Synopsis: [BW18] Yaguruma Forest! Sewaddle and Arti!!

Starting THIS WEEK I will be offering up text summaries of Best Wishes episodes.  Partly because there hasn’t been a lot of news, partly because I need to practice my Japanese.  A few images will be added later from our darling affiliate Shell Spider.  Our Facebook fans seemed to think that this new feature would be a good idea :] (UPD: Images added)


Opens with a view of the sprawling Yaguruma Forest while Ash and ‘Co discuss how exciting it is. <opening sequence (which I love)> Ash wonders whether there will be any new pokemon and as he says that a Sewaddle swings out on a string shot and begins to attack Pikachu.  They duke it out for a bit and Ash quickly whips out his Pokedex to see more information about this new pokemon.  Iris remarks how cute it is.  When Ash tries to throw a pokeball at it the sewaddle string shots him into a yarn ball.  After getting himself out he tells Pikachu to launch a thunderbolt which slams the Sewaddle into a tree.  After suffering the heavy damage it string shots itself away while Ash ‘n Co chase after it.  Soon it’s swung off into the distance.  They try to look around the forest to see where it went.  Iris thinks she hears it but it ends up being Ash’s stomach growling.

As they trio continue on they find a cliff in the middle of the forest which seems impassible.  They decide to scale a nearby wooded hill and find a giant tree growing there.  Iris and Ash climb up to scout the area, but actually discover Arti hanging from a branch wrapped in his cape.  He explains that he wants to be closer to the pokemon in order to be a better artist.  It can give him more inspiration to make better designs.

He asks Ash, Iris, and Cilan what they’re doing in the middle of the forest and Ash explains he wants to battle the next gym leader.  Arti then reveals that he IS the next gym leader so Ash quickly introduces himself.  Arti shows them some of his sketches (which are actually pretty cute).  Sewaddle swings out of nowhere and knocks Ash.  It has been accompanying Arti, although it is not his pokemon.

After they all decide to camp out here Cilan makes dinner.  Arti shows off his Sewaddle and it’s ‘head power’.  Iris, Pikachu, and Axew take turns experiencing it, but when Ash approaches he just gets a headbutt.  Even after asking politely Sewaddle just turns and walks off. <CM break>

As we return Sewaddle is searching for food.  It stops in front of a bush and Iris expects to find something delicious, but it turns out that Sewaddle found some delicious leaves for itself.  After eating it falls asleep in the middle of a field.  Arti, Ash, and Iris also lay down and look up to the sky.  Sewaddle wakes up and they continue, but it returns to the bush and begins to eat more.  Two Woobats suddenly emerges and use double team.  Sewaddle uses stringshot to find the real ones, but they winds up another attack and Ash jumps in front to protect both pikachu and Sewaddle.  In appreciation it brings Ash an apple.

Back at camp Cilan serves salad and Arti remarks that he knows just want he likes.  As it gets dark they all get in their sleeping bags and talk around a fire.  They see a shooting star.  Ash asks sewaddle if it wants to go to sleep together, but it turns away.  As Ash is about to fall asleep the little caterpillar changes its mind and climbs into the sleeping bag with Ash and Pikachu.

Everyone wakes up to Pikachu squeaking because a Patrat has run off with sewaddle on its head.  With a quick stringshot sewaddle escapes but drops down on a Deerling’s head and gets bounced on its nose.  Ash ‘n Co follow the Patrat into a cave and they see that it’s friend is laying sick.  It wanted Sewaddle to help heal it, but Arti helps it instead.

When they try to get Sewaddle they see that it is tied up with the Deerling, which is running towards a cliff.  It string shots onto Ash’s arm as deerling jumps over onto the other side.  Unfortunately wind breaks the string shot and it hurtles towards the river below.  Ash jumps after it and dives into the river.  We see that there is a waterfall quickly approaching so Arti uses his Leavanny to grab Ash.

On the riverbank they see that Sewaddle’s leaf (on its head) has been ruined.  Leavanny deftly cuts a new leaf for the caterpillar.  It seems that Sewaddle has FINALLY taken to Ash and allows him to throw a pokeball to catch it.  He must go to the PokeCenter to deposit one of his other pokemon before he can call Sewaddle out of its ball.  As the episode ends we see Sewaddle touch Ash’s head.

Arti leaves and tells Ash he’ll see him at the gym.  They wave goodbye to him.

Next Episode: Sommelier Showdown! Dwebble VS Dewott!! – New purple haired kid wants to battle Cilan, probably to see who’s a better waiter.


Sorry if it is kind of messily written.  I do it as the episode airs 😡

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