RUMOR: Did Pokémon HOME include a hint about Galarian Jynx

The longer Pokémon HOME has been out, the more time fans have had to dig into its code and everything included in the app. Not everything is accessible through simple use and dataminers are now discovering interesting things hidden away in the tool’s files. One fan on Twitter has discovered an audio file that sounds eerily similar to that of Jynx, take a listen:

You can definitely tell it sounds similar, but what it is for and why it was included remain a mystery. A Mega Evolution? Galarian form? A scrapped design that didn’t make it into Gen VIII?

With DLC just months away, there’s still a chance we may see Jynx get a regional form or more before this generation comes to a close.

Fans online are also having fun speculating, as evidenced by fan art floating around. Twitter user Ajeb brings us this:

Unfortunately, the last theory is that this was the cry of what could have been a scrapped Mega Jynx during Pokémon X & Y. It was one of the Pokémon that Nintendo trademarked in the lead up to Gen VI, but it never received a Mega Evolution like the others on the list.

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