Pokémon to get a live-action movie?

Twenty years of Pokémon and still no live-action movie, but that may change soon. Hollywood Reporter (via PokéBeach) has an article alleging a bidding war between studios to film the adaptation with Legendary Entertainment being one of the prime candidates.

I would love to see Michael Caine or Kitano Takeshi as Professor Oak, but as far as the others go I don’t have many recommendations. Too bad Daniel Radcliffe is too old to play Ash though.

What do you think? Do you have hope it could be done well or do you think it will end up being like the live-action Dragonball Evolution? If you’ve forgotten that masterpiece you can refresh yourself by watching the trailer below:

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  1. This was brought up a while ago but the rumor just resurfaced is all. Legendary are known for approaching and being interested in a variety of projects but this is currently PURE rumor and has been for over a year.

    Sure put it this way they are making a movie with TheRackaRacka from YouTube currently, they will do anything. If they did have the rights or where even close to bring as prime a candidate as the rumor says it would be very well known and publicised.

    Although it would be amazing its over a year and a bit old its just resurfaced again so don’t read too much into it.

  2. I would say the idea of a live action movie is a bad idea. First it’s a recipe for disaster as far as CG goes……. Plus last time I checked, but Pokemon doesn’t really have much of a story.(I may get attacked for saying that lol) Anyway i don’t think any amount of good actors or directors could make this concept work……bad movies have been made with good actors. Lol

  3. In my opinion they should of thought about this before they released Pokemon Origins i would of loved to see the first game told in live action but now it’s too late cause it’s made in anime.

  4. Donald Sutherland as Oak of course. ^^
    Kate Walsh as Mama Ketchum
    JM Loudermilk as Brock
    Olivia Moon as Jessie
    Dylan O Brien/Andy Mientus as Gary
    Shelley henning as Misty
    Dave Franco as James
    Christopher Larkin as Ash

    It would be really tough to do a movie, but speculating is fun.

    Going the anime route with gyms and league and a sub TR/evil team plot would need a lot of movies pro generation. Not really sure how they would do it, the script would need to be on a really high level to keep the essence of the games and develop a fairly intriguing story.

    Maybe convert the mega evolution specials into a movie. That could maybe work.

      1. Ohhh good one! Still she is getting bit older. But I wouldn’t be against it at all.

        I could see her as Sabrina, the psychic type gym leader from Kanto.

        1. If they wanted to take Sabrina as a little older, I think Jessica Chastain would be good maybe!

  5. It probably won’t happen but I wouldn’t like a movie based off the anime. Maybe a live action Pokemon Origins would be cool. But the CGI has to be spot on.

    I think it would be cool if the story was based off of Red but unlike Origins they can go in detail on some of the things they passed over.

  6. Think how awesome this would be if they do it right! I have faith that it could be good. Misty better be in it though. What’ll be interesting to see though is if the main characters are played by Asian actors..

  7. I got to say, this can very well happen.

    If it does I really hope the story isn’t about Ash. Listen, I like Ash and all but let’s be honest. Ash sucks at pokemon XD I think Red would be a LOT better.

    1. What do you mean he sucks at Pokémon? Fair enough, he was a clown up until Sinnoh, with his luck-based tactics and such. But he has grown into a very good trainer since Unova actually.

      1. You are right. What I meant to say was that if they stick to the first season of anime (which if they go by the story of ash they will) then he won’t be good. But they can make him good!

      2. No in Kalos he a terrible team hence Pikachu not bad
        Greninja is awful can’t beat anything not even a charizard or team flare’s Pokemon it is by far his worst starter also knowing it’s the first time he did not get grass type starter.
        Hawlucha has not surfaced at all in xyz yet I think
        Got rid of goodra
        And noibat is good but too many flying types go up against stunfisk ash has all weaknesses to.

        1. You’re obviously trolling, Sneasel 44.

          Greninja is probably his 2nd best Pokémon, right after his Charizard. Hawlucha is damn strong, his Talonflame isn’t much though, I reckon the writers put it into the storyline to give Ash a kind of Charizard-ish Pokemon. His Noibat wasn’t battle ready, but it was usefull with his ability to lead the group through dark caves, After it evolves into Noivern though, its a fecking beast.

          As for his Pikachu? Well, if the writers didn’t do that lame thing, where they reset Pikachu’s level everytime they hit a new region, it would have probably been Ash’s most powerful Pokemon, and arguably one of the most powerful in the anime.

          1. Dude it lost to a charizard and team flare and can’t maintain its ability as ash greninja through a whole battle like mega evolution can besides I find greninjas over rated and creepy and his team only twice had more than 1 flying Kanye and unova but as his charizard is good it lost its seismic toss in unova.
            His best goes Charizard,Snorelax, Heracross, Goodra, Infernape, Gliscore, krokodile, Kingler, Donphan, Pikachu

          2. Ok I can agree greninjas not all bad it is cool as ash Greninja and even if we don’t 100% agree doesn’t mean either of us are wrong but I honestly think his best water is his Totodile it’s so epic it doesn’t have to evolve to be good but Ash isn’t all bad but I think Noivern might be his best in kalos My thought goes Noivern, Greninja, Hawlucha, Pikachu and Talonflame tied. For the Kalos team. Sorry for trolling you just mad sun and moon didn’t leak today.

          3. My point is let’s not fight this is stupid to fight you in a pointless argument so let’s just drop it and move on to Pokemon sun and moon and see what lies ahead in the future of Pokemon because I can’t wait.

        2. Kalos team is terrible?

          Pikachu beat a Mega Lucario.

          Greninja awful?
          It did defeat Team Flares’ Pokemon and The Charizard it lost to was Alain’s Mega Charizard X which defeated 10 megas in a row,one of which was An Elite Fours.
          It’s also Going to fight Diantha’s Mega Gardevoir in an upcoming episode and will almost win.

          Talonflame fought against a Moltres.

          Goodra hasn’t lost even a single battle.

          Noivern was about to defeat a zapdos until Team Rocket Interfered.

  8. I second the people saying ash shouldn’t be a main character, maybe later on in the movies if the movies are even remotely good.

    They should start from a new trainer BASED on the character Red and work him up but they should have an interest story not just where he goes to every gym and battles the gym leaders ( side note: they can upload a seperate video of the movie trainer vs. gym leaders on their YouTube channel to coincide with the movie.

    Just like the Pokemon cartoon movies basically. As cheesy as the actors will have to act to portray Pokemon characters, they have to do itttttttt, no matter how exaggerated, but also make it work.

    It should have a right amount of badazzness and still catch u in your feelings (crying Pikachu??? :D)

    And to get people to be really involved, and excited, they should have actual Pokemon fans oversee the casting.

  9. Not to be the one to burst the bubble
    But this more than likely won’t happen. Mainly down to the actors ethnicity. Japenese audiences won’t care for an american cast. And Sadly the US while most fans wont mind if the cadt is Japenese it will still pay for that when released.

    It just comes down to that. Pokemon is about your experience and also being able to relate. While I personally could amd have no problem with that. Some would and therefore a live action movie with a cast thats just all over the place trying to appeal to everyone just wont happen.

  10. I had a live action idea once since porygon now is technically banned from the anime because of an accident I created a plot where a porygon is created in the human world by three kids that must stop a government official from stealing and they must get it home yet by the end it becomes porygon-z.

        1. Yeah the only episode to ever host porygon as a Pokemon was season 1 episode 39 because of a mishap porygon episode caused over 1-3 thousand seizures to Japanese epileptic kids thus banned. But it is shown in beginning credits of Brock narrorating what the Pokemon world is of the 4 and 5 movies and is in orange islands who’s that Pokemon episode where ash catches Snorelax.

          1. Fun fact, Porygon is actually just a scapegoat since it was actually Pikachu’s thunderbolt that caused the flashing lights
            Since they couldn’t can the corporate mascot Porygon got the axe

  11. Omg that DragonBall Evolution movie looks so good. O_o when does it come out?

  12. I would actual look forward to a live-action movie. Yet, I wonder if it would be based on the games, manga, or anime? It would like to see something fresh without Ash as the lead role. A compelling story with Red that slightly more realistic… I would die for a movie like that… if it’s good…

  13. The plot should be simple, if it ends up being tied to sun and moon, make the plot this:
    A young boy and his friends dreams come true as they receive their first pokemon from the local professor. they begin their journey to be pokemon masters, but along the way, a major threat is rising and they are the only ones who can stop it.

    1. I’d argue for the polar opposite: A complex plot! To me, at least, X/Y’s plot was fairly straightforward and simple, and I didn’t really like it.

      1. It could definitely work, but it makes it easier to mess up, either way, I hope it would do well if it happened.

  14. Red goes out into the world to find his father and finds out his father was involved in the creation of Mewtwo or something IDK I’m not a writer

  15. This movie will be Charmander’s agonizing scream extended for an hour 45 mins

  16. I get so frustrated if I think about the news drought we’re facing this month. It feels like ages. We need discussion, but GF gives us none 🙁

    1. What is the story behind this? These weird rips are hilarious, but people keep talking about reuploads? I’m quite confuddled…

    1. I reckon they’ll be doing them the whole year long. Nice to see such an esteemed video game creator tho. Miyamoto was, amongst many other things, Tajiri’s mentor.

  17. i think it could turn out great, as long as whoever is creating it has a passion for the subject!

    i would also like it if they made Ash older. 18-25 would be great. or not have Ash at all. i find most child actors absolutely annoying.

  18. If this happened, it theoretically wouldn’t release until the 8th generation of Pokemon is on the horizon. Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing if they revealed new Pokemon in the movie(s), like they do in the anime? I think that would be very cool, and smart as well. All those people going to see the movie will hopefully be motivated to buy a future game!

    1. I would love a background story about N, about how his childhood was with Ghetsis as a father.
      In a movie about AZ they could show us the whole Pokemon war, which sounds very awesome.
      Both NOT action-replay, however.

  19. I would like to see all the Pokestar Sudio films
    Five bucks if u can guess my favorite one

  20. I just remembered. A live action Yokai Watch movie is also supposedly in the works.

    However, when they said a live action Fairly Odd Parents movie was happening, thr hype was real, and it set up for disappointment. Keep that in mind.

    1. Meeeeeh, I would prefer new legends, but f it’s form changes I’d be okay with that because it would mean it is confirmed to be gen 6.5 thus increases the chances of battle frontier

  21. The following have been done: Live Action…
    * Attack on Titan?
    * Rurouni Kenshin?
    * Phoenix Wright?
    * Ben 10?

    Quality may vary.

    1. The Rurouni Kenshin one was actually really good. I never saw the sequel, but the first was good from my perspective.

    2. Live Action Ben 10?

      Oh Nevermind I remember that. I could never get into Ben 10.

  22. So I got back from seein’ the jungle book
    I liked it, then it hit me
    The Pokejungle Book
    The Wolves: Mightyena
    Mowgli: Some random friggin kid
    Bagheera: Luxray
    Baloo: Snorlax (was gonna cast Urasring but I can easily see Bill Murray’s voice easily flow from a Snorlax)
    Shere Khan: Either Pyroar or Arcanine (I know but tiger colors)
    Kaa: Serperior/Serviper
    King Louie: Slaking

    I would love to see somebody Illustrate this

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