Pokemon: Origins Reveals Mega Charizard X

As promised, the premiere of Pokemon: Origins brought us not only two hours of fantastic programming, but brand new X & Y information as well! Red ultimately used Charizardite to Mega Evolve it and revealed… Mega Charizard X! That’s right, the one previously revealed is the Pokemon Y version, while this black and blue version is the … Read more

Pokemon: Origins Premiere!

As revealed last night in a press release, tonight’s premiere of Pokemon: Origins will feature brand new Pokemon X & Pokemon Y information! Follow along with us as we provide updates below, newest updates at the bottom. A second post will go up with the new information following it’s announcement. Anime Summary The episode starts with … Read more

Pokémon Origins English Trailer Released

More anime news today! Pokémon Origins special focusing on Red and Blue will be airing in English on PokémonTV! It will debut on November 15th on the PokémonTV website and iOS/Android app. The mini-series will be 4 episodes long. <3 PJ Featured Thread: Kotaku’s X and Y First Hour (Contains new details) by cyberknight95

New Pokémon the Series: XY Trailer Features Clemont & Serena

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DPulIQYTv4 As you can see, the above trailer heavily features Clemont, the Lumiose City Gym Leader, and his sister Bonnie (sidenote: her Japanese name is Eureka to go with the inventor theme). The female character from the Pokémon X & Y games, Serena, also makes an appearance! Looks like the series will start with a bang! … Read more

Pokémon Reveals GottaCatchEmAll.com (defunct)

The announcement teased by the Pokémon Company has been been revealed, as many guessed, to be related to the “http://gottacatchemall.com”. This was previously shown in a video accidentally uploaded to their official channel instead of a trailer for the newest anime movie.  The password needed to get into the site is XY1012. We’ll keep you updated with … Read more

Pokémon Game Show: Saturday *Live Updates* [UPD10]

Good evening PokéJunglers! The Pokémon Game Show is about to begin, and so avid fans have already began to gather at Tokyos ‘Big Site’. We’ll update this post throughout the day with pictures of the event from our friends attending, as well as any news! Stay tuned! Update 10 : Added a PGS video and … Read more