Jungle Asks: Finished Red/Blue/Yellow Yet?

The Virtual Console re-release of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow on the 3DS caused quite the stir when they were released back in February, so where are you now? Finished the games? What team did you take down the Champion with? What was your favorite part of reliving the classics?

Frankly my real life has been quite busy and I haven’t had nearly as much time to play as I’d have liked. I think I just beat the first gym in Pokémon Green.

Looking forward to reading your responses in the comments below!

<3 PJ

ps- Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet my right-hand man moving in person yesterday in Tokyo and we went to the Pokémon Center. So cool!

  1. Gotta admit I have not. It’s been one of those things that I intend to beat by the end of the year, but am in no rush to get to the end. I got other things t going on and just don’t have time to spend on my Yellow game. It’ll get done tho! I’m in Celadon city making my way through Team Rockets hideout.

  2. I just got back to playing Blue, and I am now 5 badges in. I might get back to playing it tonight, if homework allows. I also have Red and Yellow which haven’t been touched, so I’ll finish those when I need another Kanto fix.

  3. Yes, caught all 151 pokemon and everything! 😀 (Obviously Mew was acquired by glitching, but the other 150 are legit)

  4. Yeah. Finished Blue about two weeks after it was released. I just haven’t been able to complete the dex because I have no one to trade with….

  5. Finished it in five days or so
    Rhydon 53
    Charizard 41
    Vileplume 43
    Electabuzz 44
    Dewgong 47
    Aerodactyl 34

    I was going to complete the dex but I grew bored so now I bum around fuchsia City catching anything in the Safari Zone

        1. Understandable. My favorite are Steel-types but I dislike Klinklang and Steel Wormadam the most

          1. And to be severely brutality honestly I really do not care for Swampert
            Just never clicked really

          2. Yeah and you’d think I’d be all over its Mega which by definition is pure lift but ehhhhh just never cared for it

  6. I completed Blue within 3 days I think. Got all 151/151 (thanks to the Mew Glitch and the other versions). Mt final team was:
    Blastoise Lvl:51
    Golem Lvl:49
    Alakazam Lvl:57
    Machamp Lvl:49
    Ninetales Lvl:49
    Dragonite Lvl:57

    Was so great to play it and the 20th anniversary is just getting me so hyped! To top it off I am FINALLY going to Japan this year and will be able to go to the Pokemon Center! Can’t Wait!!

  7. Just to remind everyone it’s been one week since Coro Coro. Just three more of these to go

  8. I stopped in Cinnabar Island 2 weeks ago. It’s spring time, I’m having good times on the beach.

  9. I’ve been trying to beat other games right now so the farthest I’ve been is Pewter City. My team is Bulbasaur and Nidorino.

    1. My advice do not evolve Nidorino until 22
      Because at 23 it gets Thrash which is basically free Hyper Beams

  10. Not yet. I have 4 badges and I’m in Fuschia city..I need to grind to get them up to Koga and Sabrina’s level…which is unnecessarily high..My team is Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, Snorlax, Primeape, Butterfree.

  11. A question for everyone. When you start a new game on Pokemon, do you plan your team in advance or do you just capture team members as you progress through the game? I try to use Pokemon I’ve never used before when playing through a new game

    1. I make my team in advance
      But there are some cases where some stragglers prove useful
      Like my Sawk in Black, it was supposed to be a Roggenrola but was just so powerful and saved my butt so many times I just always knew this was meant to be

      1. Yeah I’ve had a similar case with Zangoose in white 2. I caught it just to try it out and I was surprised at how powerful it was

    2. I always have my whole team planned out. Sometimes I also transfer new Pokemon to a new game so that I can play with a desired team.

    3. My first run in any main series game is usually a nuzlocke, so to a great extent, no. I do try to only keep Pokemon I like on the team though, other than the usual restriction of having to have a flier.

    4. I thoroughly plan it all and find breeders. I don’t use them all at once.. I add a new poke to team the more I progress. I don’t switch so its not so bad

    5. I plan ahead and use pokemon i havent used. Im trying to make a team with mantine but there isnt a game where mantine can be caught pre gym 7 and i like having my team done by the seventh gym

      1. In heartgold you can catch it before you fight the 5th gym leader Chuck in Cianwood by surfing in the water before the town

  12. Finished Yellow within a few days then caught/evolved all the Pokemon I could without trading as I don’t know anyone else with the games – Im not that fussed tbh. Team was: Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Snorlax & Nidoking
    I’ve started Red and I’ve just beaten Erika however I’m not in a hurry to complete it.
    Final team will be: Venusaur, Arcanine, Starmie, Electabuzz, Dugtrio & Dodrio
    I’ve also got Blue to play through which I have my team sorted out already which is:
    Blastoise, Jolteon, Exeggutor, Magmar, Nidoqueen & Aerodactyl

  13. So in my quest to come up with Fakemons I stumbled onto a beautiful red eyed Goshawk and it screamed a GhostFlying Bird of Death
    An Undead Eagle if you will

    I want to see a large grey and black bird of prey with long broad wings with bright crimson eyes that spear through your soul and then some, long silvery black talons that can rend thick flesh like tinfoil, long white plumage and a shadowy aura

  14. Anyone playing the Gears 4 beta ? Sooo good.

    Also Quantum Break is very good surprisingly. Defo worth the but if your on the fence.

    On a side note my White 2 team is : Samurott Cofagrigus Lucario and Darmanitan. Might get a Mienfoo = Mienshao next 😉

    1. May I recommend Cinccino? Really over looked. It was a great member of my Black 2 team!

        1. -.- Sigilyph cant use Tail Slap 5 times in a row with stab and a chance for critical each time. Double that up with a King’s Rock and you have a monster. An adorable monster

  15. I’m building a pokemon team for the first time in a year o.o

    Gotta get ready for PJT2016

  16. I did notplay red and blue recently.
    But my school is having those moments where everyone is playing pokemon

    1. Wat that mean another fire lion? …..the symbol is perfect but I think we need something new,

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