Sleepy snorlax slipper giveaway

We’re once again partnering with our friends at Meccha Japan to give away Pokémon merchandise straight from Japan! They gave me free reign to choose something and I set my sights squarely upon Snorlax slippers. I mean truly, what could be more comfy to wear around the house? Take a look at them below:

Warning: These may not fit those with larger feet. We apologize about this, but still believe they’re a great collector’s item or gift if they don’t fit. That’s why we highly encourage everyone to join the giveaway.

Participating is easy! Just use the Gleam form found below. If you have trouble, it may be because of an AdBlocker. If you still have issues, send me a DM on Twitter or email us using the contact form.

Sleepy Snorlax Slipper Giveaway with Meccha Japan

Good luck everyone! Let us know in the comments what Pokémon’s feet would make the best slippers BESIDES Snorlax and also drop your suggestion for what you’d like to see in future giveaways!

    1. Wow. I don’t know what else to say. I wear 11 and I could never find shoes my size in Japan except for Converse.

    1. the only character i’ve got left is Porky, everything else i’d want is an assist trophy; even if they started handing out promotions for Pass 2 i doubt they’d pick the ones i’m looking for. i got Megalovania at least, that was more than i expected

      and i think he’s said something along the lines of being “unsure about series future” after every game since Brawl. smash is too big a moneymaker for them to just drop it, even if Sakurai decides not to do it they could put someone else in the lead (which i honestly feel could be a good idea anyway)

  1. I hope that all the bugs with HOME result in an “apology” Mystery Gift like they do with Masters.

  2. Smash related question concerning the dlc pack. Who’s your most wanted character for it and why? For me it’s Crash Bandicoot. Reason being I grew up playing the series on my psone for such a long day. He’s such an iconic character too and would be such a perfect fit. Plus we’d have rhe 3 big mascots from the 90s if it happened. Mario for Nintendo, sonic for sega and Crash for PlayStation. Seriously if he makes it in I won’t ask for any other characters.

    1. Porky, because everything i want more is dead he’d be a cool and unique pick from an underutilized and underappreciated franchise. we still don’t have a lot of villains (less than 10), and we have even fewer mech fighters (less than 2). Porky would be a fun addition for both. as an added bonus, we’d almost certainly get Porky Means Business as a new track and that would be worth the price of admission by itself

  3. Anybody here played Harvest Moon Magical Melody? If they remade it for switch, it’d be an instant buy for the music alone. The music for each of the seasons were so wonderful and very nostalgic for me now.

    Here are two of the seasons (my personal favorites irl and in game):

    Please geek out with me over this overlooked game!

  4. I really hope they detail how the amiibo work in the AC direct because I have like 20 of them that I stockpiled for this exact moment.

    Also NEW SPECIES pleeeease. Bats and Lizards and Sea creatures n shiit

    1. I want to see the museum (that’s my fave part of AC). I wanna see holidays (but not all cuz I want some surprises). I wanna see new species, learn about how the island gets upgraded, etc! 🙂

      1. Yeah! I’m really thinking there has to be a separate like shop/city island where the shops and stuff are cause I feel like it would be extremely strange to just have this huge 3 story nook emporium on a deserted island..

    1. might jump on in a little bit, if it’s still going by then. it’s been a bit, i should dust off smash

  5. I tell myself 1 last round to make it to 4,850,000 and get my ass handed to me by god tier Mega Man TWICE

    Literally every attack combo’d into itself perfectly and managed to get like 3 tornados at once

  6. Just finished replaying megaman legends. Love the series so much. Such a shame that legends 3 was cancelled almost 9 years ago. It’s been 20 years since 2 came out. 20 years since megaman has been stuck on that freaking moon. Really hope we get a legends 3 revival in the future to at least get a conclusion to the series.

  7. This is why i hate Rosalina

    I just had a match where she literally camped in the corner and did nothing, her dash has too much animation and goes right into her fair

    Luckily she went dumb dumb and suicided her last stock but its just disgusting

  8. Very, very common question. One I keep asking because it’ll always change;

    What would your trainer ‘canon’ be? Like, what would you do in the Pokemon world, where are you from, what do you catch?

    1. Name: Ian “Earthen” Andreas
      Region of Birth: Unova
      Height: 6’1
      Weight: Fat AF
      Blood Type: Lasagna +
      Occupation: Veteran Trainer/Ground Type Enthusiast
      Current Roster: Rhyperior, Emboar, Heracross, Pangoro, Golisopod, Aerodactyl
      Current Residence: Galar Region Hammerlocke

    2. grew up in the Village Bridge area, met my first pokemon (a cyndaquil) on a trip to the Abundant Shrine. works with conservation groups to help protect natural areas and endangered pokemon. current team is typhlosion, dusk lycanroc, sawsbuck, torterra, glaceon, and haxorus, though members rotate in and out depending on the task at hand

    3. Ooooh this is fun. Okay, so my name would be my actual name.

      Where am I from? Ecruteak City, Johto

      What do I do? Attempt to be Top Coordinator and travel the world in the process.

      What do I catch? Well…
      Typhlosion – Got it as a Cyndaquil as my starter.
      Umbreon (Shiny) – Received an egg from my parents as I left to go start being a coordinator and it hatched into a Shiny Eevee.
      Gallade – Caught as a Ralts while in Hoenn, eventually found a Dawn Stone while doing contests in Sinnoh and my Kirlia evolved!
      Bisharp – Found it abandoned as a Pawniard by its Bisharp leader for being too weak while in Unova, it joined by team after seeing Gallade take on and beat the Bishop that led its pack
      Trevenant – Caught as a lonely Phantump that I stumbled on while in Kalos, eventually evolved while helping out a friend who had a Pumpkaboo
      Boltund – Caught on Route 2 in Galar as a Yamper after its pack left it behind. Eventually reunited with its pack near Turffield where it evolved defending its former pack from a Perrserker but it decided to stay with me.

  9. Follow-up question: design a rival for yourself! A fictional one, hopefully, not a real person :p

    1. Probably a Grass or Fairy specialist who’s had bad experiences with Poison types. Has a purity/eco theme and hates the existence of the ‘unclean’ Poison-types. Probably Fairy because Misty Terrain prevents Poison.

      Character arc would be giving that b1tch a Weezing to get them to chill.

  10. I want to start up the Pokejungle Anime again

    Some kinda Poke rangers thing were we are members of a Pokemon Guardian’s force and regularly investigate Pokemon related alerts and problems

    We are stationed in the tropical Jungala Region in our gigantic tower like tree house where it looks like a big tree but inside has all this pseudo tech inside

    hows this for season one

    Welcome to the Jungle
    Basic Training
    Rue Mates
    A martyr of principals
    Call of the wild
    Bad Day
    The Jewel
    Rumble in the Jungle Part 1
    Rumble in the Jungle Part 2

    1. I think a good approach could be giving everyone a focus episode too. I think it sounds like a fun little project but you know how jungle projects tend to go, plus you’d need to develop characters and their Pokemon.

  11. Ngl the reason I’m posting so much is because it’s late and I’m waiting forever in DBD queues. Here’s a (un)fun game to play!

    Take how many years approx you’ve been on jungle. Every year gives you 5 points. You use these points to add Pokemon to your team of six. Legends/UBs/Mythicals are invalid.

    +1 to add a Pokemon, +2 for pseudo-legend or Larvesta.
    +2 for any starter Pokemon (standard Grass/Fire/Water starters only)
    +1 to evolve a Pokemon, +2 to evolve a pseudo-legend or Larvesta to their final form (evolving pseudos from basic to mid stage only takes +1). Starters have the normal evolution cost.
    +2 to give an existing Mega Evolution, Z-Crystal, or existing G-Factor to a Pokemon, must already have that Pokemon to have a Mega/Z/G-Factor added.
    +5 to make one of your Pokemon shiny, and only that Pokemon.
    If you choose a mon with a split evo, make it clear what split evo it will evolve into
    Can’t have multiples of one ‘Mon unless they evolve into a different split evo
    Regional variants and other permanent forms are treated as separate ‘Mons. This doesn’t count for purely aesthetic forms.

    Hard mode: you can’t add a Pokemon any Jungler has claimed before you, unless it’s a split evo ‘Mon although you must both pre-preemptively claim what split evo you’ll take

    1. Hmm I’m going to just say 4 cause it’s very close to it so 20 points

      -3 to add Torterra
      -2 to have Poliwhirl
      -1 to give Heracross
      -9 to give me Shiny Mega Steelix
      -3 to give me Reuniclus
      -2 to give me Magmar

      And I used all 20

    2. Technically I was on Mt.Moon since Black/White so Idk if that counts. I got disqus in 2016 so if only counting that I think I get 20.

      Infernape – 4 points
      Venusaur – 4 points
      Corviknight – 3 points
      Hydreigon – 5 points
      Jolteon – 2 points

      If I have points from the earlier time I think that adds 25 so I’d add

      Shiny Greninja – 9 points
      Mega for Venusaur – 2 points

  12. If anyone gets a Male Amped G-Max Punk Rock Toxtricity den with a Naughty nature could you let me get in on it? I know it’s specific but I thought I’d try asking anyway.

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