More fake Sun/Moon starters, more to speculate about

fake-starters-miitomoNotorious imageboard 4chan’s Pokémon board is alive with “leaks” (read: entertaining falsehoods) and one of the cutest and realistic images to pop up in awhile happen to be these adorable critters. They’re supposed to be new starters for the upcoming 3DS titles Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Although they aren’t real, it’s a great time to talk about what we’d love to see in the new starters and what we think of these. I don’t know how I’d feel about an avian Grass-type starter. Personally, I’d like to see a return to the reptilian style of years past (although I have warmed significantly to the mammalian Chesnaught since Pokémon X&Y’s release).

No doubt we’ll see more fakes as the games draw closer to release. At least it’ll tide us over until we get some real info, right?!

<3 PJ

ps- Speaking of speculative information, the Nintendo NX is rumored to have its reveal coming very soon! Sounds exciting!

  1. I will not lie ever since that first fake leak with these guys
    I just cannot stop thinking of this sea lion, which is very weird since I never pick the Water starter voluntarily

    But regardless I’m still hoping that if this Region is going to have some elements of Spain I might get my Fire Bull starter soon enough

    But this is all up to the fates

    P.S a new Series XYZ Episode title surfaced: The Winding Woods…The Dawn of Evolution! I wonder if any main character Pokemon are going to evolve

    1. Plot twist: Ash and company randomly meet up with Dawn and her Piplup evolves.

          1. Well too bad, The Dark Skin Wild Dragon Trainer with the giant hair is next

            I always saw her mini Arc would involve Drasna and they would sense Squishy’s draconian nature

          2. I feel like I’m like the only person in this universe who actually liked Iris, she wasn’t some generic sweet girly girl, she had spunk and wasn’t afraid to show it

          3. I don’t mind that she wasn’t girly. I just found her very very annoying…….The BW anime just wasn’t very good all around. I did like Cilan though lol

          4. Something that really annoyed me about Iris was how she would always call Ash out when he used a pokemon with a bad type matchup. I mean Cilan would always tell her “Ash probably has a good reason for this”… and although it could count as a learning experience for Iris the first couple times, after a while you’d think she’d get it. But no, and it eventually got really old.

          5. It’s not that I didn’t like Iris. It’s just that the Black and White anime sucked and the reason I stopped watching Pokemon

    2. I’d like to see this sea lion too. For some reason, I feel like it will be dark blue, not sure why..

      As for the latest XYZ title, I don’t think it will be one of Ash’s pokemon, since none of them can evolve and he isn’t catching a new one before the volcanion movie (All five were shown together in either the latest trailer or the one before). Unless it’s something to do with the Ash-Greninja transformation.

      Serena-It’s unlikely that her Braixen will evolve, it’s shown in the new volcanion movie theme (revealed an hour or two before this post). Pancham is possible though.

      Clemont-His Chespin is shown in the latest movie theme as well, but Bunnelby is fair game.

      It could also be something Zygarde-related, we still don’t know how it reaches Complete Forme.

    3. The tiger is great but it looks more like a second form rather than a first. The water one though… Don’t even get me started on that thing, because a swear I have no idea what that is.

        1. You just updated the definition of “obviously”. Maybe a deformed sea lion that survived a polar bear attack. Ugly as hell.

    4. I hope that either chespin, pancham, or braixen could evolve. If not, ash captures another Pokemon

      1. As I said below, Chespin and Braixen are shown as being in the volcanion movie as they are, and Ash’s whole team has been shown at once. They probably won’t update something like that if the character in question evolves, so Ash is unlikely to get any evos until after mid-July (The episode in question is the final one in may).

        Pancham is possible, but I think it’s more likely to be either Zygarde-related, or most likely, Ash-Greninja related.

    5. I love the fire cat fake! Too cute. I’m hoping we get a tiger fire starter. I also don’t know how I would feel about an avian grass starter but the ideas seams to come up more and more lately. If they could nail the design, I wouldn’t mind. A seal or a dolphin as the water starter in really not fond of. The water starter should be amphibious.

    6. or other that.
      bottom. green was ram, red was grizzly bear. blue is something lizard.
      top. green was owl. red was tiger. blue is lion seal

      (similar hoothoot) similar seel was seal

  2. That sealion is freaking adorable. Ohhh game freak! U better deliver now. The firestarter is hideous, but the birdy is weirdly intimidating and funny.

  3. I’m hoping the starters have type combos we’ve not seen on starter pokemon before, but nothing too wild (having a dragon or fairy starter is a no-go outside of megas really imo).

    Grass could be Grass/Rock or Grass/Steel, so many other dual grass typings have too many weaknesses. I like those as relatively strong defensive types.

    A Water/Ice final form for the water starter would be great. The Ice typing gives it an advantage of the Grass starter, and Water/Ice is a very natural realistic typing that we haven’t really seen often enough I feel (no new pokemon with this type since Gen 3). Water/Poison would be a good bet on similar lines.

    For the fire type I’d like to see either Fire/Ground like Numel and Camerupt, as that always interested me, or a return to just plain fire-typing.

    1. If the fire starter really is a cat (Nyabby), can the final stage be a Fire/Poison Manticore? I’d really like to see one…

          1. They are. I’m sure you know this, but a manticore is a cross between a lion and a scorpion, the latter of which is usually poisonous. Although Gligar/Gliscor are based on scorpions and they’re Ground/Flying, so it’s not a perfect theory.

          2. It was a momentarily lapse of stupidity, I’m supposed to have a wide bestiary of mythical creatures

          3. Really? What’s your favourite mythical creature? Mine is probably the Tarasque.

  4. “Nintendo NX is rumored to have its reveal coming very soon!”

    I mean they already said they’d reveal it at E3, and E3 is coming up pretty soon, so that’s not even a rumor really.

    1. The rumor is that it would be before E3 which yah no. They are close enough now that they might as well just save it and knowing them will. So yah.

  5. I had another dream about the next corocoro and it leaked on the 3rd and revealed nothing again >.< It's weird because I had a dream about the last corocoro where it revealed nothing and that basically happened

  6. I doubt we will see a sea lion water starter. Didn’t we already get a sea lion based starter in Samurott?

    1. It’s kinda fickle
      The whole Oshawott line saw a few development issues, Samurott as a Sea Lion was kinda settled since of creator’s block and after a trip to a aquarium for inspiration they just settled for a Sea Lion

        1. I never liked it.. I always found him a bit boring..

          Emboar was horrible and serperior was awesome, but weak.. Not a fan of that gen starter wise

          1. I found all of the Gen 5 starters to look a bit odd. Their stats and movesets are definitely boring too.

        2. I don’t know if Mega Samurott should be dual typed
          I mean most wanted Steel or Fighting but alas the Seamitars and armor are made of keratin which is also what fingernails, claws and hair are made of and a bit of calcium carbonate which just doesn’t chemically add up for steel types, and the sheer fact that it learns very little Steel attacks and Emboar gained Fighting (which I love)

        3. Samuratt has a terrible, unnatural, and blatantly ugly design. There’s a hundred cooler fan concepts of a final oshawatt evolution all over the internet

  7. I really, really, really don’t want a “bird” for a grass starter. Grass types are usually my favorite, and I like to pick the grass starter on my first playthrough of a new game, but I’m deathly terrified of birds in real life. Please don’t do this to me. I agree with the posting though; I want a reptile. However, it can be argued that Chespin is a reptile since his final evolution is still based off one. As for what specifically for the new grass starter, I have no idea. I always tend to be out of ideas for grass starters. I think a crocodile could be a real cool one.

    The water starters are always based off of some sort of animal associated with water but not dependent on it. I could see a sea lion being legit. The one above looks the most “official” out of all of them. I also think it would be cool to have a bear, an elephant, or a hippo for the water starter. Those are my votes.

    As for the fire starter, I’ve heard a lot of people speculating that it’s going to be a tiger or a lion, or some other sort of feline. However, this is so predictable to me; I know they wouldn’t go with it. Plus, if the name leaks for the legendaries are real, the sun legendary is already going to be some sort of fire lion/feline. It would be really dumb to have both. i want to see some sort of Ram or Ox with a Fire/Steel duel type. I want the fire starter to be more defensive for once.

    1. Another problem with the grass starter being a bird would be the inevitable Grass/Flying type with dual weakness to ice… bleeehhh

      1. Not so fast. The avian grass starter could easily take on another typing besides while still retaining its bird like features. Nobody would see Blaziken coming after first laying on torchic

    2. I really do not want to see another Goat since we just got Gogoat
      But the Fire bull/Ox is something I’ve had my eyes on for the last 2-3 months

      1. Why would Gogoat prevent you from wanting to see a Ram based fire starter? Rams and goats are different animals. Also, since when have them already doing an animal in a previous generation stop them from doing it in a new one? We have had a monkey in literally every single generation except 6.

        1. They’re extremely similar
          But beside the point, Fire Bull just works better since of their naturally fiery temperament

  8. Having a grass/flying is not a good call. Grass type is already the lamest one by itself, now if you add the weaknesses of flying type the balance will be way too off. I don’t think it’s worth it for a starter.

  9. Just a heads up
    I don’t believe that the tweet with the crow, cat and sea lion is even true, the font was slightly off from the Solgaleo and Lunalaa

    Just my two cents

  10. I know they’re fake, but these starters look pretty awesome. They do look way different than all of the other starters, but I still like them nonetheless!

  11. Those starters do look amazing. I seriously love the look of the Fire one. Anyways, speaking about the NX, NDA is supposed to be lifting the ban on NX information on the 27th of April. This will allow developers to disclose if they are working on NX ports or titles. We should expect to see the NX’s actual name in a week or so. Let’s hope this remains factual and true. This rumored date does fall in line with Nintendo’s fiscal investors meeting. Maybe we could get a Nintendo Direct before that date.

    1. Man, when I read April 27th, I thought that it was like two weeks away.
      Then I checked the time and it’s only two days!! Time has really flown by for me. Can’t wait to hear legit NX news though

    2. A ND before the 27th. As in before 2 days from now meaning tomorrow? Nintendo likes to spring NDs out of nowhere but not like that, and even if they did it would’ve been announced earlier today. As to the NDAs being lifted eh maybe. But from the sounds it doesn’t mean much except for companies being like yeah we are making something for that system. Not being able to be like it is called this or that (as if they’d have that info anyways), or saying this is the specs of the devkit and this is the control and this or that. Like I said don’t expect anything NX or at least anything major NX until E3 which is a little more than a month away is all, it simply doesn’t make sense to just give news before a big event. They’ve been secret all this time for a reason. Because they want to unveil it at E3 they wouldn’t just drop that idea out of nowhere for no real reason literally only a month before when the event is happening. Seriously, like I said E3 is only a little more than a month away anyways, you’ve lasted this long you can wait the additional month or so when it makes sense and is when they have planned to do the unveiling anyways.

  12. Well i already stated my opinion on starters NUMEROUS times. But hey wynaut again??
    I want starters with secondaries never seen in starters: Dragon fairy rock ice electric Bug ghost normal. I dont care how probable they are/you guys think they are, i still want them
    Also just some something little, i have to pick last this generation of games. I have a trio and we made a pact to never repeat the same pokemon on a first time through a region (except eevee) and we switch off the order on who picks first. Since i picked first last time with chespin, i pick last. So i hope there is no terribly ugly starter. Last time i picked last i got chimchar when i REALLY wanted piplup ;_;. Here is to decent looking starters all around (which hasnt happened since RSE IMO)

    1. I’ve been wanting a fire/bug starter along time. I’m also hoping to like all three starters since that’s never happened for me in any generation.

    2. Not to burst bubbles but I personally think Normal, Dragon and Bug are off-limits for starters
      Otherwise the rest are mostly fine

        1. Bug and Dragon too, you just don’t matamoros into a insect, and GF said in an interview that adding dragon would make them too overpowered that’s the reason Serperior is pure grass is was meant to be Grass/Dragon

          1. I count Mega Charizard X as a Dragon starter, it’s not that common though so idk.

          2. Well I don’t know when GF said that about no dragons but now we have fairies I’d wager having a dragon is a bit less OP and just as likely as fairy typing for a starter. Normal would indeed be strange (unless they want to make something seem especially mammalian), but why not bug? Yeah evolving into an insect would be weird, but why not have an insectoid starter? Not having one yet doesn’t mean we can’t have one in the future. I’ve seen awesome mantis starter fakémons, that fits the bill. Plus, this is pokémon. Would you really be that surprised if something suddenly turned into an insect?

  13. I usually pick the water starter but I actually like all of these. I wish they were real

  14. I can see the owl being based on a totem pole, and gaining the psychic type through evolution I like the idea of a water ice or fighting for the seel pure fire for the cat

  15. I wouldn’t mind a ram fire starter that evolves into a Fire/Dark Minotaur based on the biblical description of Satan. Add a Water/Fairy and a Grass Steel and we’re set.

    1. Remember my Dark/Fairy Satyr (Insatyr)? That would be the perfect Dark/Fairy y’all have been bitching about for a while

      1. I wouldn’t mind a Dark/Fairy goblin either. I just want to see something new.

        1. A slender bitch black humanoid with long Loki antlers pointing straight back then curving down, jagged zigzag teeth and glowing red eyes,

          It senses misery and discord with its horns and draws strength from others animosity, before morning light they hide in dark forests

          1. Might as well, I’m sick of all these goody goody two shoes Mythicals
            Not everyone has to be nice

          2. I didn’t watch the entire movie for how crappy it was but wasnt hoopa kind of evil or something?

          3. It wasn’t evil, it just was very careless with its great power, it tried to show off its power by summoning legendary Pokemon to fight until it destroyed the village
            Then they sealed its power via the Prison Bottle, that forme’s anger built up and festered and when finally unleashed it resulted in a rampage

            So not intentionally evil

          4. Also does genesect count as evil? I cant quite remember his movie but i believe he destroyed a city and mewtwo stopped them or something. Sorry if im wrong in any of these but the last few movies have been so crappy that i either dont watch them or forget them completely

          5. It was merely trying to return to its home
            But then again all these experiments often have some screws loose

            But so far little to no evil Pokemon for the sake of evil (Yveltal though regarded as the Destruction Pokemon, it is unknown if its purposely trying to end lives as a manner of sustaining its own or for malevolent reasons)

          6. Yeah i guess that the only time legendary pokemon are evil is when they are missing something(arceus, vocanion etc), they dislike humans (again volcanion, genesect, and i bilieve kyurem), are misunderstood (darkrai, genesect, arceus) or are mind controlled (giratina and reshiram in an episode of BW although i dont think its the same from the movie). Yveltal has been the only one to destroy things without a reason being given, other than it was awaken from his sleep or something so yeah maybe yveltal truly is the only evil pokemon

          7. I just stated, it is unknown if Yveltal drains life purely for destruction or to sustain itself

  16. This is what we need:

    Another Flying-type starter (preferably Grass/Flying but Water/Flying is good too, and before anyone says ‘Ice kills Grass/Flying’ and ‘Electric kills Water/Flying’, Rock smashes Fire/Flying, and guess who that is)

    We could have a subtype Flying starter trio. (One can dream)

    A starter with a subtype of Rock, Ghost, or Electric

    Even if there is no Flying subtype, let there be a final starter evolution capable of learning fly

    A kangaroo, lemur, peacock, dolphin, and moose Pokemon (Kangaskhan doesn’t count, a legit kangaroo)

    A fire reptile starter (Charmander doesn’t count. he’s based off of salamanders), a grass horse, or a water bear.

    1. A lot of OU or formerly OU mons have 4x weaknesses. Charizard, Talonflame, Landorus, Gliscor, Garchomp, Gyarados, Volcarona, Diancie, Swampert, Gastrodon.

      So it is never truly an argument that a Pokemon sucks just because it has a 4x weakness. Still a “weak point”, but one that can be overcome with good stats and abilities. <3

      (A flying/grass starter would actually be pretty beast. We have a dime a dozen flying/waters already, though.)

      1. I feel like Fairy/fighting would be cooler for a Kangaroo, and it would help differentiate it a little more from Kangaskhan.

          1. Does everything need to resemble a fairy to be a fairy type? Look at: Mr. Mime, Granbull (a bulldog…) Mawile (a bean pod), Slurpuff (it’s a cupcake), Carbink. I don’t think a Kangaroo being a fairy type is much of a stretch at all. If all typings had to strictly adhere to appearance, we’d have some pretty boring pokemon

          2. While I agree with the general sentiment, Mawile’s connection to Japanese mythology (the futakuchi-ona yokai) isn’t without connection to it’s typing, and neither is Carbink who’s clearly based on a carbuncle, like Diancie.

            You’re spot on about grandbull though, who seems to have been randomly thrown in for jokes, slurpuff who sort of fits into the “we need to introduce fairy types”, “pink balls are fairies”, and “cute (cos he’s candy)/aesthetic stuff (see dessert cuisine) are fairies”, and mr. mime who’s somewhere between the two.

          3. Indeed I didn’t know about granbull’s mythical inspiration, my bad. That being said I my opinion the reason you gave for mister mime (which is entirely accurate) is just as floaty as what you could expect from a fairy kangaroo. To me the general argument of his is still spot on, but you know, opinions haha

          4. Gamefreak also molds animals into their own vision anyway. There’s no such thing as a fire monkey, electric cat, etc. No reason a kangaroo couldn’t be part anything as long as they design it that way

          5. Fair enough but don’t forget some creatures are more easily attuned to some elemental typings

            And this doesn’t mean anything could fly just as easily

          6. In order
            Mr. Mime’s Clownish and whimsical nature maybe was the reason for the retype
            Granbull is inspired by the mythical Cu Sith which translates to Dog Fairy
            Mawile is also inspired a myth the Futakauchi-onna which is a two faced woman
            Slurpuff though a cupcake its previous form Swirlix is cotton candy which is called Fairy Floss in Australia which is where it got the type
            And Carbink is obviously a Carbuncle which is a fairy like creature with a gemstone in the forehead

            So clearly we can’t just have it being a fairy just because, all these others have origin and logic to back it up

            And FYI Kangaroos are very very aggressive creatures and Fairy would be the furthest thing for them

          7. That’s much better put than my feeble attempt haha. I do disagree that a kangaroo couldn’t be fairy type though (not that I want one, just saying). Nothing’s saying it’s design couldn’t encompass an aborigine myth (actually yes I want THAT), or that it couldn’t be designed in a cute way specifically to fit fairy type (blech). And about them being agressive, pokémon designs follow natural inspiration just as likely as they make up their own thing in terms of behaviour so while it is relevant, it’s not a deciding factor.
            And if we widen our idea to things like wallabys, wallaroos, tree kangaroos or qokkas (yes pls), we could easily get a fairy type.

          8. It just wouldn’t do through that simply
            It better have a freaking good reason to be a fairy in the first place, we don’t live in a world where
            Kangaroos are fast hopping near gigantic mammalian kicking machines who’s razor sharp toenails can disembowel a foe,

            Normal/Fighting, or Ground/Fighting, even just pure Fighting then to Fighting/Dark

          9. Hence why it’d be part fighting…normal type makes no sense for it. Part fairy would be fine.

          10. Uh no it does not, Normal reflects its mammalian nature
            Fairy just completely does not

            And I dare you to come up with a well researched and logically backed up reason to why it would be a fairy

          11. Completely agree about normal type v fairy type. However as for ideas I gave a few down below and if you think they’re not “researched enough” I’d be happy to elaborate on them when I have time.

          12. Alight I looked at some and they look that they somewhat might they could be fairy but only after a solid origin and backstory

            My qualm is that I do not just let something be that type without solid research and logic backing it, and the old “Pokemon has no logic” statement is just so very wrong, GF puts a lot of time and research into all these Pokemon, and another thing is nobody does any research on Pokemon and they decide it clearly at glances and sound bites which angrys up my blood (Like the whole Luxray being a Electric/Dark type or Rapidash being part Fairy)

          13. I couldn’t agree more that each pokémon design is actually extremely well studied if you take a good look at it, there are some truly amazing things you could pretty much never notice on a first glance. I’ve become even more alert to this recently and it makes my love for the series even greater. The thing is game freak make such intricate and peculiar choices that overall it can seem quite random, because their imagination is just that vast. I can see why they wouldn’t make luxray and rapidash part dark and fairy type, but honestly these types would fit perfectly on them, it would just yield a slightly different interpretation of their design and thus a slightly different view from Game Freak about them. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we got a part fairy pegasus mega for rapidash (I’ve always been more partial to a real evo meself), and though Luxray already has quite an amazingly rich design, it doesn’t seem inconceivable to me add on to it’s night-stalking predatory nature with dark type.

          14. Rapidash just doesn’t strike me as a girly unicorn when it clearly draws inspiration from Apollos fiery steeds that pulled his chariot (Or was that Helios) I just want it to be Fire/Flying with Aerialite
            And my most biggest peeve is that everyone bitches Luxray should be a Dark type just because of its black fur and scowling eyes
            When clearly it has little to no reason to be a Evil Type in the first place

          15. I see what you mean. But fairy type need not be “girly” or cute necessarily. For the moment it kind of is save for a few exceptions, but hopefully in the future game freak insists more on the mythological aspect of fairy type rather than the “pink stuff ” one. We need more fairies like Mawile or Xerneas. As for Luxray I see it fitting into the dark type exactly like Umbreon, who’s association with the type is based on being linked to the moon and the night rather than one being evil. Making Luxray dark type would have given it a nice light/dark duality as well.

          16. But thats counterintuitive Luxray’s entire theme is based on shocking flashing light via electricity

            And I really don’t like to throw all Dark types into the darkness and shadow type hat that’s why Light type doesn’t truly exist as a dark counterpart since Dark is meant to be evil and very rarely outside of Umbreon, otherwise all Dark types possess a sinister or evil like quality

  17. Hmmmm I just had a thought
    Are we the Pokemon world without sin?
    Is there any truly evil Pokemon? And when I say evil I mean would intentionally harm others and not out of pain or forced behavior

    1. Interesting. It’s always been taught that there are no evil Pokemon, just trainers that make Pokemon do evil things.

      1. There are some false accusations
        Like some are naturally aggressive but out of a behavior and territorial instinct
        Those do not count as evil

        1. Yveltal is weird in this regard. It destroys stuff, but it’s said to be part of a cycle of death and rebirth (Xerneas). I can’t blame if folks (NPCs) think it’s evil though.

          1. The only Legend that might have a evil history is Giratina since it was apparently banished for violence
            But still shrouded in mystery

            I want some evil mo fos up in this biz!

  18. Okay, I don’t mind the water starter, but compared to the other fakes I’ve seen (i.e. the seal thing and the lizard) it’s lame. What I would like to see is a Fire/Dark Bear, a Water/Steel Platypus (or a Sea Lion) and a Grass/Ice (or Grass/Electric or Grass/Psychic) Lemur. What would be pretty cool if the final typings were Fire/Water, Water/Grass, Grass/Fire………………… Mind blown?

  19. There’s a post going around on Tumblr saying it’s real and the release date is December 15th. Has this been confirmed/debunked yet?

    1. This is the first I’ve heard of it. I wouldn’t trust it. Seems late for a holiday release unless they send out a ton of games to retailers. November still seems more likely.

    2. When it comes to release dates, certainly don’t believe what you read until it comes from an official source. Nobody would be able to know the release date yet, because I doubt that Nintendo themselves have even reached that decision yet. I certainly think late November to early December is a logical timeframe, though.

      1. I didn’t fully believe it, but the image was presented in a way that was very Pokemon-like, so I was a bit hesitant to call fake immediately.

  20. I wish pokemon games had different endings based on the choices you make throughout the game. Like when you’re asked to complete the Dex, you can select no instead of being thrown into a carousel of the same answer and you can pick it up later in the game. (why would you want that? So you could discover what pokemon are where in the region instead of seeing what’s around. Just for added difficulty.)

    1. Yeah, but all games like that kinda encourages the player to restart the game and try to get all of the endings. It honestly just feels wrong, as Pokemon has a more life-simulator/MMORPG feel compared to the pick-up, play, and end feeling of most RPGs where it doesn’t feel like you’ve lost much when reseting the game

  21. The Grass starter looks like a green version of Torchic to me, I don’t like it.

  22. The fire starter is adorable… The grass is good, and so is the seal but to me neither of their designs look finalised at all, somethings off. But it’s May soon… And I’m hoping GAMEFREAK will release a video trailer or something before Coro Coro leaks then Coro Coro will cover that. But, if I know GAMEFREAK, it’s going to be Coro Coro gives sillohuettes then two weeks later in June they start revealing one a year….

  23. The one’s shown for post are in my opinion THE BEST STARTERS EVER IN HISTORY!!!!!!! and I’ve been at it since ruby and sapphire but have have games dating to beginning! The Grass would be the first starter with one leg kind of like hoothoot (yet it hides it other leg flamingo style!), fire is possibly is the cutest ever! Finally the Water is the cutest, awesomest, most unique starter in history. The ones you made Earthen Warrior are great too I especially like the Water!

  24. Well since we’ve had our first non-reptilian grass type last gen, I jope we continue the trend.

    Last gen was a grass type mammal, maybe this time a bird (I like the fakemon posted above), or an amphibian (minus the water type). But another mammal would be great too.

  25. Personally I like the idea of there being a bird grass type starter. A grass type bird sounds fun! I do hope than the possible Pokemon starters names are real, cause a fire/cat and a water/seal, and grass/owl all sound interesting. I hope they reveal the new Pokemon soon.

  26. …when the fan creations look better than the original ones…
    Nintendo should fire their current team, it gets worse and worse. Nintendo, get ur ass up and integrate your community!

  27. strange how these were somewhat accurate. this shows a grass owl, a water sea lion, and a fire cat, which is what sun and moon actually have.i wonder if this artist read some actual leak or if it was coincidence?

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