Picture from Tokyo

I was tickled to see this picture in my inbox this morning from my boyfriend.  He saw this while he was out shopping in Tokyo and decided to snap a pic on his iPhone 4 (I’m anti-Apple, but the quality of the picture is amazing) because he knows I am a Pokemon fan and am super excited for Black and White.

Just thought I’d share it~ <3  Can’t wait to go to Japan in Sept or Oct to see him again.  If anyone remembers I was in Alabama with him when I re-opened PJN.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Yes, the boxes are empty :p  GameStop (in the US) also puts out empty boxes of soon to be released games for promotional displays and such.

pps- Help me think up an IRC channel name for PJN!!  Our old on was #GreatMarsh… I kind of liked it :s