RUMOR: Did Pokémon HOME include a hint about Galarian Jynx

The longer Pokémon HOME has been out, the more time fans have had to dig into its code and everything included in the app. Not everything is accessible through simple use and dataminers are now discovering interesting things hidden away in the tool’s files. One fan on Twitter has discovered an audio file that sounds eerily similar to that of Jynx, take a listen:

You can definitely tell it sounds similar, but what it is for and why it was included remain a mystery. A Mega Evolution? Galarian form? A scrapped design that didn’t make it into Gen VIII?

With DLC just months away, there’s still a chance we may see Jynx get a regional form or more before this generation comes to a close.

Fans online are also having fun speculating, as evidenced by fan art floating around. Twitter user Ajeb brings us this:

Unfortunately, the last theory is that this was the cry of what could have been a scrapped Mega Jynx during Pokémon X & Y. It was one of the Pokémon that Nintendo trademarked in the lead up to Gen VI, but it never received a Mega Evolution like the others on the list.

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    1. It looks more like a regional variant EVOLUTION.

      If you listen Mr Mime then Mr Rime, the sound variation is the same as Jinx and this new mon. (Same for the rest… Runegirus, Perrseker, SirFetch’d)

  1. Huh, well this is odd. By the end of the year we’ll hopefully know if this is meant to be something or if it’s just a scrapped remnant from older games.

    I do hope that Jynx gets an evo to make it look better though.

  2. Oh yeah, I saw the Gotta Go Fast movie the other day. It was cute and fun! Jim Carrey was Jim Carrey.

    My only real complaint was that there was too much emphasis on the human OCs and not enough on the Technicolor animal in the title. Not nearly as bad as the first couple Transformers movies, but Sonic almost felt like a side character in his own movie

  3. That was a dope direct. The museum looks incredible and when they got the construction permit, I GASPED

  4. Animal Crossing will be a Day 1 purchase no question. Again, the switch is killing it with each of their development teams (barring a couple) doing really incredible work with these franchises. They’re listening to fans, they’re putting so much heart into these games, and they’re evolving into really stellar experiences!

    Well done AC team!

  5. Ok since I can’t watch did anyone happen to see Kid Cat?

    I hope my best bud made it to the island

  6. I am actually a little overwhelmed to be honest

    Seeing such a developed world makes be feel well inadequate…

    I feel like I could never design such a tropical paradise as well as the devs did…

    The freshwater museum made me gush so I want to make sure I fill it up which brings me to a fatal flaw in my programming. My desire for structure and order and completionism.

    Every MO of any animal crossing game for me was pay off home and expand, catch every fish and bug and make sure I do enough to get everything the way I like it, but this time it feels like a gigantic challenge I don’t know if I can do

    That being said I hope we all can get together in the Nintowno Isles

  7. I missed the direct but now I watched it and I love it… I want to make a super pretty island I wanna have my perfect town and then lose it all when my switch breaks…

  8. New Horizons looks so nice y’all. Digging up dirt n shiit and making rivers is amazing…I can’t wait to see the internet make cuter towns than I can. Hurry up, month left to go!!

    Okay but they still did not explain what exactly the amiibo do :I

  9. Earthen’s Island’s to-do list!
    -Assess the geography for optimal commercial growth
    -Locate prime real estate and claim it as thy own
    -Monetize the flora and fauna (including neighboring islands)
    -Con residents into signing away their personal rights via moving into enclosed pre-approved living quarters (far away from me)
    -Establishing a set rules for living that will be highly enforced
    -Earn the interest of retail conglomerates into relocating to further boost the economy
    -Rise through the social ranks to gain a political foothold and sway
    -Shady backhanded dealings to further increase my political grip
    -Become a Iron fisted dictator and enslave residents into forced labor
    -Invade other islands by ruthless military and financial takeover
    -World Domination

  10. Might as well post this article too, if anyone gets a Male Amped G-Max Punk Rock Toxtricity den with a Naughty nature could you let me get in on it? I know it’s specific but I thought I’d try asking anyway.

  11. Hey all! I’ve been plugging away at a new Omega Ruby file since last night in pursuit of a Deoxys and I’m going to be playing Sword for Zacian shortly thereafter. A part of me wants these two playthroughs to take forever because after I’m finished and earned my Original Color Magearna…I really would have caught them all. I never thought I would have the dedication to make such a thing happen but here I am saying it. I don’t know, I just can’t help but think about you all and the friendship you’ve given me. Those of us who have been around the Jungle as long as I have know this feeling. I owe this victory to all of you.

    1. Also, I have a random question that I didn’t want to tack onto such a sentimental paragraph. Would there be any consequences if I turned back my DSi’s clock a month to get Spring Deerling and then put it back the way it was? There’s no way it would be flagged by Bank or Home is there? I’m sure I’m being overly paranoid again…I just don’t want to wait until May to complete my Living Dex.

  12. I’ve been fishing some good sh*t in Pocket Camp lately

    A random net got me a Giant King Salmon (one of the rarest species in the game apparently) yesterday and an Oarfish tonight

    1. Is she Lady Gaga? Are we getting a version of that where she wears a suit made out of Miltank meat next?

  13. The second reveal from Platinum4 was scheduled for the 27th (the date of the rumoured direct), but now got moved to the 26th

  14. So ends another completion to Thousand Year Door
    The final boss ended fairly quickly due to OP mode
    2 power plus badges, Power Up Defense Down Badge, All or Nothing Badge and increasing number of attack turns with Rally Wink

    I basically did 30 Damage every turn but as always it fills my heart with joy looking back at everything on the journey long spent

  15. Is anyone else having issues getting Vivillon registered in their pokedex on home for mobile? I have a few on it but not the entry. same has happened with a friend

  16. @BigGuyI:disqus It was good playing with you although it was for a short amount of time! Next time I hope to use one of my mains against you!

    1. I fought everyone in line and krushed them all
      Also I am definitely not fight a cheap ass Zelda willingly

      Next time make it omega only I hate platforms

      1. You did! unfortunately nobody was using their mains (except the Byleth and plant was my other friends secondary). Lol well thats not very fair especially if you dont want platforms against K rool, plus I was just doing legal stages.
        Anyway I do hope next time you stay long enough to play against one of my mains. We’ve never had that matchup yet and Im curious how I would do.

  17. Still looking for a Male Amped G-Max Punk Rock Toxtricity den (not shiny) with a Naughty nature to raid in.

  18. I feel that Motostoke was the city that GF put the most effort into in Galar. There are several others that just are lame husks. Every region has these kinds of cities, though. There were just some cool concepts they squandered, Hammerlock absolutely sucks, there is nothing to Ballonlea and the forest leading to it was so disappointing, Stow-on-side has all these cool fields that you can’t go to, Spikemuth is just the WORST city in any region-especially one that a gym occupies. Most of Wyndon is boring, but at least it’s big. They should’ve put another pokemon daycare there so I could ride around and hatch eggs without having to taxi there.

    But Motostoke feels realized and stylized. It’s got a great location as it has 3 entry points and honestly it’s the most recognizable city in Galar.

  19. Well I saw Sonic. Personally i really liked it

    Some Nit picks tho
    If you’ve heard people say that this is one of Jim Carrey’s most over the top performances yet, idk what movie they saw but they are absolutely wrong. He pulls off an astounding performance just not an over the top one (which is one thing that was a bit disappointing, but I’d rather what I got then him be too much), some of the pacing is a bit fast, but I can’t complain much on it cause it wasn’t that big of an issue and this movie won’t age well, honestly i had no issue with the flossing but the pop culture stuff was a bit out there, but again not a deal breaker

    Now some good pros to it
    Like I said Jim Carrey’s performance was astounding, loved Sonic’s character, his backstory was a very interesting thing that I did not expect but was intrigued that they used that to define some of his inner flaws. As for the people, I liked Tom, he was a likeable character at least and I liked the Sonic references when they appeared such as the town being Green Hill. Plus I love the sequel potential they set up alongside a Tails cameo

    1. Also the redesign was definitely needed for this film

      If they kept the original design this film honestly would’ve been a lot worse cause they do give Sonic a lot of close ups

    1. Okay so I remember the OG and Dino Thunder just because those were my childhood but why are they of all things crossing over with this season when it’s not dinosaurs

      As well as that, why is there another red T-Rex and blue triceratops

  20. I’m going to order the remaining 4 animal crossing amiibo I don’t have so if these bastards don’t do anything good I’m gonna be pissed

  21. Watching the Ocenia Pokemon chapionship Junior division makes me think that when I was their age I just put Hyper beam on all my Pokemon and I didn’t even know EV training was a thing, and there they are, these kids making plays, predictions and mind games lmao.

  22. Do yall think BotW2 could have Blood in the name, or is that too risky for Nintendo? (I mean BotW already has Blood Moon, but still Idk)

  23. My Hopes and Ass-perations for Breath of the Wild II
    -New variety of enemies that aren’t reskins of the same class (Bokoblin, Moblin, Lizafols and Lynel)
    -Improved crafting system, perhaps reforging weapons with monster parts for new effects
    -More backstory on Ganondorf, with BOTW introducing Gerudo culture and even a language we have more characterization for the dessert thieves and i want to know if these customs had any role on the Voe King
    -Maybe a return of the Minish concept that was scraped
    -Dark Link this form would be born out of malice and ancient technology to made a bad ass cyborg evil Link that attacks you

  24. Theory about BotW2 that I realllly love
    In the trailer we see a Green Magical hand holding down Ganondorf’s body. Later, we see what looks like Link releasing that hand using his hand (that was glowing green at that moment). We also see Zelda falling and Link catching her hand and in another shot we see Link falling in that same place (probably still holding Zelda) and that Green Magical Hand grabbing him.
    The theory is, this hand belongs to a past incarnation of Link. And not just any Link, the one that was originally going to be in BotW that we can see in Concept Art, the one with one hand missing. It looks like he put a spell on his Right hand and sacrified it so that Ganon could never return in his physical form and wouldn’t have his Triforce. But now that Champion Link released the hand, Ganondorf is free. And, as we can see in the shot of Hyrule, he’s tearing the Castle of the Ground in a Giant Floating Island. It’s probably not a coincidence that that’s also something we can see in BotW Concept Art


    To think this Tursday we’ll have our Monkey Boi

    I’m betting at least Fighting/Psychic

  26. It figures that when I give up on Masuda Methoding, while I am just breeding a Grookey for an annoying stalling strat I wanna try, that’s when I hatch a shiny lmao.

  27. I just wanna thank the surprise traders that have Home cause I’ve got the Alolan starters with their hidden abilities!

  28. Eldegoss should’ve has a Grass/Ghost final evo based on passing from old age and either picked or dead cotton and nobody can fight me on it. Cotton Down is such a cool ability that would be amazing on an actually defensive Pokemon and could provide a super interesting niche in Trick Room doubles.

      1. All four of the other dead plants have decent defensive stats, and it’s not really an issue for Sp. Def which is Eldegoss’ highest anyway. Eldegoss also has low HP which meshes well with frailty in a thematic sense

  29. Something super quick I rustled up whilst eating

    Gossamort, the Rotten Bloom Pokémon
    Cotton Down/Regenerator/Effect Spore
    Evolves from Eldegoss when traded with a Reaper Cloth

    Stats: 80/60/100/105/130/40
    BST: 515

    Gossamort’s core body is strong, but its cotton blooms are almost ethereal in their softness. The fragile, yet stunning dresses made from its cotton are a must have in the world of high fashion.

    New Core Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Trick Room, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Memento, Curse

    Role: Spinblocker with Rapid Spin, doubles support, Trick Room setter

    Niche in mind: A slow Pokemon that applies Trick Room’s effects with that of Cotton Down slowing every other Pokemon down. May seem self-defeating, but could prove handy if the foe needs to switch and you don’t. More fun than function.

  30. If even the Pokemon Company realizes that the main Pokemon anime is lame and offers limited story telling to the point where they are always making mini series with stablished directors to flex their creative muscles…. why not just make a new full series with an artistic vision? Have Science Saru animate it or even continue with Studio Colorido.

      1. They recently staarted a series of shorts called Twilight Wings, following from Pokemon Origins and Pokemon Generations tradition of making a mini series to coincide with the new generation fo games starting that is much better than the main anime series.

    1. It’s more they don’t have enough for a full on story/season so instead because they wanted to do something special for certain reasons (Origins was to do a tribute to the origins of the series right before/at the beginning of a new generation, Generations for the 20th anniversary and Twilight Wings cause they don’t have a full on Galar season so they wanted to make up for it with a mini series)

    2. They don’t even have to tell the exact stories of the games. They could even adapt the manga, though then it wouldn’t be promoting the new games which apparently matters.

  31. This makes me sick
    One of the most extreme moments of the entire Sun and Moon anime and the dub makes it feel so boring without a proper music score WHERE’S TYPE: WILD DAMN IT

    I know they don’t have the rights or the something for the Japanese music but its just putting me to sleep

  32. You know what, I actually quite like that Gigantamax has made Charizard and Pikachu legit VGC threats.

  33. I must say these last few weeks of my life have been extremely pitiful and droll
    No matter what I do I just cannot find enjoyment out whatever I set my mind to.

    I feel like I should be doing more with myself but I just don’t feel that spark anymore, my gaming life is in the toilet, my career is a dead end where I basically sit in my car after an hour of work and my social life is pretty much being fed up with my siblings since I lack a real life group that actually likes the dumbass nerdy stuff I like and I’m pretty sure I put on like 7lbs in the last two weeks

    I keep clinging to the fever dream that Animal Crossing will solve my problems but I’d be a fool to let that be true, it’s days like this I feel existence is waste on me

  34. I will never understand how full of themselves ATLUS can be to seriously put “Streaming rules” on their games, even on the translate releases of games that have been out for months, they don’t even sell as much as other JRPG franchises and those don’t put arbitrary rules for streaming the game that they are willing to knowingly abuse the copyright strike systems of Twitch and Youtube to enforce them.

  35. Oh by the way today is Fat Tuesday

    So eat as much crap as you can while you still have a free pass before Ash Wednesday

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