RUMOR: The secret behind Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Legendaries

Warning: This article could contain spoilers if the rumors turn out to be true, but we share rumors only as a discussion point. Please be responsible when talking about them and do not treat them as factual, confirmed information. Today saw the reveal of new Pokémon, characters and information about the upcoming games Pokémon Scarlet … Read more

RUMOR: Two more Kanto Pokémon to get regional forms Legends?

RUMOR WARNING: The contents of this post discuss unconfirmed and possibly nonfactual information. It is meant as a discussion about an unreleased game and the Pokémon therein. Don’t get too hyped until anything is confirmed. The “Chinese Riddler”, who has been a prolific leaker of information, has hinted that two Kanto Pokémon, Voltorb and Electrode, … Read more

RUMOR: Pokémon fansite claims Diamond and Pearl remakes coming this year

RUMOR WARNING: This post is to discuss a current rumor in the Pokémon community and should not be treated as factual information. Read and take with a grain of salt, please. The South American Pokémon fansite Centro Pokémon claims that Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl remakes will be revealed in February and be released later … Read more

RUMOR: New formes leaked for Pokémon DLC ‘The Crown Tundra’

WARNING: This information is not confirmed and cannot be verified. Take at your own risk and realize it may include SPOILERS. Information about Pokémon formes in The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield may have been datamined ahead of its release. This comes from an unknown source, although a Spanish Twitter account has … Read more