Small Black and White News

And by small, I mean small.  I dunno if you guys like me posting these little crumbs of information, feel free to leave a comment about that.  But otherwise I’ll try to keep you abreast of anything that happens :3

Today there was a press conference of sorts for the “Black and White Pokemon Searcher” bus demo tour and they showed off the recent Oha Suta trailer to attendees, so this is where the information is coming from.  No new pictures or anything fun like that… just a little bit of specifics:

  • The IR “Feeling Check” feature is a rhythm game between 2 players and you are supposed to use your finger (not stylus) so it can properly assess your compability (which is undoubtedly just how well you scored together as a pair hitting the rhythm correctly).
  • The “Pokemon Musical” does indeed seem to replace Contests and you’ll be able to win items through competition which consists of the two stages we saw, ‘Dress Up’ and ‘Appeal’ (music/dance section).  It sounds like both will be scored.
  • The feature we saw in which someone entered their friend’s world as a messenger to hide an ultra ball is called “Deru Power” (Deru = verb “to exit”).
  • It was restated that you can meet Pokemon not found in Isshu in the dream world (PC).  [Pikachu not being in Isshu still gives me hope about not many older pokemon not being encountered]
  • The season change showed is NOT a version exclusive version of a route (I saw some people talking about this) there are season changes, though it specifically says field which could mean that it will happen outside of cities or maybe there is a specific Field that changes, hopefully all routes though.
  • The Battle Subway was mentioned as having a great number of battles and would require some preperation

Looking back on that list I guess it isn’t “small”, but they all are fairly minor details.  Better than nothing though~ :3  ‘night all!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Favorite gym leader?  Mine is HANDS DOWN WITHOUT A DOUBT… Erika :3  Shouldn’t that be obvious though as she’s the first Grass-type gym leader?

pps- TV Tokyo has released 3 6second Best Wishes ads on their official channel with the 3 starters pulling off their attacks.  Mijumaru‘s includes an all new sequence and the end of Pokabu‘s shows him pulling a fire move (his nose glows?!) but Tsutaja‘s isn’t really anything new.  I think Mijumaru fans will swoon.