Poké Tuber claims to have uncovered leaks which hint at Pokémon Diamond & Pearl remakes

There’s been plenty of news today already (an anime poster for the new season leaking, information on the next Pokémon Sword & Shield reveal), but there’s more! Site-owner turned Poké Tuber PokéShopper has created a video detailing upcoming merchandise releases for late 2019 & 2020 that focus on Pokémon Diamond & Pearl—or at least Pokémon originally found in the games. He calls the news “very promising” for a remake based on the pair of Nintendo DS titles.


It may be best to remain skeptical for now. Serebii’s Joe Merrick doesn’t seem convinced of the connection.

Merchandise listings can make for exciting speculation, but unfortunately the truth doesn’t always live up to the hype. Last year PokéShopper ignited a frenzy when he speculated that Eevee could have a new evolution based on images for plushies that tied in with an upcoming film. Sadly it turned out to just be Zeraora.

I think many of us are hoping he is right about the connection between the Sinnoh merchandise and the remakes, but only time will tell!

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