RUMOR: A Pokémon Presents coming in early August?

We have not had a Pokémon Presents presentation since Pokémon Day, February 27, earlier this year. That may be changing soon if code from mobile title Pokémon Masters EX is accurate.

Pokekalos administrator EternalStay has dug into the code of upcoming banners and noticed a line of code that refers to “Campaign_PokemonPresents” with a date code of 1691499600 (Unix time) which converts to August 8.

No presentation has been announced yet, so we cannot say for sure there will be a Pokémon Presents, but it certainly is an interesting development! Stay tuned for news and we’ll see if we actually get one.

Let us know in the comments what part of the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC you’re looking forward to more: The Teal Mask or The Indigo Disk! Don’t forget to also join our Discord server!

Source: EternalStay via My Nintendo News

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