Pokemon Sunday News!



Many thanks to Filb.de for the high quality videos of the Best Wishes! preview and the Pokemon Black/White demo! Also, thanks to CBreeze5g and D-Wheel for the name fix and SnowyArticuno for the Gym mixup!

Hey everyone! It’s Daigo! I’m gonna be updating for Pokejungle on what goes on on this weeks Pokemon Sunday! You can check the live stream of Pokemon Sunday from his post here. And I’ll be keeping everyone up to tabs on what’s going on as it airs with information, pictures, and hopefully video. 🙂

If you guys find any videos on Youtube from this weeks episode showing any news, please post a link to them in the comments and I’ll include them in the post. I’ll of course give you the credit for finding it! 😉

Update: All the info I posted was just quick updates, below is a summary of what happened on Pokemon Sunday.

Okay so here’s all I got from this episode of Pokemon Sunday. We got a preview of the new series Best Wishes, and learn that Iris indeed has a Kibago with her. We got to see the anime versions of Pokabu, Mijumaru, and Tustaja. We also learn that Tsutaja still deserves the nickname Smugleaf. xP That and we get to see the new male trainer Dento, I think he might be involved in the newly mentioned Pokemon Musicals.

After that we got to look at the buses touring Japan that will feature the Pokemon Black/White demos. In the demo, the people from Pokemon Sunday controlled the female character, and had Mijumaru as their starter. They then battled Belle in a rainy town, Belle had a level 15 Pokabu, and was defeated handily at Mijumaru’s Shell Blade. After defeating her they headed North. Then they ran into a patch of grass and encountered a wild Shimama. After knocking it unconscious, they then run into Cheren, whose carrying two Pokemon, one being Tsutaja Then the battle commences. Then they walk through a log into a forest, and run into Professor Araragi. Then Pokemon Sunday stops it at that. 🙁

Other than that, Pokemon Sunday said they’d reveal new info on Victini next week. [SPP]

Thanks all for tuning in! I’ll try to add some higher quality photos as they surface! We’ll find out more probably from CoroCoro which should leak by the end of this week, hopefully earlier!

A question to all reading, what do you think of Iris and Dento?

P.S.-What is that guy in the red hat guarding? I think it might be the entrance to the Pokemon League. xD Never mind it seems to be a Gym that the player is denied entrance into.