RUMOR: 2 New Eevee Evolutions and more in Sword & Shield

WARNING: Rumor posts contain information that is unsubstantiated and likely to be false. They are posted for discussion and entertainment purposes only—do not share information as confirmed or put too much faith in it.

There hasn’t been much to report about Pokémon Sword & Shield lately, which makes it the perfect time to look at a popular rumor that was posted on an anonymous message board! It does weave in some details we know from other rumors, but don’t let that convince you that what it says is accurate. Some interesting ideas in it though, which make for great discussion. You can read it below:

The only correct leaks so far are what you call the “Affleck leak” and the Japanese user who revealed a legendary Pokemon called “Meteodaina”. It is actually Meteodyna and was translated wrong. More in the next comment.

  • Next trailer on August 7th
  • 3 new Pokemon will be revealed, 4 if you include Impidimp. Also finally show off a couple Galar forms.
  • Seagulp, a blue seagull Pokemon that has a pretty big oval shaped mouth horizontally. Surprisingly, Ice/Flying. It will be introduced with Booracuda, a Water/Ghost barracuda Pokemon that it hunts. Seagulp has a signature Flying attack called Dive Launch, where it dives and picks up Pikachu’s when on land, or Booracuda’s when over water, to launch at the enemy. Silliest move I’ve ever seen. Booracuda makes a funny face when being launched, like it’s going “Boo!” while Pikachu looks caught off guard
  • Impidimp shown
  • New Bug/Fire type based off of a fire ant, Antorch. It’s very red and the sac on it’s end looks like an actual torch.
  • Marnie and Bede are revealed. Bede is a childhood friend, and Marnie is someone who moved into town recently to star on a show. She’s a little famous. Marnie has a Yamper and Bede is shown with a Grookey against the protagonist’s Sobble. That means he gets the starter stronger to you
  • Team Yell grunts are shown after you interact with Marnie, as they seem to be fans of hers. They have a fan club over her and are obsessed. She doesn’t like them following her, so you fight them off. It’s pretty stupid.
  • Opal’s gym is shown off. It’s Fairy type. She uses an Alcremie.
  • Galarian forms. Girafarig turns Dark/Psychic. The dark side of it’s tail possesses the front of the body instead and it gets devil horns with an evil smile. The back of the body looks like normal color Girafarig and the tail is white with a normal face. Sudowoodo looks a lot more like a tree and becomes Rock/Grass
  • Trailer ends with each Eeveelution shown, followed by a black screen and two new cries. I won’t spoil the types
  • Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus are the main legendary trio. Zacian is Steel/Fighting and Zamazenta is Steel/Fire. Eternatus is a Dark type and looks like it’s made entirely out of black gas, though it does have form to it.
  • Meteodyna is the Legendary Pokemon behind the dynamax phenomenon, and the giant drawn into the hill is based off of it when Gigantamaxed. The smaller Pokemon seen near it’s feet are closer to what it actually looks like. It looks like a baby white dragon, and is Dragon/Normal type.
  • Also below Meteodyna’s feet is a mythical pig Pokemon. That one is called Pigsy, a play on the word “pixie” and is a pure Fairy type. I don’t know its relevance to Meteodyna, and it won’t be revealed in any trailer but will likely be in the game files just like all other mythicals.
  • The trio of this game will be based off of wooden soldiers. One is more feminine looking. Their names are Lanswell, Axena, and Boweign.
  • There are no other new Legendaries in Sword and Shield.

Lots to unpack here—new Pokémon, new forms and extra plot details. Do you think there’s anything that sounds plausible (that wasn’t mentioned in past rumors)?

Very curious to hear your thoughts, so post them down below in the comments! Don’t forget to head over to our Discord server as well—we even have a dedicated rumors channel!

Thanks for reading

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