RUMOR: Chinese Riddler Returns with Pokémon Sword & Shield Hints

WARNING: This post contains unconfirmed information. It is for entertainment and discussion purposes—do not assume anything is true until there is official confirmation.

The Chinese Riddler, best known for his hints regarding new Pokémon in Sun and Moon, has returned with an image for Pokémon Sword and Shield. They are not confirmed to be working on localization for the latest games and the image seems to largely mirror information from the May 4chan post, but their past track record makes their recent post notable. You can see the image they shared below.

Chinese riddler rumor

The image has a few unique hints that separate it from the content we covered yesterday, but also treads some of the same territory:

  • Follows previous rumor in regards to starter evolutions
  • Shows that the Pokémon found on a trainer’s shirt in the latest trailer is the final evolution of the Chipmunk/Squirrel line (Greedunt?)
  • Hints that Corviknight will not evolve and does not have a pre-evolution
  • Hints that Eldegoss evolves (or, less likely in my estimation, Dredgnaw has a pre-evolution)
  • Shows that Dredgnaw has an even gnarlier looking evolution
  • Hints that Wooloo evolves (or, less likely, the electric corgi-like Pokémon has a pre-evolution)
  • Shows that the electric corgi evolves into the Pokémon seen in the stadium stands
  • Includes Gigantamax forms for Meowth, Pikachu and Lapras
  • References Galarian forms for Meowth and Persian, plus regional evolution for Farfetch’d (Sirfetch’d?)
  • References pelican-like Pokémon
  • Pegs the rune drawing on the hill as the third legendary—probably Eternatus

Just because a leaker has gotten things right in the past doesn’t mean they’re always reliable and this largely covers material we have previously seen. Enjoy speculating, but keep expectations in check!

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