Why doesn’t this exist? [Opinion]

Feel free to skip “Opinion Articles” if you’re just here for news on Gen IV, otherwise I do occasionally interject posts chalk full of my own opinions here on PJN.  Just a disclaimer.

Since Pokemon’s conception I’ve been fairly enamored with Brock’s concept of being a “Pokemon Breeder”.  Even though originally in the main series of games you couldn’t even breed pokemon from Generation II onwards you could loosely call yourself a ‘breeder’ if you were constantly hatching eggs for different moves, stats, etc.  That’s based on the technical definition though.  What we have not seen yet is a game in which you can really “raise” Pokemon and that’s a shame.  Nintendo has already successfully created a line of Nintendogs (with more on the way now for the 3DS), but we have yet to see a TRUE virtual pet game in the Pokemon series… a series which is completely devoted to “raising” monsters.  Pocket Pikachu and its successor were not even virtual pets so much as pedometers really.  Even Tamagotchis had more interaction and more of a “raising” element than those half-hearted toys.  Its frustrating to see such great potential go untapped.

That being said, maybe there isn’t a market in Pokemon virtual pet games.  I find that hard to believe after the success of other games in the genre though.  While playing through Shadows of Almia I saw that there is the PokeFarm (or whatever they call it) where you can switch your partner, but it would’ve been a lot more fun if they could’ve just included some way to interact and play with your pokemon there.  Didn’t care for the sprites in that game as much as the main series though and the best option would probably be a 3D game.

I don’t even know why I’m ranting on this 🙁  Sorry guys.  I just REALLY want a virtual pet Pokemon game.  Pets are awesome :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- if you have nothing to say about the game idea, I’d like to hear what kind of IRL pets you guys have, if any~ I have two rats.  Luv’ em.

  1. I had 3 cats, but my cat Mac (who I had for 12 years) Died last month due to Kidney Failure 🙁 He was about 19-21 though, and had a good life. I just miss him.

    I also have 2 other cats named Graylord and Leo, I called Graylord “He who shall not be named”, because I do believe he is the cat version of Voldemort. He’s that evil.

    Oh and I would like a Pokemon/Nintendogs type of game, I would love raising a Mijumaru and breeding the cutest one of all :3

    1. aw im sorry thts sad:( the dog my family had had since before i was born passed on in 08 we loved him very much so i know how u feel

    2. That’s so sad that happened to Mac. 🙁 What kind of cat was he?

      What’s with cats and their tendencies to be so obnoxious? My cat and my sister’s cat are both eeeeevil. But you gotta love ’em anyway, just for the little moments when they’re sweet and loving.

    3. sorry to hear about mac D:

      except i laughed out loud at the voldermort cat. xDDDD
      put a funny image in my mind. xD

  2. 3 dogs, 1 cat, and one cute kitten but i actually think thats a good idea i mean ranger and mystery dungeon were a nice change of pace when they first came out but now theyre old so something new like ur idea wud be nice

    1. I have a shetland sheepdog, and two cats, holly and teddy. (my mom named teddy, I would have rather him have a different name.)

  3. I had a black and white (ironic, eh?) cat, but we had to give her away. Too many people in the family were allergic 🙁

  4. Soooo, the old Digimon World games+Nintendogs+Pokemon? I’d definitely get on board with that. Mmm.

    I’ve got a dachshund+chihuahua mix named Frisky (a girl) and a orange tabby named Lenore (a boy, that we call Lenny. This is why you should be sure of your pet’s gender before you name it.) I’ve also got three zebra finches, Bobby Corwin (points if you catch the reference), Bossy Irwin (his brother), and Atticus (DOHOHOHO), though I’ve taken to calling him ‘The Don’ lately, because he thinks he’s the boss. They’re all bratty little punks, but i love them anyway. :3

  5. omg i just watched the pokemon sunday thing where the female trainer is in that raining place and battles her rivals then sees professor araragi and it looked AMAZING i want white soooooo badly i keep having dreams my friend has it and right when im about to get to play it the dream ends and ive had that dream so many times i want it to badly!

  6. I think you’re right, Contests and the recently announced Pokémon Musical feature are interesting but we don’t have real interaction with our Pokémon but talking to it in HGSS or leveling it up, feeding it with Poffins or Berries, etc.
    I definitely agree something more entertainment to do with your Pokémon should be added to the game other than battling and just raising battle status.

      1. LOL
        I didn’t thought you would be so receptive to the people who comments here…

        Well, that’s completely out of topic but I was a Firefox user for a lot of time and tried all other web browsers out there. No web browser could be so useful for me as Opera is, it’s simply perfect. And Opera Software is a wonderful company who really likes its “consumers” and cares about the future of the WWW.
        The browser isn’t open-source, but who cares? It’s completely free and run on a lot of systems and platforms, including Wii/DS/DSi…

        1. Yeah, I don’t mind Opera at all. I have it installed on my other laptop. :>

          Aaaaaaand since people take time to visit my site I usually try to check out theirs if they give a link xP

      1. maybe if we all do it then we’ll get one? :DDDD

        oh and welcome back david, where’d ya go?

  7. oh man, I would love to see a pokefarm game. kinda of Harvest Moon or something. You can raise berries there, collect items, stones, plates, all those things in an unique way, and I think it could be very funny. sorta of a Farmville. It would be awesome. perhaps raise some “farm” pokemon, like miltank, ponytas, etc.Then, by the miracle of conection, you transfer all of the items to your game. I think its a nice idea 🙂

  8. A Pokemon Tamagochi for sure!! always love raising virtual pet because I’m not allowed to keep a real pet…. and I want some action in Pokemon… like Kingdom Hearts, where you use 3 Pokemon and costumize their appearance at will…. and also absolute console conversion of the main series… not just arena games…

  9. I think that the worry would be competing too closely with Monster Rancher. IIRC MR has a bigger following in Japan than it does in other parts of the world, so maybe people would get offended if Pokemon started a breeding game/series that stepped on MR’s toes? That being said, I’d still play it. ^^

  10. I would love a Ninten-mons video game! I suspect it may be a Wii game/WiiWare if it ever came to be. Something like the adorable “Hey You Pikachu” but with a choice from a few Pokemon. Perhaps the starters and some of the “cutsie” ones. And they wouldn’t evolve! 😀 Because Nintendogs are permanently adorable puppies.

    On the topic of pets, I currently have two hyperactive Shelties: Lewis and Clark; a grumpy 16-year-old cat named Mateo; and a bratty Siamese named Miso. In the past I’ve had two other cats: Bill and a female whose name isn’t appropriate for a public setting (she was evil).

    I also had two rats: Adagio and Minuet. They were so sweet! I miss them ;_; We can’t get more rats because even though Mateo was afraid of them, Miso is much younger and would probably try and eat the little ratties :<

  11. You know, I’ve honestly never considered that idea before, but now that you brought it up, I really hope GF/Nintendo get on that soon. It would be an awesome game.

    As for pets IRL, I have a bunch of horned lizards (also known as horny toads). They may seem like kind of weird pets to keep, but I think they’re the coolest animals in the world. I’m still waiting for a horned lizard pokemon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it never happens. *sigh*

  12. hey what starter are u getting in black and white? and of the pokemon that have been revealed which ones would you like to put in your party?

    1. Need to see the final stages of the starters first, but 99% going to start with Pokabu, and Chiraami’s just too cute not to use. 🙂

      1. i love pokabu but ilove tsutaja and mijumaru too idk who to choose haha:) but i love chiramii but idk if it will be good but its pretty awesome but i wanna get shimama, meguroko, maybe mushanna, kibago, and wooguru aka wargle, and maybe even ononokusu haha white will be awesome

    2. Mijumaru for me~ And I’m using Chiraamii no matter what. I loooove cute normal types, even if they turn out mostly weak<3 I'm also planning on using Meguroko/the swan-stork, Shimama, Mamepato, and Rankurusu

      1. yeah im thinkin mijumaru too but cant decide and i dont really like mamepato but i want wooguru aka wargle and im thinkin mamepato may evolve into hatooboo who evolves into woogurn i think so i may end up with a mamepto

  13. I want something like that =3 I’d love to raise a Zangoose or Absol<3

    As for real pets, I have two rats and two cats =3 The rats are girls, Meru and Judith, and the cats are boys, Gojyo and Zelos.

  14. i think they should make a new game where u command pokemon in the same way people in the anime do

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