Galarian Chatot & Acappatoo

RUMOR: Will there be a Galarian Chatot in Sword & Shield?

WARNING: We post rumors as a catalyst for interest discussions about upcoming Pokémon games. These should never be taken or spread as fact. There was a rumor circulating before the official reveal of Sirfetch’d that correctly pegged it as a Pokémon Sword exclusive. That’s really the only thing it got right, because what it alleges … Read more

RUMOR: Image Hints at New Pokémon of Sword & Shield

RUMOR: Our posts covering unconfirmed information are for discussion purposes. Do not get your hopes up and do not pass this on as fact. Thanks! We got a lot of new information about Pokémon Sword & Shield yesterday, including our first look at Galarian forms, more new Pokémon and a reveal of Poké Jobs. What … Read more

Sword & Shield rumor

RUMOR: 2 New Eevee Evolutions and more in Sword & Shield

WARNING: Rumor posts contain information that is unsubstantiated and likely to be false. They are posted for discussion and entertainment purposes only—do not share information as confirmed or put too much faith in it. There hasn’t been much to report about Pokémon Sword & Shield lately, which makes it the perfect time to look at … Read more

RUMOR: Chinese Riddler Returns with Pokémon Sword & Shield Hints

WARNING: This post contains unconfirmed information. It is for entertainment and discussion purposes—do not assume anything is true until there is official confirmation. The Chinese Riddler, best known for his hints regarding new Pokémon in Sun and Moon, has returned with an image for Pokémon Sword and Shield. They are not confirmed to be working … Read more

FAKE: Pokémon Sword & Shield Pokédex Leaks

FAKE: THIS POST IS NOW CONFIRMED AS UNTRUE. It will be left up for archival purposes. A list of Pokémon that claims to be the National Pokédex list for Pokémon Sword & Shield has been posted to an anonymous forum by someone claiming to have extracted it from the E3 demo. Lists like this historically … Read more