I’m Back~

I was debating actually posting anything because I have no real information to give you, but it felt weird to just leave PJN with the last update from me being @ 2PM and I know I won’t be updating again until 5PM tomorrow (when I get off work).  Although I did set my alarm 20mins early so in case there IS something that breaks tonight I will do a post on it :p

After watching what I missed on Pokemon Sunday I’m rather excited for the anime~ New characters look GREAT… especially Dento.  He rocks my world.  I have never wanted to see the anime again after I stopped watching it as a kid… but now I will be watching the dub for Best Wishes.  Kibago looks adorable too, along with the starters.

And as far as the BW demo goes, not really too much there.  Shimama looks like it WILL be a pokemon found early on based on its lv (10).  Not much there, though I do wonder what Araragi was doing out in the forest.  They cut away at the end of the video D:

Let’s all thank Daigo!  I owe him for updating the site in my absence.  THANKS!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone else watching the Best Wishes season?  And also what’s your favorite episode from “back in the day”?  The Exeggutor with hypnosis is one I remember well.  Maybe SS Anne sinking was my favorite though.  Possibly :p

  1. yay for shimama being found early in the game. and yes i will be watching best wishes . my favorite episode would have to be the first but only for the part with the spearows.

  2. Haha hopefully I was tolerable for everyone else in your absence Pokejungle.

    But I have to say my favorite episode of Pokemon would either have to be The Film’s Riding on You Camerupt! or whatever it’s called. xD Just because it references a Pokemon manga series. (The one about the loud mouth Clefairy)

  3. I’m excited to see Iris. She is so cute lol. I’m probably one of the only people who liked her. But what sealed the deal for me was when Kibago hopped in her hair. :3

      1. Another Iris fan? 😀

        From what I’ve been reading, people really hate her. Some people are always so negative. Its annoying reading people post the same crap “Pokemon is running out of ideas”.


  4. I’m not liking Iris’s design everything about her just clashes but Dento is pretty awsome.

    And I know it’s a cop out but the whole first season are my fav episodes so many great memories.

  5. Dento seems like the replacement for Brock…

    THEN AGAIN. I remember everyone thought he’d be gone for Diamond/Pearl, and yeah he’s still around, never opening his eyes.

  6. I really like everything of The Best Wishes anime.My favorite episode would have to be “Pokémon Shipwreck” and “Pokémon Scent-sation!”

  7. The aide at the start of the video says the professor was looking for a legendary.

    Which probably explains the event’s subtitle “Search for the legend!”. Presumably Sunday cut out as it ran by.

    I think it’s Viktini. I doubt anything in this demo beyond the route itself will be in the main game, though.

  8. The kanto league episode where Ash’s Krabby wins a match for him by hanging onto an Exeggutor , that was one of my favorites!

  9. My favorite episode is when Ash and Misty ran into each other naked or something xD it was so random

  10. Nice to meet you .
    I’m a newcomer here and found a piece of rumor from this blog. ↓
    I can’t understand all the contents from that rumor because i’m not japanese.
    Can anyone translate it to English?

    Sorry for my poor English because i’m not an english native…
    ps: I’m Chinese.

    1. not 100% on this but I think it lists a load of new pokemon and that there are 185 new pokemon… the guy/girl says that they saw this in a demo…

  11. My fave episode is the one when ash released butterfree… very touching episode.. T_T

  12. It’s funny that you mention the episode where the S.S. Anne sank.”Pokemon Shipwreck” happens to be the very first Pokemon episode I ever watched, and it was also my first exposure to the franchise.

  13. My faves are “Round One Begin” and the Johto classic “Wired for Battle”. Heracross is as awesome back then as he is now! Sleep Talk and Focus Punch- AWESOME new moves!

  14. Where can I find the anime style pictures or the vector art of those Pokemon shown in anime? Like Reshiram, Zekrom, Starters, Minezumi, Kibago etc..? :O

      1. Ok..but..there hasn’t been any official vector art yet? I mean..we got those kinda pics of Zoroark and Zorua along with their Sugimori pics..isn’t it?

  15. Lol well I never really liked Iris’ design, but she looks so much better in the anime! And her Kibago jumping into her hair was just the best. xD
    I hope through the anime there will be jokes about her hair and that it will be very useful. :]
    Dento is just amazing awesome to me ;D

    And since I have too many favorite old episodes, I’ll choose one from each old season? ;D
    From the Indigo League: The Misty Mermaid
    From The Orange Islands: Snack Attack
    From The Johto Journeys: Chikorita’s Big Upset!
    From Johto League Champions: tie between Air Time and The Joy of Water Pokemon
    From Master Quest: ironically the first episode I saw of Master Quest was Gotta Catch Ya Later
    since I wasn’t into it as much as I was earlier on…and now 😀
    but yeah haha I have way more but those seen like some pretty good ones :]

  16. i think the new characters look awesome!!as for me,iv started watching the show since i was 3(in 1999)and iv seen ALL the episodes,i really cant list my fav,i love most!also,for some reason,when i dreamed i saw a steel-like dog thing,all squared,like its shape is like squares,had no legs,but floats with purple steam,and its tounge hangs out,but a regular tounge,and it can turn invisable,its weird,my guess we may get something like that as a poke,and it may be ghost/dark or ghost/steel.tell me wat u think of it,im going to try and draw it,im a good drawer

  17. i think the new characters look awesome!!as for me,iv started watching the show since i was 3(in 1999)and iv seen ALL the episodes,i really cant list my fav,i love most!also,for some reason,when i dreamed i saw a steel-like dog thing,all squared,like its shape is like squares,had no legs,but floats with purple steam,and its tounge hangs out,but a regular tounge,and it can turn invisable,its weird,my guess we may get something like that as a poke,and it may be ghost/steel.tell me wat u think of it,im going to try and draw it,im a good drawer

  18. Speaking of my first exposure of the series, I first knew about pokemon from the first movie in 1999, because in my country the anime hadn’t aired yet. Then I play the game in my computer (emulator, because I’m strict about money and won’t buy a game boy just to play pokemon…) and somehow addicted to the variable pokemon… I started to follow since then… (Had a hiatus when gen3 started to come… but followed again after I played Ruby and has been since)

  19. once i think of it,my favorite pokemon movie is “pokemon the movie 2000″because it was pretty awesome and had lugia(my favorite legendary)in it,also,finished my first design of the steel/ghost dog,dosent look as good as it did in my dream,but,thats why its the first design,wish i could show u all the picture i drew,but i probably cant sry ppl 🙁

  20. I can’t wait for best wishes! And I can’t decide what my favorite episode was but my favorite season was by far the orange island ones


    Iris and Dent are pretty cool, gotta admit. Love all the pokemon (and Iris has Kibago! SUPER [email protected])

    My favorite episode… I dunno. I have always loved the first movie though. I always cry when I watch it. Always.

  22. how do i scan my drawing of the floating ghost/steel dog(havent came up with a name)and how do i get on smergal’s canvas?also,if anyone can come up with a name,let me know

    1. Well, you need a scanner. Or you can take a photo and put in on your computer. To get it on Smergle’s Canvas, you need to sign up then upload the image. Or you can upload the image to Imageshack alternatively, and then put the image’s url here.

    2. Maybe we could call it Hound-Ghoul? like a houndog… It could evolve into Feral-Ghoul… I dunno…

    3. Hmmm, how ’bout Malmadur? It’s a combination of malmur (metal), and hundur (dog). I can check other combinations in that language if you want, just tell me what words.

  23. Professor Zalck, just because Ash wasn’t in the preview That consists of like barely a minute, doesn’t mean he won’t be in the anime still.
    Idk if you’re being serious about thinking that he’s not gonna be there anymore, but he will be.
    Ash will always be there.

    1. But.. But…
      In the Filb video, they were talking about how he was missing. As well as the other characters. look at the subtitles, and they are freaking out about it. That’s why I think they won’t be in it.. I really hope so… No Sarcasm at all. Not even an ounce.

      1. And Ash is extremely popular and has so much character build up that if he just left, it would be so anti climatic.
        Plus the people saying all of that stuff in the preview, isn’t that there job?
        To try to mess with people, to get them speculating and excited.
        Ash will be there, and he always will be until the show ends. :O

        1. I dunno, he’s been around for what, ten years? If they didn’t build up enough character in all that time (I haven’t watched the show since the Johto arc), then they probably never will. Ash is supposed to be more of a flat character, anyway.

          I would be more interested in watching it again if they got new characters more often, or if they developed them better. That’s why PokeSpe is much better than the cartoon, imho.

          1. I agree with you that brand new characters would be fresh and interesting, but for now, Ash will be the main star.
            It’s always been about Ash, and it always will be until they decide to end his journey.
            If they choose to continue Pokemon after Ash, who knows? But Ash’s story will have to be wrapped up. All of these years of Ash, and they’d just drop him like that? I don’t think so. :/
            It’s just kinda common sense that he’s going to stay.

          2. Plus, Ash has been getting developed. Just very slowly, because he’s going to be there for awhile.
            And each saga takes about 4 years to air, sadly.
            So by then who knows? If there’s going to be a 6th generation, maybe Ash won’t be there? But many people would probably be way uninterested by then. I personally they should wrap up Ash’s story already, I don’t really care if they do new characters after him or not, but his story is long overdue of being finished.
            I mean by the time Best Wishes is over, it’ll probably be around 2014, the franchise would be like 17 years old by then. They need to know when to stop.
            I mean I grew up with Pokemon as much of us have, and it would be nice to finally see Ash end his journey. I NEED SOME SORT OF CLOSURE.

  24. Yeah I saw that, but I think they were just wanting to showcase the brand new characters.
    And save Ash for last.
    Plus if you’ve been keeping up with the Sinnoh League it’s kinda obvious that he’s not gonna be done with his journey.
    Plus Ash was also in that leaked character sketch.
    Plus in the last movie they gave a hint that Ash will go to Isshu.

    And since Ash has been on the show for 12 years now I think it’s safe to say that he will be staying.
    There are only a little bit of sinnoh episodes left, if they were going to end ash’s journey they’d make this huge big deal about it.

    1. I can dream, can I not? Sigh….
      But let it be noted Ash’s artwork in the beta scan matched the previous season. It wasn’t knew. And so far we haven’t seen the guy from the scan. Since It was beta, there is a chance it will change…

      1. Yes you can dream, just don’t get all excited for something that won’t happen :O

        Wait, what are you talking about? o.O
        Ash was shown in the male protagonist of the B/W games clothes. How is that not new??
        Are we talking about the same thing here?

  25. Just because Shimama is at a low level in the demo does NOT mean it’s found early in the game. The HGSS demo had pokemon where they weren’t in the final version, at levels they weren’t in the final version. It’d be great if it were, but the demo isn’t just a piece of the finished work, it’s a promotional put together for the exclusive purpose of showing off.

    1. Aight :p I just remember the D/P demo WAS pretty accurate, with a lot of Budew and Starly popping up :3 So that’s what I was basing my prediction off of~ I actually didn’t follow the HGSS launch very much at all.

      1. It’s fine. 🙂 You can’t be everywhere, after all.

        But here’s the thought, the forbidden building (The one with the Blocking Person) that people are assuming is a gym looks like an ice type. Would they include an ice gym that early in the game? Both previous times it’s been #7 (Candace & Pryce) and if it were the first/second/third gym those who chose Tsutaaja would have a hard time of it, unless you could find another fire type early on (YES PLEASE!) So maybe the demo isn’t in the first bit like DP was, maybe it’s later on. Any idea when we’ll get more demo news? Cuz if you could look at a map in the demo it would give us a rough idea of where we are. Well, duh, I guess that’s what a map’s for, huh? XD

        Another random thought, notice how whenever they’ve got a ‘blocker’ person, it’s almost always either the pudgy kid sprite or the Hiker sprite? Why can’t a Swimmer be blocking my way? Or a Youngster? Or a Lass? Are they just too dainty? Would I bowl them out of the way if they weren’t solid and planted?

  26. ok people,for now,the steel ghost dog i drew is now named MALMADUR(thx to happyface)its name comes from malmur=metal and hundur=dog,it can turn invisable,all its power come froms the skull on its chest,and i finished its 2nd design,when i finish with its master design(final design),will try to upload it to show everyone,along with its other designs,so be spectical,but not too spectical,cause i may not be able to show it,will try to show my other pokes i made too!!! 🙂

    1. Pleeeeaaase try and get it on, I need to see it!!! Sounds so epic, wish it was a real poke.

        1. I’ve been wishing for a ghost/steel type for a while now, it’s awesome typing!!

  27. well,people,once i can figure out how to get it on and once i finish the final design,i will post the drawing of malmadur,if pokejungle will allow it,of course,also will post other pics of my other fake pokes,so plz be patient,sry

    1. Friday, at the earliest, I’d imagine. Cross your fingers and toes and do a headstand while wishing for it to come out faster. 🙂

  28. people of pokejungle.net,the final design of malmadur,the greatest,and only steel/ghost dog,is complete!!!in my opinion,it looks great,and when i can scan it,or something,and post the drawing,u will end up peeing ur pants in happiness,but if only if i knew how to post it,i need to know how if anyone wants to see it,so plz HELP ME on how to get it here!!!!

    1. INEEDTOSEEITNOW!!!!! I’m peeing in my pants already, just from the excitement. You can take a picture of it with a digital camera then upload the picture, if you can’t scan it.

      1. Yes, The easiest thing to do is go to Imageshack.com, and upload it. It should be pretty self explanitory.

  29. I think from Mijumaru’s small cameo he just got another 1,000 Woobie Points. And you gotta love how Smugleaf seemed to be annoyed about making an appearance.

    Favorite Old Episode: “For Ho-oh the Bells Toll”

  30. It’s good to see that you’ve taken the initiative to post a new “story” regardless of the time.

  31. well because shimamas lv 10 that means tht its the first in its line of evolutions unless it has no evolutions. but thats making assumptions maybe its the evolved form of another pokemon but i seriously doubt it and what do u think is the purpose of dento?

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