Stream Sunday: 4/17 [FINISHED]

Each week we try to host a 30-60 minute livestream with our site viewers and this installation marks our second episode!

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  1. Welp, my Ludum Dare game was terrible and now I can focus on shiny hunting once more! I’m hunting Cressellia! Anyone else shiny hunting?

    1. Shiny hunting for a Pancham in a friend safari and Dexnaving for a Magby on a mirage spot. I like Shiny hunting a lot. People complain that it’s so much easier than it use to be, but I still have fun finding them. It’s only really easier for those who go looking for them. The only shiny that I ever found just while training and walking around was a Quagsire. Other than that I’ve had to put hours into finding shinies lol

      1. Lol I learned not really care if people say the value of shinies are less. I am not trying to impress people, I’m just trying to get the shinies myself and be happy. I don’t care how much others say they are worthless, they are worth a lot to me, and that’s all that matters.

      2. Your mileage may vary, but “easier” doesn’t mean it isn’t any less satisfying when you catch the one you want yourself instead of getting it in a trade.

        While I don’t shiny hunt myself, I can see why people do it.

        Where’s the thumbs-up emoticon when I need it. .b

        1. Well I certainly enjoy when I get a shiny. Sometimes it DOES take a while and when I see that shine it’s amazing hahaha

  2. If Nintendo made a Mind Crystal version using the gen 6 engine, how would you feel? I would buy 20 copies just so I can take in the beautiful 3D Johto region

    1. I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it, but I still think it’s too soon to go back to Johto. I’d like to return to Sinnoh before I have to put up with Whitney again. :p

    1. There’s no way I can choose a single favorite. I usually have a favorite for each type, and a favorite legendary.

          1. Camerupt maybe a lava spewing camel but let me remind you all Tepig is one of my absolute favorite starter Pokemon

          2. Don’t get me started on Megas on this list
            And besides I’m extremely upset that they made Sharpedo 1000 times better and more useful then Mega Camerupt
            It’s slow frail and extremely limited movepool, unless in a trick room or totally invested in defense one earthquake or water attack and it’s finished
            It should’ve gotten Drought that way stronger Lava Plumes and instant solarbeams also a decent defense for water types but nope the shark got the better deal like everything else

          3. Dude when picking from a shifty sand crocodile and a freaking Panda Beserker I’m going with the Beserker

            Which is totally me a ursine warrior who fights in a trance like fury until everyone is dead by my hands

          4. I’m a freaking man bear
            My nickname in Highschool was “Bear Kid”
            I have a tendency to maul things
            I’m also getting a bear paw print tattoo on my shoulder in about a month

            Sadly there’s not too many outstanding ursine Pokemon, Urasring is predictable with guts flame orb facade, Beartic is useless outside rain and Pangoro just scrapes by but is pushed around by our disgusting abundance of Fairies in this bulky stall meta

          1. Like I’ve said Slurpuff is one of the true fairies i can stomach
            And I don’t even run the carbon copy Belly Drum set

    2. Picking Azumarill was Super EZ. And my 5 other most favorite Pokemon (Azelf, Lucario, Mudkip, Keldeo, Suicune) are already set.

      Beyond that it is hard.

      (Let me just add Chespin today.)

    3. I typically go with Weavile, but as of gen 6 Heliolisk has moved very close to the top lol

    4. Flygon – when we all speculated a mega I was hoping for a more physical geared Stat distribution (80/140/100/80/100/120) with compound eyes while keeping it’s typing. 100% stone edge (and EQ obviously) and 97% iron tail and dragon rush

        1. I never really thought of that one. That would be more useful. Especially with its wide variety of moves. Excellent choice!

      1. I would do the opposite and supercharge its Special Attack
        Because a physical Flygon is extremely basic Dragon Claw, EQuake, Rock move, steel move
        Buuuuuuut Special Flygon holds
        Earth Power, Draco Meteor, Giga Drain, Bug Buzz, Heat Wave/Fire Blast, Boomburst and lastly Hidden Power

        1. This is true and with tinted lens would make flygon even more amazing. Plus, no worries with intimidate and wilo.

          1. Ehhhh Tinted Lens is just not selling it for me,
            I wish Flygon had Sand Stream as a hidden ability and it’s mega could have Sand Rush or Force

          2. The sand abilities seem too predictable. The tinted lens would allow for 1X vs 0.5X and a mega would already have nice Stat boosts. Sand force would have been nice instead of levitate.

    5. Not really. I’m pretty sure mine is Volcarona. It’s nicely detailed, has a cool lore/side story in the games, unique typing, and awesome stats. Honchkrow is a close second

    6. Eevee. Because it’s about finding out who you are and what you stand for and deciding for yourself who you want to become.

      1. I just did it (it took me a while because of like almost every pokemon). In the end I got Arcanine, Ho-oh, Heracross, Bulbasaur, Caterpie, Ampharos, and Noivern.

      2. That website is awesome! It helped me remember what Pokemon I had cool experiences with.

        And I realized I really like sigilyph. It was my second favorite on the list.

      3. While I already knew my most favorite Pokemon, I used this site to screenshot because I liked having a blue circle. <3

      4. Ok, I tried it and I got: #1 Smeargle, #2 Mareep, #3 Swoobat, #4 Mew, #5 Bulbasaur…

    7. Yes!
      Im such a indecesive person i hate it! So many people have their sole favorites and im here like “well i like this… But this is cool too.. But i like using this… But i used this on a journey” i wish i had a sole favorite that i can always go back to and have good memories ?

  3. Here some interesting trivia. There was an unreleased Game Boy under the codename of “Project Atlantis” (The Game Boy Advance’s codename was Advanced Game Boy) that was supposed to be released in late 1996-1997. The system was delayed and discontinued due to the sales of the Game Boy Pocket being high, it was too large to be portable, and it consumed a large amount of power. They instead opted to make the Game Boy Colour instead due to it being smaller. They system is extremely massive; there is a picture of the prototype compared to a DS Lite.

    1. I remember this well, they claimed it would be the power of the n64 in your hands. ?

  4. *1:39 Am CoroCoro HQ-CoroCoro Vault* Ok i made way inside the vault now to find the leaks. *looks around but no luck but spots an Elevator* Hmm an Elevator inside a vault weird,Oh well.*Walks to the elevator,presses a button that says “jungle” and heads for the Jungle floor*

  5. Earthen bored
    So I decided to cut the Sandstorm and Hail Fakemons and focus solely on sun and rain
    Ability: Drought
    Insane high special attack naturally frail, a fiery ball of burning solar energy that is so powerful they can easily evaporate lakes in large numbers

    Ability: Drizzle
    Slower and bulkier but below average stats, but thankfully of its wide weather moveset I.E. Hurricane, Hydro Pump, even Thunder it kinda makes up for it, Normally found deep out at sea collecting Water for energy this Pokemon can generate rainfall that can flood small islands

    1. So u hate vanilluxe for being an ice cream but this solasma if i understood correctly is just a really hot fireball?

      1. When did I say I hate Vanilluxe? I usually say it and Garbodor are the poster boys of bad/hated Pokemon (And I love Trubbish)

        And Solasma is a living mote of solar energy that grows to near radioactive hot

  6. I got a Game Boy Micro for my Birthday and I only have A sypro game, a spyro/crash cross over game and Lilo and Stich 2 that I cant get to work.-.

    woooooo. I’m glad I got it though. Hoping to get Mario All Stars soon

  7. Oh my god I got the Lilo and Stich game to work and now a ton of repressed memories are flooding back

  8. I wanted to make my own favorite pokemon of each type after seeing Earthen’s!
    So I did!

      1. Just google favorite Pokemon of each type template and bing bang boom there y’go

    1. I like your list. In fact I would’ve put in Staraptor and Milotic if I had any inhibitions about putting in legends. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I might’ve put Mew in for Psychic but I wanted to stay away from the legends. So I went with one of my original favorite pokemon, Starmie. All because of Misty 😉

        I had trouble deciding who to put for Rock and Fire though. I love torkoal but I almost used Infernape..and I was torn between Aurorus and Taranitar but ultimately when with the dino because I think it has a better design.

    1. Ehh adding mega versions of their new type is kinda like cheating
      It’s like saying your a fighting type master but using Mega Lopunny as your main

      1. Well Lopunny is in Normal… Mega Lo is still part Normal… it’s only as much cheating as putting Keldeo in Fighting. 🙂

          1. Well, my point is I would never set Mega Lopunny up as my fighting pick, and still the normal-type. Being additionaly fighting-type would just add to the amount of fighting-types on the diagram. <3

      1. I made it with the preview app on my MacBook. Just download a template and copy paste the artwork of the Pokemon

        1. Ok, every Google result seems to want you to cut and paste lol plus I’m on my phone.

    1. Nice, yer a rebel too. Heh heh heh.

      Ghost seems to have a lack of variety of favorites. I’m surprised no one is saying they like Giratina.

      1. It’s my second favorite legendary after Dialga, but I didn’t want to include legendaries…

        1. Ah, well I didn’t mind adding legends, I guess. Got a ton.

          Still there are three of us (out of 5) with Gengar already.

          1. Well this is a “favorite Pokemon” diagram right? Not a “most OP” diagram. <3

            I just ain't afraid to say I like the design, abilities, etc. of these legends.

          2. Just annoying bulk
            One day a cleansing fire will burn away the usage of Legendary Pokemon

            Also removing Fairy from Azumarill (outside the fairy egg group it truly does not deserve to be a fairy, only Play Rough and everyone jumps ship, sickening)

          3. I liked Azu’s combat ability better when it was normal and it had STAB double-edge. Plus it was still in OU prior to type change, so i don’t think Fairy did that much in the popularity department.

          4. That is true, its usage increased mainly because it gained Fairy type. But it was still OU before.

            Trust me, though: STAB Double Edge > STAB Play Rough. It’s that one thing I miss all the time.

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