Galar Pokémon Evolutionary Lines Speculation

We provide speculative articles to act as the point of ignition for conversation on our site. Do not treat the below speculation as concrete facts.

Earlier today the Pokémon Company revealed the Dynamax Camera website – a fun little site that allows users to upload their own photographs and encounter Dynamaxed Pokémon to create some epic looking snaps.

The site also confirmed the existence of a few other Pokémon natively found in Galar, but the big news? Hidden Pokémon code names. Most Pokémon fans are familiar with the infamous Sun & Moon starter evolutions leaks that used code names such as フクロウ3 (Owl3) and トラ3 (Tiger3), today’s juicy drop seems to be more of the same thing.

abcboy on Twitter has managed to document almost all the Pokémon available on the website and listed the codenames for several Galar Pokémon. The codenames themselves seem to suggest how the evolutionary families of several Pokémon might turn out. Let’s take a look! (Italicised names signify something we couldn’t have previously speculated)

  • Scorbunny: Usagi1
  • Sobble: Chameleon1
  • Grookey: Gorilla1 this suggest Grookey may evolve into a gorilla Pokémon
  • Yamper: Inu1
  • Rolycoly: Sekitan1
  • Wooloo: Wool1
  • Corviknight: Gcommondori3 Corviknight is the third stage of Galar’s regional “common bird”
  • Alcremie: Gcream2 – Alcremie is the second stage in its line
  • Morpeko: Pospika
  • Polteageist: Teacup2 – Polteageistis the second stage in its line
  • Gigantamax Drednaw: Gkame2 – Drednaw is the second stage in its

It’s difficult to say exactly whether this information confirms anything, but it certainly seems to match up with previous leaks and information drops. Which of the codenames pique your interest most? What do you expect the first stage or evolutions for some of these Pokémon to look like? Let the speculation begin!

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