RUMOR: Pokémon HOME update leaks new moves from DLC

The Spanish fansite Centro Pokémon claims to have datamined the new Pokémon HOME update and found some interesting information. They have a list of 21 new moves that are not currently available in Pokémon Sword & Shield, but may be added next month with the release of the Isle of Armor. Here’s their list, in … Read more

RUMOR: Did Pokémon HOME include a hint about Galarian Jynx

The longer Pokémon HOME has been out, the more time fans have had to dig into its code and everything included in the app. Not everything is accessible through simple use and dataminers are now discovering interesting things hidden away in the tool’s files. One fan on Twitter has discovered an audio file that sounds … Read more

Galarian Ponyta Rumor

RUMOR: Galarian Ponyta was predicted in post last month

WARNING: Rumor posts are not confirmed information and are simply posted for entertainment and as a way to spur discussions. Please enjoy, but do not pass on as fact. The 24-hour livestream has gotten mixed reviews from fans, but Galarian Ponyta (if that is what it truly is) has already captured the hearts of many … Read more

Galarian Chatot & Acappatoo

RUMOR: Will there be a Galarian Chatot in Sword & Shield?

WARNING: We post rumors as a catalyst for interest discussions about upcoming Pokémon games. These should never be taken or spread as fact. There was a rumor circulating before the official reveal of Sirfetch’d that correctly pegged it as a Pokémon Sword exclusive. That’s really the only thing it got right, because what it alleges … Read more