RUMOR: Will there be a Galarian Chatot in Sword & Shield?

WARNING: We post rumors as a catalyst for interest discussions about upcoming Pokémon games. These should never be taken or spread as fact.

There was a rumor circulating before the official reveal of Sirfetch’d that correctly pegged it as a Pokémon Sword exclusive. That’s really the only thing it got right, because what it alleges will be the Shield equivalent, a Chatot evolution called Acappatoo, was not revealed, nor was Galarian Farfetch’d or Chatot. Oh—and the date wasn’t even right. Nevertheless, we’d like to see if our readers feel there’s still a chance this could be correct.

The rumor reads:

  • trailer tomorrow at 2pm CEST
  • galarian farfetch’d – fighting – steadfast
  • sirfetch’d – fighting
  • exclusive to sword
  • galarian chatot – electric/flying – new ability: autotune, makes sound moves electric type
  • acappatoo – electric/flying – autotune
  • exclusive to shield
  • impidimp – dark/fairy – prankster/infiltrator
  • gigantamax pikachu – electric – fluffy
  • galar league table – you can see how you compare to trainers you meet on your journey in overall league standings. every trainers on every route has their own number of badges and win/loss record. shown on boards in gyms and on league cards
  • zacian – steel/water – ???
  • zamazenta – steel/fire – ???
  • players who buy sword and shield before jan 31st 2020 will be able to claim special pikachu with ability to gigantamax via mystery gift.

Playing the devil’s advocate, could Sirfetch’d have been a one-off unique reveal with the glitch setup? Might there be another trailer? It is rather odd that a Pokémon would lose both of its types upon evolution (Normal/Flying -> Fighting).

I think likely not. But now I put the question to you: do you think there’s any stock to this rumor? Let us know in the comments!

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