Pokémon’s Marketing Strategies — Pokémon Red & Blue

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s “hype” season has garnered the attention of many with its unique presentation. Fans harshly criticized and greatly praised these stunts, with the recent live stream reveal of Galarian Ponyta being the cause of controversy amongst the community. Generations before all had unique events promoting the games but Generation I needed to … Read more

So you Wanna be the Master of Pokémon?

Since Ash’s Alola League victory in the Pokémon Sun and Moon series, many have wondered whether Ash’s twenty-year journey has come to an end. Recently, major news publications such as CNN, BBC, and USA Today reported on Ash’s historic win, all referring to him as a Pokémon Master, the title that he’s aimed for since … Read more

Watchog’s Meta Watch: Room Service & Eject Pack!

With a new generation comes along a new set of items for competitive players to play with, and Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are no exception. The 2019 Pokemon World Championships trailer unveiled two of them, Room Service, and Eject Pack, Pokémon items with the potential to impact the competitive meta-game. It’s time to get … Read more