Meet the 3DS’s competition

Yes, I know this is a POKEMON blog which has to be inherently pro-Nintendo, but I am a gadget geek at my core.  I’ve decided to call my readers’ attention to this new device shown off by Sony today which goes by the name NGP (which stands for ‘Next Generation Portable’).  It is definitely bringing the heat and buyers who can only afford one handheld console will be faced with a difficult decision (or possibly not so difficult decision for most of us Pokemon fans) of which to buy.  Here are some of the stats:

  • 5″ OLED touchscreen (supports multitouch)
  • Touchpad on the back that corresponds with the front screen
  • Dual analog sticks
  • GPS, 3G, and WiFi connectivity
  • Front camera and rear camera
  • Backwards compatibility with PSP titles DOWNLOADED from PSN
  • Six-axis motion detection
  • No UMD support

So what do we think?!  Right now I own both a PSP-3000 and a DSi.  They’re both good for different games, but I definitely get more use out of my DS.  If it comes down to only being able to afford one I’ll be going for the 3DS (even though I’m not entirely sold on the 3D aspect).  Sony has definitely offered up a tempting device that strongly targets older gamers though and I’ll be trying to get one down the road.

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ps- Changed up the layout a bit.  New layout IS COMING though.

  1. In the end, we know it all comes down to the games.

    The problem with the PSP (and I assume what will be the problem with the NGP) is that it advertises itself too much as being “a portable home console” the thing is, home consoles are still more powerful than portable consoles, so the only reason to get a PSP instead of a home console, is to be able to play outside of your home, which isn’t very important (I mean, if you’re outside, chances are it’s because you have something important to do other than playing video games) The DS (and I assume it will be the same with the 3DS) instead offer new kinds of games. More simple games that, while very enjoyable, wouldn’t look right at their place with some home console games. And some innovative games, that might have been too innovative and risky to try it on a home console. Strangely, the fact that the DS was less powerful than the PSP actually helped it, because developers that wanted to do something different than what we find on home consoles did it on the DS.

    tl;dr The PSP was a scaled down home console, while the DS offered a new experience, chances are the same thing will happen with the NGP and 3DS.

  2. This seems cool, but I have a PSP, DS, DSI xl, and a GameBoyAdvance, so I think I wont be able to get this.

  3. By the way, since this is a HUGE pokemon site, can you tell me what you think of this idea? I call it, POKEMON REBORN!!! Its a pokemon animae series that me and my family are going to make and post on my youtube page! It is about two powerful young trainers who decide to see the world! I have a villain, recurring charectors, what they look like and everything! Is it a could Idea?

  4. The features of this look amazing. I guess we’ll have to see what the game lineups look like, though.

  5. Doesn’t sound very appealing. I suppose the multitouch is cool but I’d need more than that to consider buying it.

    I’m hoping to put a reserve on the 3DS tomorrow. I’ve always been a Nintendo Fan (although I’ve dipped into Sony with the PS1 & PS2) and I play some PC games too. I’m not biased though…I even considered getting an Xbox360 once. (well it was in a dream but it still counts :p) and I was envious of PS3 players being able to play Littlebigplanet (not enough to buy the PS3 though)

  6. The device is absolutely powerful. It’s about 5-7 times better than the iphone/ipod touch.
    I see the NGP more as a rival of apple’s products, rather than nintendo’s. The NGP and 3DS can live nicely together, I think.
    If I made enough money in the summer holiday, I will pick up one, but that depends largely on its price. (Please keep it under the $400)

  7. If the NGP is under $300, then I’ll think about getting it. But knowing Sony, it’ll be some overly priced console priced at $500+, because their Sony. This makes me want the 3DS because compared to $500+, $300 is nothing for the 3DS at launch plus the one launch game I want, SSF4. And the fact that Sony has no, and I mean, NO, support for UMD, I kinda frown down. I don’t wanna abandon Kingdom Hearts BBS. The fact that Sony is continuing the no UMD is just to take a shot at used game retailers such as Gamestop. This is what put’s the 3DS above the NGP. So I’ll just make it simple:

    Pros for NGP

    Pros for 3DS
    *Backwards combatibility
    *Virtual Console
    *N64 Remakes
    *Good Games
    *3D Slider
    *Being $250

    Cons for NGP
    *No Backwards combatibility
    *The touch pad on the back
    *A touch screen with no stylus

    Cons for DS
    *Too much too soon (3D)
    *Not many good games at Launch
    *Mario 64 Remake not being announced
    *A Mario Galaxy game not being announced
    *No GBA compatibility

    I think that Microsoft is taking the safest step in this situation. Against Sony, Microsoft knows to keep Home Console’s at home. And the Fact that Microsoft hasn’t taken a step into handheld gaming is what puts them above Sony. Sony just came into the handheld war too late. By then, Nintendo was dominating everything. The fact that Sony is even releasing a NGP is a bad move on their part.


    1. Sorry, but I disagree with your cons for the NGP. It has BC with PSOne games, and plays psp games, but only if you bought them over the PSN. So it has a sort of Virtual Console. The no stylus touchscreen is a bit more user friendly, as you can do everyhting with some fingerwipe rather than holding a little stylus.
      However the NPG has no real games, an even awkward battery life as the 3DS and it’s price is probably higher than than the 3DS’s who has already an outrageous price tag.
      I still think the 3DS is superior, as of now. But expect the NGP kicking some ass, primely at the hipsters with their ipods.

      And you have to remember: from a business point of view competition only drops sale of your handheld, but for us, the consumer, it has loads of benefits. Price-drops, better firmware updates, more games,…

    2. Still confused as to how the 3DS costing £220 (!) is a pro, or how the touch pad on the back of the NGP is a con, I mean.. I know it’s a stupid thing to add on, but I’m sure it won’t be NECESSARY for games, in which case you can’t call it a con, just that sony need to invest their time into other things :3

      1. @Daedardus

        If it’s just a touchpad, then it’s gonna get dirty real fast, even with a cleaner. I never clean my DS Touchscreen and it gets pretty grimy. So that’s why I said the Stylus part.


        Could I get a link for the confirmation?


        The 3DS costing $250 is a pro because compared to the rumored $300-$350 mark is good. Also, I wouldn’t want to trade in my UMD’s even though the NGP can’t use them. Most games aren’t even on the PSN shop. I’d only think about getting the NGP if Sony offers free downloads for the games that are had, otherwise, I’m not going to get one.

  8. To me, it’s not the device itself that sells it – it’s the titles. 3DS already promises games from the series I love, while this thing.. not so much. I will only ever consider it if a Persona game shows up on it, or something else of the sort. Other than Persona, through, my favorite games (Pokemon, The World Ends With You, Mother 1+2+3, Phoenix Wright) have all been Nintendo titles. Okamiden is also going to be a Nintendo title. Layton games, Phoenix Wright, both Nintendo. Ghost Trick looks awesome, and I want to play it – oh look. Nintendo title.

    If Sony has titles I like, then I may consider the NGP. But right now it’s looking pretty grim for that – especially since there have been rumors to a sequel of The World Ends With You being developed for 3DS. As my favorite game of all time, I can’t say no.

  9. wow really sony? yu copied almost everything the 3ds has. cameras, touch screen, wi-fi. that is stupid and ill stay away from it and go back to psp and ps2/ps3

    1. I’m sorry, bu that was a really ignorant comment. It’s not called copying, it’s called features and advertising, and competing with the 3DS. If Sony wants to sell their new device, cameras, touch screen and wi-fi are good features to advertise. And you said “go back to psp”?! The NGP is a psp, just a new version! You kinda failed on that one.

  10. It’s Sony being Sony again 😛

    I’ll be honest. The only thing I use my PSP for is its radio, YGO games (geez, I know it’s on DS to but hey…), and uploading videos to save videos from copyright. The NGP….I’m sorry, but this fails in my opinion. The touch pad on the back might be a lil annoying, and once again, no UMD. Joy.

    Sorry Sony, I’ll stick with 3DS 😛

  11. Wow… someone is worried that a certain someones product will be more popular, Sony is jealous that the 3DS will be awesome and bringing out this will “be popular” its like when they did Playstation move and Kinect for X-box, just because nintendo is doing so awesomely, they feel the need to make it “better” which is probably wont.

  12. Hey pokejungle thanks for al the great news and updates. Oh and the new layout (well the stuff you’ve added so far) looks extremely cool. Props dude. I can’t wait to see the entire new layout.

  13. Ugh. That’s hideous. Not that the PSP looked great either, in my opinion, but whatever. I dislike it a lot, but I know something is gonna end up on it I’ll absolutely need- Something by Square enix, no doubt- and I’ll cave and get one.

    3DS comes first though.

  14. Honestly, I only played one game on my PSP. Monster Hunter. Not to say I didn’t have other game, but…Monster Hunter was the only worthy one. lol

  15. lets see, touch screen, copied from nintendo ds, camera dsi,. wii gets the remotes which aremmtr conected and u can be active then comes playstation mov! thats mad, playstation survives of nintedos ideas

  16. Nintendo wins this one…
    Glad to see at least slme crrative energy coming from sony… The touch screen on the back sounds interesting, and is something nintendo hasnt already done..

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