. Rock/Electric
      I really think my Stegosaurus with lightning rod plates really sell it

      Buuuuuuut Rock/Elected would have like a shitload of weaknesses

      1. Lol it’d be about as bad as Aurorus. I’d love to see a Rock/Electric type though.

    2. If the region is based off Hawaii there is this bird pre-historic creature that could be cool. It’s typing could be Rock/Fairy or Rock/Electric (not Flying)

      Then it’d be cool to see a Rock/Water or Rock/Poison and it could be a crocodile type thing or like a kraken

        1. A mermaid would be kinda weird because it’s half human but then again we have Gardevoir…

          I can see a Water/Dark Siren that has an ability to turn into the opponent Pokemon’s opposite gender and then get the ability Cute Charm or something

      1. I’d like to see a crocodile or a giant squid. Not sure if I want a Fairy Fossil yet.

        1. I thought of a giant squid but I don’t like when Pokemon “float” so unless it walked on its tentacles, I don’t know.

          My favorite would be a Rock/Fire Sabertooth Tiger and a Rock/Dark Pteranodon

      2. If the region is based on Hawai’i and if GF decides to keep it historically accurate, the fossil Pokémon will be avian because there have been no Non-avian fossils found in Hawai’i because of volcanic activity.

      1. Idk if a Sabertooth should be a fossil pokemon. Mamoswine isn’t, so I think ice/fire sabertooth would be cool or ice/fighting. That way you wouldn’t have to make one slot be rock.

      1. Nope……The frill and venom was just made up for Jurassic Park which I assume you got your info from lol If they were basing it on that version sure, but the real one didn’t have such features or at the very least none of the fossils found have given any evidence for them…..Sorry to burst any bubbles lol

          1. Listen I love Jurassic Park. It’s one of my most favorite movies if not THE favorite, but a lot of it was highly exaggerated hahaha

    3. Rock/Normal or Rock/Dark sabertoothed tiger and Rock/Steel stegosaurus.

      And I’d like to see another amber fossil, but this time actually have a Rock/Bug insect like a mosquito get revived from it.

  82. honestly the first thing that pops in my head is galileo.i already realized these spanish words but solgaleo galileo. the games being sun and moon. these games are really interesting to me. i find it interesting that the games went from colors, to like minerals to birthstones, back to colors, then changed to xy and now sun and moon. its cool to see some new stories with new games and i cant wait to explore these games. i just hope that the games are more memorable then a few of the more recent ones

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