[FINISHED] Glimwood Tangle Watch-along

We’re fast approaching the release date for Sword & Shield and it’s almost time for us to start our very own adventures in the Galar region. Until then we can expect a few more news drops for the upcoming games.

The latest of these drops is seemingly coming over the next 24 hours with the Glimwood Tangle live stream. “What on Earth is that?” we hear you cry. Fear not Trainer, for we have you covered. Glimwood Tangle is a mysterious forest located deep within the Galar region and seems to be home to numerous species of Pokémon.

A special camera has been set-up within the forest and will live broadcast footage from on-site for 24 hours. To give our readers a place to discuss and theorise we’ve set-up this watch-along post! We invite everyone to get talking in our comments below and share their own discoveries and thoughts about the exciting things this mysterious forest has to offer.

We’ve added the live stream above for everyone to watch. Unfortunately we won’t be providing live coverage, but we will update the site (and our Twitter) with any information in a timely manner. So tune in and let’s learn about this mysterious forest together!

Update: New Pokémon spotted

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