RUMOR: Image Hints at New Pokémon of Sword & Shield

RUMOR: Our posts covering unconfirmed information are for discussion purposes. Do not get your hopes up and do not pass this on as fact. Thanks!

We got a lot of new information about Pokémon Sword & Shield yesterday, including our first look at Galarian forms, more new Pokémon and a reveal of Poké Jobs. What the release also told us is that the following image may actually hold some weight in its hint towards what Pokémon can be expected in the Galar Region.

The image above was posted to an anonymous discussion board on July 14, but notice something that looks familiar? The Clefable/Gengar combo looks a lot like our friend Morpeko who was just revealed yesterday. The magic 8-ball with a top hat could be Galarian Weezing, but it may even be a new Pokémon. Coincidence? It could be, but it seems pretty interesting that something would look so similar to a Pokémon that was just officially revealed.

In addition to showing what previous rumors have mentioned (Meowth getting a longcat-esque Gigantamax form, fat Pikachu Gigantamax form, etc), it also shows a variety of new hints. Will we be getting an Eevee version of Mimikyu or similar Pokémon? A six-armed fighting-type Pokémon? A penguin wizard?!

We’re keeping a close eye for any more Pokémon that resemble hints given on this image and we think you should too! Don’t put too much stock into it, but certainly a fun little riddle to keep track of.

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