Picture from Tokyo

I was tickled to see this picture in my inbox this morning from my boyfriend.  He saw this while he was out shopping in Tokyo and decided to snap a pic on his iPhone 4 (I’m anti-Apple, but the quality of the picture is amazing) because he knows I am a Pokemon fan and am super excited for Black and White.

Just thought I’d share it~ <3  Can’t wait to go to Japan in Sept or Oct to see him again.  If anyone remembers I was in Alabama with him when I re-opened PJN.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Yes, the boxes are empty :p  GameStop (in the US) also puts out empty boxes of soon to be released games for promotional displays and such.

pps- Help me think up an IRC channel name for PJN!!  Our old on was #GreatMarsh… I kind of liked it :s

  1. Did he happen to pick up the buttons they’re giving out at Toys R Us that have the cries of Reshiram/Zekrom? 😛

    1. Those are only available from the actual Pokemon Center stores in Japan, I don’t think I clarified that ><;I went to the Osaka store once :3 It was just full of little kids Dx

  2. are those the boxes of the games? why do they hav those out? the games arent actually in there are they?

    1. It’s just publicity, like the giant posters they hang on Gamestop windows here. The banners look pretty cool, though.

    1. Yes, they’re selling Pokemon Black and White in early August, even though the release date is September 18th. – -“

      1. Hey, let’s take it easy, I thought they were selling them at first too. 😛

        But unfortunately they aren’t, But it’d be sweet if we could see the back of the cases. 🙂

      1. I hated Great Marsh, the customizable Safari Zone was a cool idea, now with seasons we got more variety to expect.

  3. Well I certainly hope that you will be back from Japan in time for Thanksgiving with your favorite cousin 😀

  4. I think #greatmarsh sounds great as-is. :). So excited to have a chatroom here! :3

  5. OOH! It would be neat if we could see the back of the box!

    I think we should call the IRC The White Forest! It goes great with Pokejungle!

      1. It’s completely worth it because they last a long time.

        Plus it is expensive because of the high quality software and incredible virus protection

        1. Ah, Apple products~

          I don’t like them because of the restrictive nature Apple employs with all of their products. Limited compatibility and limited user freedoms. Windows is fine for me and I also use Linux 8D

        2. My Nokia telephone, Iriver mp3 player and Compaq computer are pretty sturdy too. And less then a quarter of the price of an Iphone, Ipod and Ibook.

          I’m not sure were you live, but if it America, then electronics are a lot cheaper then where I live. Apple products are still more expensive in comparison, everywhere in the world, but you won’t have to give up more then a month’s pay to get it. 😉 Which I just can’t afford to pay, because I need luxuries like food, a roof over my head, water, clothing etc.

          Apple products are nice for companies, or spoiled rich kids, but not so much for normal everyday use. There are so many great, cheaper, alternatives.

          1. I’m not a spoiled rich kid, and I have a macbook and itouch, but I saved up money and bought my ipod and the macbook was my sisters but she got a Macbook pro

  6. Hey, wait –

    Who’s that pokemon in between Tsutaaja and Kibago in the poster of Zekrom at the bottom???

    1. Haha, didn’t even see there was one. It’s mamepato :p If you look closely you can see its wing raised up.

      1. Oh, just got it. Hahaha , silly me thinking that was a new pokemon, and that I discovererd it 😛

  7. ok ppl,need to know,what month is it in japan,and is black and white being released in early august or septemper 18th? someone let me know

    1. Ahaha, it’s the same month everywhere in the world :p Japan gets Black and White on Sept 18th so we still have over a month left.

      1. THATS STUPID!!!! also,when does corocoro leak,and i need to know where i could find the leaks,so i can look for them

        1. It usually leaks around the 11th. You’re best off sticking with me or serebii to get the leaks first unless you’re fluent in Japanese :p

          1. Hey but doesn’t this issue of Corocoro come out early? Like the 11th ? So that would mean leaks would come earlier too..?

  8. O_O
    soooo many…. maybe i could just take one ^^;
    get you’re bf to grab one for me?
    even if they’re empty? 😀
    i’d just sit and stare at it. xDDD

      1. that’s what i usually do when i get a new pokemon game. xD

        i looked like this when i got soul silver in japanese—> *_*

  9. I think it would be funny if there was a lemming Pokemon. Lemmingwinks use “mass genocide”, yeah! I have issues…anywho. Great Marsh is good,actually. How bout PalPark?

  10. I was feeling bored today, so I wanted to try my hand at translating some of those rumored Pokemon names from Saturday

    Shikijika= shiki (4 seasons)+shika (deer) (it seems someone beat me to this on the old topic)
    Kamuusu- Moose (the fire-type)
    Numanshun- Marsh deer + shun (season)(from ‘numashika’, had to search wikipedia for this one) (grass)
    Kaributoo- Caribou (ice)
    Puzushuu- Pudu (psychic)
    Burokko-Bitamia-brocco(li) and vitamin. lol wut (grass)
    Marugon-Horurugon-Shindoshin- maru=round, horu=to dig, shindoo=tremor (incidentally, Doshin the Giant was an old Nintendo game)
    Minezumi-Miruhoggu-Jiromiguma- I’m going to speculate here. The endings of these three names come from different animals (nezumi=mouse, hoggu=(ground)hog, guma=bear), but the beginnings gave me some trouble. Now I think it’s supposed to be mi(ru)=to look and jiro jiro miru= to stare. I speculate that, if Jiromiguma is real, he’s a spectacled bear with the same eye patterns as its previous forms. And also, its English name should totally be Starebear. :p
    Hoshibotaru-Tendooru- Almost certainly star+firefly Tendooru might come from tentomushi (ladybug), but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Maybe it comes from tandoor as well (tandooru in Japanese), but that makes even less sense. (bug/electric)
    Karottoru-Panpusu- Carrot, and pump(kin) (jack-o-lantern? Yes please!) (grass/ghost)
    Koodoru-Takoodon- Both have the word ‘cord’ in their names (electric)

    Aaaaand… that’s all I can figure out. The rest of them are too difficult or have been translated before.

  11. From Montblanc’s translations (Thx Montblanc), I have an opinion that Shikijika evolves depending on the season… And burokko seems to be the one which was revealed through the toy…. And Panpusu should be strongly a Jack-O-Lantern… due to the typing…. That’s all for now…

  12. Hey Serebii and Pokebeach have updates with sugi art of shijiki and the swan as well as details on victini it’s a fire/psychic type!

  13. P.S. I forgot to also say that there is a new bug type pokemon who I’m guessing is the new caterpie

  14. Victini is the victory pokemon! And has a new ability called victory star! That’s a Win!

  15. Wow!! My Victini typing predictions are all wrong!! Well, that’s not weird at all that it’s Psychic/Fire… And I think Dento will be in the games!!! because the artwork has the same style as Aroe’s artwork…

  16. The Japanese Yahoo website has inadvertently leaked Ken Sugimori images of a new Bug-type Pokemon, the previously revealed swan Pokemon, and Shikijika. Victini has been confirmed as a Psychic / Fire type. It is the Victory Pokemon and has a new ability called Victory Star. It stands 0.4m tall and weighs 4.0kg. Ken Sugimori images of Aloe, Dento, and Team Plasma were also leaked.

  17. The Japanese Yahoo website has inadvertently leaked Ken Sugimori images of a new Bug-type Pokemon, the previously revealed swan Pokemon, and Shikijika. Victini has been confirmed as a Psychic / Fire type. It is the Victory Pokemon and has a new ability called Victory Star. It stands 0.4m tall and weighs 4.0kg. Ken Sugimori images of Aloe, Dento, and Team Plasma were also leaked.



      1. paul, you’re to modest. 😀

        personally i don’t think you can compare them.
        they’re all very different in styles and the way they show news sooo uhh they’re all good. 😀

        1. well serebii has more info compiled but pj is fun to come on to talk to other pokemon lovers and pokebeach is just in between but the did have the world premiere of that awesome vid of the rival battles

  18. OMG I love the bug! Course, I do have a soft spot for Bug-types… Why does he haves boobies on his head, though? :p
    Shijinka looks adorable. Really. I want to hug it.
    I like the swan, but I’m pissed that we now have Sugi art after I spent so long ripping it from the image!

  19. psy/fire type?!?!
    dudee i was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off. xD

    but i kinda can see the fire typing..i guess. ><

  20. and does anybody else think you might getta meet dento? :DD
    ’cause now i reallyREALLY wanna meet him in the game :DD

    and aloe looks a bit fat in this picture. xD

  21. Hmm, I wonder. Apparently, Dento lives in this building (credit to serebii for pic).
    I wonder, could Iris be a privileged child who lives there, with Dento and Aloe as her butler and cook/nanny respectively? If so, it would make sense in the anime as to why Dento travels with her, and Aloe would serve as the mother figure.
    What purpose this would serve in the game, I have no clue. Perhaps some connection to N, or Team Plasma?
    Regardless, it’s certainly intriguing. I’m sure we’ll find out more in CoroCoro.

    On another note, yay, finally we get the regional bug! It looks so fuzzy and cute. I shall name him Weederpie, cos he -does- look a bit like the lovechild of Weedle and Caterpie, but not in a bad way.

  22. i wonder when other pokemon besides reshiram and zekrom are gonna be officially revealed in the US

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