Small Black and White News

And by small, I mean small.  I dunno if you guys like me posting these little crumbs of information, feel free to leave a comment about that.  But otherwise I’ll try to keep you abreast of anything that happens :3

Today there was a press conference of sorts for the “Black and White Pokemon Searcher” bus demo tour and they showed off the recent Oha Suta trailer to attendees, so this is where the information is coming from.  No new pictures or anything fun like that… just a little bit of specifics:

  • The IR “Feeling Check” feature is a rhythm game between 2 players and you are supposed to use your finger (not stylus) so it can properly assess your compability (which is undoubtedly just how well you scored together as a pair hitting the rhythm correctly).
  • The “Pokemon Musical” does indeed seem to replace Contests and you’ll be able to win items through competition which consists of the two stages we saw, ‘Dress Up’ and ‘Appeal’ (music/dance section).  It sounds like both will be scored.
  • The feature we saw in which someone entered their friend’s world as a messenger to hide an ultra ball is called “Deru Power” (Deru = verb “to exit”).
  • It was restated that you can meet Pokemon not found in Isshu in the dream world (PC).  [Pikachu not being in Isshu still gives me hope about not many older pokemon not being encountered]
  • The season change showed is NOT a version exclusive version of a route (I saw some people talking about this) there are season changes, though it specifically says field which could mean that it will happen outside of cities or maybe there is a specific Field that changes, hopefully all routes though.
  • The Battle Subway was mentioned as having a great number of battles and would require some preperation

Looking back on that list I guess it isn’t “small”, but they all are fairly minor details.  Better than nothing though~ :3  ‘night all!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Favorite gym leader?  Mine is HANDS DOWN WITHOUT A DOUBT… Erika :3  Shouldn’t that be obvious though as she’s the first Grass-type gym leader?

pps- TV Tokyo has released 3 6second Best Wishes ads on their official channel with the 3 starters pulling off their attacks.  Mijumaru‘s includes an all new sequence and the end of Pokabu‘s shows him pulling a fire move (his nose glows?!) but Tsutaja‘s isn’t really anything new.  I think Mijumaru fans will swoon.

  1. Whoo! first to comment! I hope the season thing will be a little more than cosmetic… like maybe it will rain on some routes in spring, while on others, it will be sunny during summer… just a thought… ☺

  2. I wonder if the Battle Subway is the Battle Tower of this game?

    My favorite gym leader? Giovanni. Ohmygosh, Giovanni. And Blue. Funny, I hated both of them when I was a little girl, and they’re both Viridian City gym leaders. Clearly you have to be a total bad ass to run the Viridian City gym. Also a bit of a jerk.

        1. Oooh, you made me remember how cool Blaine was. Pryce in HGSS as well. And Morty’s redesign is awesome.

        2. Blaine ftw. I was totally unprepared for his team the first time i fought him, in hg. I was creamed.

  3. awww…i have a bad feeling about seasons now 🙁 lets hope its ALL routes.

    fave leader-Misty.

  4. Favorite gym leader would have to be Whitney. So many memories of getting my ass kicked by her Miltank back on Gold version. I recall choosing Totodile as my starter and by the time it became a Croconaw, I was facing Whitney. At that period, I was probably 9 or 10 and it was the Christmas season. Vivid images of my mother putting up the Christmas tree, garland, and wreathes stay come up when I think back to that time. I would sit around the house with my teal Game Boy Color and play as Christmas would near. ^___^ What I wouldn’t give to go back to that time of carefree living. Now, at age 18, things tend to become stressful. Hopefully before long I’ll get used to living on my own.

    Whitney is super cute, as well. I love love love her battle animation in HG/SS. =3

      1. I think Rollout handed everyone’s ass to them at one point. 😛 Attract + Rollout = Tough times.

        1. to be honest,i dont hav a favorite gym leader,most of the time,i just end up beating them on the first try half the time,if not,the second time,so i dont know,i just use my ideas when it comes to pokemon,like when i get my starter,i also think what i need from its final form,i mean really,when i get a totadile(favorite water starter)i get it to a feraligatr,and i always try to teach it other move type like iron tail to take ice,ground and punch to deal with grass,flying and others,hydro cannon to beat fire,and to deal killer damage on the opponent,and crunch to beat psychics,and i think ghosts get hit hard with it to,so out of that,u can do super effective damage to 8 different types,and normal damage to almost all type

          1. the key thing is to hav various typs other then the pokemons type,that way,u can be prepared.keep that in mind,and u can go to some serious places,also,remember to regard to the nature and characteristic of ur pokes,that way u teach it the right moves for example adamant nature= high atk-low sp atk

    1. Dream world was mentioned as being home to pokemon not normally found in Isshu, and they showed pikachu, so it’s a theory at the moment.

      1. I think it’ll end up as a fail theory, it’s impossible to GameFreak to make a game without Pikachu being available on it (no wi-fi connection required) due the strong success of the species in the anime – and you know, in the fandom.

  5. Nah, posting this small news is also great!
    I really hope we don’t see a lot of old Pokemon in B&W… but who knows… maybe Zubat will be in all caves again …

    My fav gym leader by far is Blaine… he is amazing

    1. Your “Real Pokemon” stuff is very interesting :> Gotta say Treecko was my favorite 8D

  6. ahahahah wow that’s actually alot of info. :DD

    i’m hoping the seasonal thing will be on every route, i’ve always love the red and orangey trees in ecruteak (sp?) and it’d be sosososo awesome/beautiful to see evry oute like that in the fall~! :DD
    and the snow as well!! :DD

    1. Ya that was awesome, especially on the way to the tower that contained ho ho, the trees were B-e-a-utiful.

      1. ahahahaha favorite town ever!
        actually i have a favorite town in every region where once i beat the game i always fly there to heal my pokemon and i refuse to go anywhere else. xD

        i bet everybody has a town like that. 😀

  7. oh!
    and my favorite gym leader would hafta be between winona and clair. 😀
    what can i say, i like a girl who rides a winged pokemon. xDD

    1. I just replayed emerald recently, and winona’s awesome. Fortree is my fav emerald town.

  8. Whitney in my heart >w< and Volkner too.. cool dude…

    Finally I can use my laptop to help my games progression… I wonder how will the synchronizing be done??

  9. Since they implemented a weather detections tab to the Poke-Gear it would be intriguing to see if the land of Isshu would change seasons based on your iDS Calendar. And that the seasons would determine the added weather affects. (ie random Hail storms during winter and visible snow like in Platinum.) This would make the experience all that more fulfilling and really carry the game further that it did before. So no matter what time of year you pick up your game, you’ll have a new experience. (Just my thoughts)

    1. Yes!
      That’s exactly what a pokemon game needs, I can’t tell you how bored I get of seeing it always raining in fortree. xDD
      and it always snowing on mt. Cornet.
      That would make going through the routes soooo much better! :

      1. It would certainly motivate me to back to certain places again, because it would be a new experience every time!

        1. exactly!
          it’d be even cooler if your location in the world determined what the weather was like in certain areas. 😀

          1. That would take complicated measures to ensure it runs smoothly. But it would also raise the sophistication level of pokemon, and definitely add to the feeling of the game.

  10. Oh, and I’d have to say Volkner is my favorite gym leader. Not cause of Electric typing, but his bored demeanor because no worthy challenger has yet to face him.

  11. Gymleader=Blue Because he’s such a loser and when you completely own him he says that it was completely luck!!! (yeah my level 70 blastoise beating your level 40 whatever was completely luck) 😛

    1. This is the reason I switched from serebii to pjn for b and w updates. Also, they post rumors, witch i love hearing about!

    1. I hope it will look better than mijumaru – things can only get better. But really, I think all the evolutions will be awesome, I don’t think we’ll be let down at all.

  12. The season changes sound absolutely epic! I hope that, if there are some pokemon that can only be caught in certain seasons, we can change the seasons with our DS calendars 😛

  13. Kewl. I wonder if your Pokemon gain exp from Subway battles. Y’know, wouldn’t it be awesome if the Battle Subway was actually in the resturant Subway? And the Frontier Brains would be employees.

    Yay, Mijumaru footage! *Swoons* He looks so cute and ferocious.

    ~Prof. W.

    1. Ferocious? How in the world can that little thing look ferocious?? Ah, well, when he evolves, we’ll see.

      1. well his evo is suppossed to be part fighting, so i can imgaine it being quite ferocious, in my opinion it’s pretty much the next piplup. xD

        1. Ya that’s what I was thinking, both a bit odd looking, in the end completely rambo 😀

    2. that would be so nice!
      i remember when the battle tower was first intoduced i got so pissed ’cause you didn’t get any exp. xD
      but then again….i guess it’d be a bit unfair to get exp form those kinda places. :/
      oh well, i stilll want it to happen! >:D

      1. You can always wish. And that would rockkkkk, a better way to train then the boring elite four over and over again…and again…and again…(ad nauseam)

  14. I personally like the fact you post these ‘insignificant’ pieces of news that the other sites usually don’t bother with. I’m sure most people already go to Serebii, etc, for most of their news anyway. So what I like about this site is being able to read through a lot of the rumours (even if they’re obviously not true) that guys like Serebii wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

  15. I’m looking forward to catching more ice Pokemon in the winter and catching a Jack-o-Lantern Pokemon in October. And Wargle on the Forth of July. That would be nice.

    Getting Pokemon on special days of the year would be a lot more exciting than certain pieces of furniture in Animal Crossing.

  16. This all looks cool… I mean, I like it all.
    Favorite gym leader? Um…. Brock was always my favorite, just cause he is such a weak gym leader! XD It’s super cool!

    1. Well that’s an odd reason to choose a favorite gym leader…but i shouldn’t talk – I chose koga just cuz he’s so ninja XD

    2. Say that when you start with Charmander cocky snob. (I was preparing to write something else… :p)

  17. I just thought of something, you guys know the videos of the starters fighting eachother? Well everyone was wondering why Tsutaja used Leaf storm, pokabu used flamethrower and derp derp used water pulse?! Well that leads me to believe that derp derp has the highest attack stat, because they might have wanted to have the starters one hit k.o. eachother and Tsutaja used the most powerful attack, because its attack stat is low. Pokabu used the 2nd most powerful move because it has a medium attack stat. And Derp derp used water pulse, the weakest move, because it has a high attack stat. This is just what I think, you can believe what you want.

    1. You didn’t copy the whole code oO; The imgs won’t show up in the comments though.

  18. I like even the tiniest scraps of information; I’m greedy like that.

    I always liked Flannery. I thought it was cute how unsure of herself she was~ Sabrina was my first favorite, though~

  19. *gasp* No Pikachu in BW!?

    Yes!! Now if they just get rid of Geodude and Zubat, I have a feeling that Game Freak will have really listened to the fans this time. 🙂

    BTW, does anyone else think they should replace Magikarp for another common Pokemon for fishing? Also, should they replace Tentacool with a new common Pokemon to encounter while surfing?

    1. Definitely. They need a magikarp replacement. But idk about tentacool, I loooove tentacruel. And they ABSOLUTELY need to find a new zubat line. I’m hoping that’s what koromori’s gonna be!!

  20. Hey, a blog entry was recently posted on — it turns out that we won’t be seeing any previous-generation Pokemon (outside of the Global Link) until we beat the game!

    All my dreams are coming true! 😀

  21. WHITNEY is bad ass!
    Goldenrod city+Whitney+Miltank+never ending rollout= Highlight of My pokemon career, and third grade haha…
    My favorite is Flanerry tho, shes not really mentioned a lot but i think shes cool, well her hair is.

    1. Feeling check is just a minigame… it probably doesn’t do much of anything except appeal to young females :s

      But hey, maybe you can get items out of it.

      1. haha yeah probably but if u do get items i bet it will be like berries or something……..wait will the game even have berries? or apricorns? or something new? and will poffins return? pokeblocks? a dude like kurt? or something new?

  22. im also wondering what the battle subway is exactly is it like the battle frontier or is it something different

    1. It could be, we don’t know quite yet :p It looks like it might be similar though

      1. yeah im thinking it may be like all the battles in the johto underground but it may be a part in the story u have to go through and the trainers will be way stronger

  23. oh and i think deru power looks pretty cool too but what do u guys think of pokemon musical? is it just like the pokemon contests in the past games or is it something completely new and different?

  24. but i will miss pokeaathlon hope theres something like that in black and white whaddaya think?

  25. haha looking back on it its not a very small list haha but what all does the demo include?

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