RUMOR: Galarian Ponyta was predicted in post last month

WARNING: Rumor posts are not confirmed information and are simply posted for entertainment and as a way to spur discussions. Please enjoy, but do not pass on as fact.

The 24-hour livestream has gotten mixed reviews from fans, but Galarian Ponyta (if that is what it truly is) has already captured the hearts of many fans. Many are speculating that it is pure or part Fairy-type due to its appearance.

Galarian Ponyta running
My little Ponyta…

That has led to interest in a 4chan post which predicted a Fairy-type Galarian Ponyta in September. It is not a hugely original prediction, which already puts it on shaky ground, but it’s probably worth looking at to see if we get any more hints that other parts of it could be correct! It reads:

  • 97 new Pokemon; 7 of those are legendaries/mythicals
  • Over 500 older Pokemon are in the Galar Dex
  • Only Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh starters are back
  • Eevee doesn’t get a new evolution
  • Some legendary Pokemon are in:
    • Johto main two
    • Hoenn weather trio
    • Unova main three
    • Alola main three
  • Galarian forms:
    • Farfetch’d becomes pure fighting and is exclusive to Sword, evolves into Sirfetch’d
    • Chatot, becomes Ghost/Flying and is exclusive to Shield, evolves into a bigger parrot Chataunt
    • Luxio line, becomes Dark/Ground
    • Ponyta line, becomes pure Fairy, Rapidash evolves into an alicorn (PJ’s note: an alicorn is a winged unicorn)
    • Pawniard line, becomes Psychic/Fighting
    • Girafarig, becomes Dark/Psychic
    • And more
  • Gigantamax forms:
    • All Kanto starters (their final evolutions)
    • Pikachu, Lapras and Gengar
    • All Sinnoh starters (their first forms)
    • Flygon and Haxorus
    • Corviknight, Drednaw, Alcremie, Polteageist and Eternatus
  • New Pokemon:
    • Starter final types are Grass/Rock, Fire and Water/Psychic
    • Corviknight has two preevolutions, pure flying type, one looks like a black mockingbird and second looks like a falcon
    • Alcremie has one preevolution, pure fairy type; looks simillar to Swirlix
    • Polteageist has one preevolution and one evolution; first is a teacup and second looks like a porcelain elephant
    • Zacian is Steel/Fighting, Zamazenta is Steel/Fire
    • Eternatus is pure Dark

Keep in mind that this is most likely fake, but a little speculation is great between bits of news! Do any of these ideas sound plausible to you? Anything you’d actually want Game Freak to implement? Let us know in the comments! You can also check out videos about this rumor from RuffledRowlit and HoodlumCallum!

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