Anime Preview

httpv:// I’m going to start posting the weekly previews for the next Japanese episode 🙂  Looks like Roggenrola finally gets its time to shine! <3 pokejungle

Victini and the White Hero Reshiram

After asking some of my fans, they did say they wanted to hear about some movie news so I’m posting this.  It’s a leaked magazine scan showing the upcoming movie “Victini and the White Hero Reshiram”.  Underneath it says “White or Black… which are you?” which probably means this will be a double feature with … Read more

Shooti to be named ‘Trip’

Just pointing it out for any of you that care :p  I think we all knew a name like “Shooti” wouldn’t stick around for the dub.  Trip however… I don’t think it’s too bad of a name. Thoughts?  While we’re waiting for more substantial information from the games, watch this preview for the next Best … Read more

I’m stealing news from PokeBeach

According to PokeBeach the pre-order bonus for Black and White may be Reshiram or Zekrom wall clings, at least at Toys ‘R Us.  No other stores have confirmed any bonuses. ALSO for those of you who will be watching the English version of the Pokemon anime the first two titles have been revealed: In the … Read more

Synopsis: [BW18] Yaguruma Forest! Sewaddle and Arti!!

Starting THIS WEEK I will be offering up text summaries of Best Wishes episodes.  Partly because there hasn’t been a lot of news, partly because I need to practice my Japanese.  A few images will be added later from our darling affiliate Shell Spider.  Our Facebook fans seemed to think that this new feature would … Read more

Dento and Iris have English names…

They’ll be known as Cilan and Iris, respectively.  Although Cartoon Network revealed this news it probably holds true for the games.  I’m just thankful that Cilan is not a pun on corn (that I know of) so hopefully the waiter trio will have something different up their sleeves. Probably different herb names. Basil? Thyme? <3 … Read more