Watchog’s Meta Watch: Room Service & Eject Pack!

With a new generation comes along a new set of items for competitive players to play with, and Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are no exception. The 2019 Pokemon World Championships trailer unveiled two of them, Room Service, and Eject Pack, Pokémon items with the potential to impact the competitive meta-game. It’s time to get Analytic and investigate these two new items!

Room Service

Room Service item
“Room Service: An item to be held by a Pokémon. Lowers Speed when Trick Room takes effect.”

Room Service revolves around Trick Room, a move which reverses the move order within each priority bracket, meaning Pokémon with a lower Speed stat attack first. Many teams in competitive exist solely around this move’s effect, and Room Service provides an extra tool at the team’s disposal.

Effect in Single Battles

In single battles, Room Service is only recommended for Pokémon with Trick Room in their move set. Trick Room users need a low speed to get maximum use out of the move effect. Unfortunately, not all Trick Room users receive this luxury. For instance, Pokémon such as Alakazam, Delphox, Gardevoir, Gengar, and Mimikyu have speeds too high to properly get the most out of this move, even with Speed hindering natures. Luckily, Room Service negates this drawback. The Pokémon mentioned above are now potentially viable Trick Room users all on their own!

Effect in Double Battles

Room Service in battle
Room Service in action after Mimikyu successfully uses Trick Room!

While Room Service has few applications in Single Battles, Double Battles give Room Service tons of well, room. In Double Battles, Room Service may be used by Pokémon unable to learn Trick Room. As shown in the trailer, Rhyperior’s Speed fell after Mimikyu used Trick Room. In the above situation, Rhyperior’s speed needed to fall as Snorlax has a lower base speed. While the trailer showcased an already slow Pokémon becoming slower, Pokemon with higher base speeds, for example, 80, have more potential use of the item.

Notable Interactions

Room Service’s interaction with abilities such as Defiant and Competitive currently stand as unknown—it exists as the only held item which lowers the user’s stats. If the interaction exists, then Room Service would synergize well with Pokémon that have these abilities and would become staples for Trick Room teams.

Other Interactions

Simple – An ability that doubles stat changes. In this case, a Pokémon with the Simple ability would have a speed reduction of two stages instead of one.

Clear Body/Full Metal Body/White Smoke – Like Defiant and Competitive, it is unknown how this item interacts with these abilities. In-game text states that they “Prevent[s] other Pokémon’s moves or abilities from lowering the Pokémon’s stats.” Therefore, Room Service should still activate.

Unburden – Doubles the speed of a Pokémon after consumption of an item. Having Room Service with a Pokemon with this ability would be baffling to say the least, but the interaction is still there.

Contrary – Makes stat changes have an opposite effect. Room Service now increases Speed by one stage when a Pokemon uses Trick Room.

Eject Pack

Eject Pack item
“Eject Pack: When the holder’s stats are lowered, it will be switched out of battle.”

Eject Pack essentially has two uses, an offensive use and a defensive use. Eject Pack’s first demonstration as shown in the trailer showcases its offensive use with Duraldon using Draco Meteor and switching out immediately afterwards. Normally Draco Meteor has the drawback of lowering a Pokémon’s Special Attack, but this item allows the holder to just leave, making affected moves have a U-Turn/Volt Switch effect. (List of affected moves can be found at the botom of the page.) On the other hand, it also acts as a defensive item as it switches out on moves such as Icy Wind or abilities like Intimidate.

Impact in Single Battles

Tangrowth and Staraptor

It is important to use the switching to its fullest advantage. Abilities are vital to accomplishing this and the right Pokemon like Staraptor (Intimidate/Close Combat) or Tangrowth (Regenerator/Leaf Storm) make perfect candidates for holding Eject Pack. Tangrowth for example, has the Regenerator ability, allowing it to recover health when switched out. It is one of the two Regenerator Pokemon to have access to a move that triggers the item, with Tornadus (using Hammer Arm) being the other. As Tangrowth is a more defensive Pokemon it is a more preferrable Pokémon to use with Eject Pack.

Defensively, Eject Button ironically works well against a Pokémon with Intimidate or the move King’s Shield. It allows the user to switch into a more preferrable matchup. While it’s not the best idea to lose the item out of your control, it does allow the user to potentially control the match up and maybe put the battle in their favor!

Impact in Double Battles

Eject Button serves some of the same purposes it does in Single Battles, but it does have more drawbacks. In Double Battles, moves like Icy Wind and Bulldoze are more common, so the item might be activated more often.

Notable Interactions

While Eject Pack can be seen as a superior Eject Button, they can actually both work well together with an Intimidate strategy. Arcanine, a Pokemon with Intimidate, can start off a battle and use Overheat and switch into another Intimidate user holding an Eject Button. The Eject Button user’s damage from the opponent then allows it to switch again. Three Intimidates in one turn! Wow!

Other Interactions

Trick users holding Eject Pack might be able to pass the item on to Shell Smash or Curse users, but it is very situational. There are better items that Trick users can hold.

Suction Cups is an ability that keeps the Pokémon in the field, but as of Generation VII, Eject Button still affects Pokémon with the ability. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the same rules will apply with Eject Pack as the two items have similar functions.


Room Service and Eject Pack will see use in competitive. Room Service makes the already established Trick Room teams better and Eject Pack’s versatility allows for amazing combo ideas. While they won’t be in every team, they are absolutely great items to look out for! Below you can find information relating to Eject Pack!

Eject Pack Extra Information

List of user moves that activate Eject Pack

  • V-Create [180] – (-1) Defense (-1) Special Defense (-1) Speed
  • Psycho Boost [140] – (-2) Special Attack
  • Fleur Cannon [130] – (-2) Special Attack
  • Overheat [130] – (-2) Special Attack
  • Draco Meteor [130] – (-2) Special Attack.
  • Leaf Storm [130] – (-2) Special Attack
  • Close Combat [120] – (-1) Defense (-1) Special Defense
  • Superpower [120] – (-1) Attack (-1) Defense
  • Dragon Ascent [120] – (-1) Defense (-1) Special Defense
  • Clanging Scales [110] – (-1) Defense
  • Hammer Arm [100] (-1) Speed
  • Ice Hammer [100] (-1) Speed
  • Hyperspace Fury [100] – (-1) Defense
  • Spit Up [???] – (-?) Defense (-?) Special Defense
  • Shell Smash [ – ] (-2) Defense (-2) Special Defense (+2) Attack (+2) Special Attack (+2) Speed
  • Curse [ – ] – (-1) Speed (+1) Attack (+1) Defense

List of relevant opponent moves that activate Eject Pack

  • Max Strike
  • Strength Sap
  • King’s Shield
  • Icy Wind
  • Sticky Web
  • Bulldoze
  • Defog

List of abilities that activate Eject Pack

  • Intimidate Lowers the foe’s Attack by one stage when the user enters the field. Activates Eject Pack unless the Pokémon holding the item has Clear Body or a similar ability.
  • Cotton Down – Lowers the foe’s speed when struck by a move.
  • Gooey – Lowers the foe’s speed when struck by a move that makes contact.
  • Tangling Hair – Lowers the foe’s speed when struck by a move that makes contact.
  • Weak Armor – Lowers Defense when hit by a physical move and sharply raises Speed.

Thanks to Bulbapedia for helping in the research!

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