New trailer for Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna

A new Japanese trailer has been released for the upcoming Pokémon film Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna which you can watch above.

It features much more of the newly announced Magearna, which definitely looks cute. Hopefully it’s ball-form will be integrated into the games via a special move or something.

<3 PJ

  1. Y I think SM will represent the counterpart of Xerneas and Yveltal ? ….that’s y.

    I don’t know which on of these bird represent Yveltal but most likely the small one ,

    Hraevelg – The great eagle of the north who creates the wind. His name means ‘The Corpse Eater’. for me this could be the sun legend and Corpse Eater is a good sign though.

    let’s talk about bad sign …The hardships of Yggdrasil include the four stags (which eat away at its branches), rotting wood along its trunk, and Nidhogg eating away at its roots. for me eating root is bad and evil sign so the sage pokemon which I draw last time it will be pokemon moon but we shouldn’t forget Nidhogg The great serpent of Niflheim. Is said to eat away at the roots of Yggdrasil, and exchange insults with the eagle atop Yggdrasil via Ratatosk. so yeah maybe moon legendary will be this serpent.

    1. Where’s my drill toothed squirrel
      I demand one now

      And by the laws of Pokemon if its associated with Drills it’s automatically a ground type
      The Nidos, Rhyhorns family, Drilbur and Excadrill

      The only one not associated with drills is Fearow (Japanese name is Onidrill)and anyone knowing Horn Drill but that’s a bit of a stretch

      1. The squirrel called Ratatosk (read my post carefully) it’s the messenger squirrel of Yggdrasil. Is said to run up and down the trunk of Yggdrasil to exchange insults between the eagle perched atop Yggdrasil and the serpent Nidhogg in Niflheim.

        as u said it’s an horned squirrel (symbol of gossip) it telling lies to the eagle at the top and the dragon at the bottom to keep them agitated.
        this guy look trickster and demonic for me.

        1. I know who and what Ratatosk is/does

          I’m just saying that knowing Gamefreak they might make it a Ground type

      2. Beedrill literally has drill in its name, and it’s not ground, the Squirrel may not be ground

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  3. Looks interesting. I think it would be cool though if the bad guy/team won once before Ash got strong enough to defeat them (a bit like Avatar’s Earth and Fire book).

      1. Why can’t they have the anime croak and stay croaked forever? Revamp it with a more serious tone and trainer.

  4. This movies looking better and better. To be fair the last few have been pretty good 🙂

    Whats your favorite / least favorite pokemon movie ?

    1. Tough call all movies after say….Giratina and the Sky Warrior they started to tank
      My favorite is either Spell of the Unknown, or Lucario mystery of mew
      And honorable mention 4Ever I dare you to say with a straight face you did not bawl your eyes out when Celebi dried out

    1. It wasn’t Masuda, but yes, I would assume this is what the Marketing Director meant.

  5. So I’m trying to come up with four Fakemons
    Each one with the Weather abilities Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream and Snow Warning
    Each one is dual typed, have a predominate stat of either Atk, Sp Atk, Def and Sp Def
    So far I have Solasma a Fire/Electric solar mote and I’m thinking of calling my Floating Goggled Cloud Dritz

    Now I need a Dust Blowing dust devil and Blizzard conjuring ice type

    1. The dust blowing one should be : GroundFlying and be a Tornado. (The animation would be so good for this ) Good sp attack and sp def. Ability Sand Stream. Name Cyclona ?

      The Ice one should be : Ice Flying or Ice Water I’m easy and be based on Clouds. But the dark puffy Clouds that look fierce and could erupt into thunder and lighting hail and snow. Good SP Att and SP Def. Ability Snow Warning. Name Comulonimbos ( based off the real name but changed to fit Pokémon usuage of words eg no cum ) ?

      And for good measure : Dual Ability Pokémon based off where caught
      If caught in icy terrain : Rock Ice – Sabertooth with tons of intimidating hair along its body snow white. – Snow Warning Tons of Attack and good Speed
      If caught in Desert : Rock Ground – Ankylosaurus with huge Rock clubbing tail and rock spikes protruding from its back just like actual Ankylosaurus. – Sand Stream. Tons of Defense and SP Defense. Good attack bad speed.

      Also I added the types in all them for you as I know u like ground rock.

      1. Yeah originally Solasma was its own line, but I wante a quad of the Weather abilities, I could easily make them all part flying but ehhhhh it’s too much

        Originally Solasma would integrate into a radioactive solar energy thing, Solasma, Hotomic, Photomix but then with Nimdrips or Dritz which is the Rain Cloud with red and blue goggles

        So it’s all up for debate

      2. Actually the Ankylosaurus is my Fossil
        Anklub and Quakylosaur Rock/Ground

        And the other is Electroscute and Conductodon Rock/Electric which are Stegosaurus’ with their scutes/plates act like lightning rods

  6. I wonder why they haven’t made any references to wonder trade in the anime…just a thought that occurred to me, but it seems like such an easy thing to add in

    1. Well you gotta think more creatively
      The anime has all this stuff planned out months ahead of its time, and one of the big things are rosters, and it would kinda iffy if they could easily discard teammates often spending a whole episode’s worth bonding and capturing

      But Wondertrade could be something but don’t expect the main cast trading anything permanently but I can see a Wonder Trading festival where everyone trading willy nilly and a at risk move is somebody accidentally trades one of their Pokemon to a random trainer and desperately try to re-trade back

  7. I’m suprised PJ has made an article about this. Some new information about Pokemon GO has been released from the new field test beta. It sounds a lot better than I thought it would be. The game is not going to be turn-based, but rather real-time. This will be an interesting concept! Here’s the information:

    – 3 teams: red, blue, yellow
    – Asked to join one of these three teams
    – Train at friendly gyms
    – Players are paired with random “Computer Player” Pokemon to fight
    – They attack and and you attack back in real time
    – Training is not turn based – it’s an all out brawl
    – In wild encounters, the color of the shrinking circle indicates the difficulty of the catch
    – Starts off as red and then approaches green
    – Green is a higher probability of catch
    – Use the ring to make it more green by feeding the Pokemon berries (allowed only once per encounter) and using a higher level PokeBall
    – Pokemon can become “injured” after training
    – Heal them with a “health spray” (likely a “potion”)
    – Can see each Pokemon’s HP in a bar while battling
    – Hyper Potions and Max Revives are showing up at PokeStops
    – The Gym Leader’s avatar is displayed (large) behind his/her Pokemon at the Gym
    – Other players will see the Gym Leader’s username and their Pokemon/CP when approaching a friendly Gym to train
    – It’s assumed non-friendly Gyms will see the same
    – There is a ‘crown’ for the Gym Leader
    – When you claim a Gym, you select your Pokemon to defend it
    – To Train, you fight that Pokemon with another one of your own Pokemon
    – When starting a training session, a random Pokemon in your team is selected to fight with
    – Can change this by tapping on it in the screen before combat begins
    – In training combat, the opponent’s attacks are shown ‘targeting’ with a red crosshair that closes in on your Pokemon
    – This appears to be so you can decide to ‘dodge’ or take the hit
    – Dodge by swiping left or right
    – Can dodge all the way behind an opponents back if you’re quick enough
    – Attack by tapping (quick attack) or pressing and holding (for the charge attack)
    – There’s a stamina bar of sorts that is broken in two halfs, underneath your HP bar
    – It refills about 20% per second, and appears to be boosted forward when you are hit to refill faster
    – When executing a charge move, it appears to use up 50% of your stamina
    – Types affect damage
    – Ex: “It’s not very effective” message above attacks when water vs. water
    – “It’s super effective” shows when using a type advantage
    – Individual Pokemon’s CP does not appear to be affected by combat at present
    – ‘Winning’ training (bringing the defending Pokemon to 0 HP) awards 50xp and the gym goes up 50 pts. in prestige
    – You can ‘Lose’ training when your Pokemon hits 0 HP and faints
    – You can also ‘exit’ training before your Pokemon faints
    – This saves you from having to use a Revive
    – Damage done in training persists after training (even when exiting training before a KO)
    – You need items to heal up (no PokeCenters to be seen in this game)
    – If a Pokemon faints, a Revive or Max Revive is necessary to bring them back
    – Level 1 Gyms allegedly increase to Level 2 Gyms at 500 Prestige points
    – Level 2 Gyms are confirmed to increase to Level 3 Gyms at 1000 prestige points
    – Level 3 increase at 2000 Prestige points
    – Jumps are not confirmed as present or missing yet
    – The Defending Gym Leader’s Pokemon goes back to full HP after a training session
    – PokeStops now tend to give out about 2 items, occasionally 3
    – There is a ‘Camera’ switch, allegedly for AR mode in Training
    – If not enabled, you battle on top of the platform shown on the map

    1. I’m really excited for the beta to come to North America. I really want to give this a shot. while everybody else was getting scared off of it with the initial pics and videos I firmly believed the experience was going to be interesting at the very least and with this it sounds very immersive. I think it’ll be a great little game to play while killing time and traveling.

  8. Hey people tomorrow’s the day there supposed to announce sun and moon info for the first time in two Fricken months!!!!

    1. Nope, I don’t think so. You may be referring to CoroCoro, which has already leaked and turned our attention to May. Unless there’s something I don’t know, this is the situation.

      1. No you’re right I think they are confused. Tomorrow is when CoroCoro officially comes out so there’ll be nothing for us this month anyway. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll get an announcement of next months announcement, but nothing other than that.

    1. Does this mean the movies could finally be not crappy anymore or just as bad maybe even worse

      1. Depends on who gets it.

        Do you think Sony or Warner Bros. will do it justice?

        Imagine… live action Pokemon movie based on GO or Pokken…

      1. Unfortunately, Disney/Viacom are not listed in the article.

        It’s only a Chinese company vs. Sony vs. Warner Brothers for now.

        1. I know, it’s disappointing. WB is so hit and miss these days, and I don’t know if I trust Sony much more.

        1. “As long as it isn’t bad”

          Do you not realize that almost every live action movie indeed turns out VERY BAD?

          May Arceus saves us from this terrible fate.

          1. Just take the cgi in the pokemon 20th anniversary commercial and there you go. Pokémon look fine, then a plot shouldn’t be to hard.

  9. Watching this makes me think: if we get to got to Kalos in the post game of s&m, I predict instead of beating the Kalos gyms as in gold and silver, I think we will have a small part of Kalos and have to collect the zygarde cells to save the rest of Kalos.

    I honestly don’t see the gold and silver thing ever happening again.

    (Although I want to believe)

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