Pokémon TCG Illustration Grand Prix Winners Revealed

Japan held a competition for new Pokémon card illustrations and the results did not disappoint! Out of over 5,000 drawings only eight were chosen. The grand prize went to Yū Nishida who drew an amazing picture of Gardevoir. Second place was awarded to Narumi Satō for her drawing of Eevee.

The runner-ups offered tough competition—check their art out down below (click on an illustration to expand).

Finally, a special Slowpoke Prize was awarded to “A. Merica” for their art of the Junichi Masuda’s favorite Pokémon.

Let us know which illustration captured your heart! All of these are quite impressive—so hard to pick just one. If you’re interested in discussing E3, we’ve opened up a temporary E3 channel in our Discord server!

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