News Tidbits

Europe will get the “Liberty Pass” via WiFi download starting March 4th and lasting until April 22nd.  No American details were present, though we can all hope that it will also be a WiFi event and not an annoying GameStop/Toys ‘R Us promotion. Also; Black & White Anime will premier on Cartoon Network on Feb … Read more

Victini & The Black Hero Trailer UPD

httpv:// I’m only posting this because NL got us involved updating movie news for this one :p  Also posting for fun~ UPD: New HQ vid added, originally from… To be honest it makes the movie look more interesting now that I can see the trailer in better quality :] <3 pokejungle ps- Apparently on … Read more

Pokemon 2011 Movie Title!

Hey hey pokejunglers, it’s NL, and we’ve got some news! (tad late, but I was asleep,and no one was updating….sorry) The title for the first Best Wish movie have been released! It will be known as Victini and the Black Hero! (translated,of course.)  This movie will be airing on theaters in Japan  next year around … Read more

BW Anime/Manga Images

[spoiler] [/spoiler] I dunno if you guys are a fan of me posting this stuff, but I always like to see characters/pokemon in their Anime/Manga iterations because it fleshes out their personality a little more than what we might see in the game or just the Sugimori artwork.  Hopefully you all agree 😀  *Click ‘show’ … Read more

Pokemon Sunday News!

httpv:// httpv:// Many thanks to for the high quality videos of the Best Wishes! preview and the Pokemon Black/White demo! Also, thanks to CBreeze5g and D-Wheel for the name fix and SnowyArticuno for the Gym mixup! Hey everyone! It’s Daigo! I’m gonna be updating for Pokejungle on what goes on on this weeks Pokemon … Read more

BW News Break

httpv:// Amusing video :3  I know that the original theme for the anime brings back some memories :p  I used to watch it when it first premiered… I think I was in 5th grade.  Ahhh.  Good times.  Plus we had like neighborhood TCG trades and stuff.  Let me have a few moments to reminisce. So… … Read more