Sleepy snorlax slipper giveaway

We’re once again partnering with our friends at Meccha Japan to give away Pokémon merchandise straight from Japan! They gave me free reign to choose something and I set my sights squarely upon Snorlax slippers. I mean truly, what could be more comfy to wear around the house? Take a look at them below:

Warning: These may not fit those with larger feet. We apologize about this, but still believe they’re a great collector’s item or gift if they don’t fit. That’s why we highly encourage everyone to join the giveaway.

Participating is easy! Just use the Gleam form found below. If you have trouble, it may be because of an AdBlocker. If you still have issues, send me a DM on Twitter or email us using the contact form.

Sleepy Snorlax Slipper Giveaway with Meccha Japan

Good luck everyone! Let us know in the comments what Pokémon’s feet would make the best slippers BESIDES Snorlax and also drop your suggestion for what you’d like to see in future giveaways!