RUMOR: Switch 2 launching in September according to GameShark manufacturer

The company behind GameShark, a device used to enable cheat codes on past consoles, has rebranded as Ai Shark and issued a press release about their first licensee, audio electronics manufacturer Altec Lansing. One detail slipped into their press release is that their launch is set for September 2024 to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2.

This is the narrowest release window that has been seen yet although many rumors have pointed to the release of the Switch’s successor this year. This September launch window has not been confirmed by Nintendo and should not be considered official at this time. We will provide updates as more is officially announced.

Ai Shark will not be a tool designed to cheat in games, but instead offer help to players in real-time so that they can improve their performance in games.

Update: Ai Shark claims in communication with games journalist Jason Schreier that the release window is a “guess” on their part. It is difficult to tell whether or not they are trying to walk back the inclusion in their press release or if it was a genuine estimate.

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