Latest Pokémon Sword & Shield News Drop

As promised the Pokémon Company has delivered the latest news for Pokémon Sword & Shield and it’s a great drop:

New Pokémon & Galarian Forms

  • Galarian Weezing is Poison/Fairy type and has the ability Levitate/???. It produces purified air by inhaling polluted air and exhaling it though the tops on its head
  • Galarian Zigzagoon and Galarian Linoone both take on a black and white appearance, and are Dark/Normal type with the Ability Pickup/Gluttony
  • Obstagoon is the evolution of Galarian Linoone as a result of living in the harsh condition of the Galar region. It is a Dark/Normal type Pokémon, with the abilities Reckless/Guts
  • Morpeko is an Electric/Dark Type rodent-like Pokémon, with a special ability called Hunger Switch. It’s ability allows it two switch between Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode
    • Morpeko has a signature move called Aura Wheel. When used in Full Belly Mode the move is Electric type and Dark type when used in Hangry Mode

Rivals in Galar

  • Marnie is one of your competitive rivals who aims to become the Champion of the Galar region. She has a huge fan base
  • Bede is a highly skilled trainer who is taking part in the Gym Challenge alongside you. He received his endorsement from Chairman Rose. While he is aiming to become the Champion, it seems here also has other objectives…
  • Team Yell are a group of troublemakers who follower you all over the Galar region, wherever you take the Gym Challenge. They desperately want Marnie to become the Galar Champion and are her biggest fans

Poké Jobs

Corporations and universities in Galar can request the help of Pokémon through Poké Jobs.

  • Players can use Rotomi in Pokémon Centers to search for Poké Jobs
  • Pokémon can be sent directly from boxes to complete jobs
  • Certain Pokémon are suited for certain kinds of jobs
  • Pokémon can gain experience from completing jobs and Trainers can receive rare items as completion rewards


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