zZzZzZ…what? New pokemon? (UPD1)

Sorry I missed this while I was sleeping, here are the pics.  That’s Aloe and Dento up top.  I’m not sure of Aloe is actually fat… if you look at her pants they have huge legs, but her own look relatively skinny… along with her arms.  So that’s a bit weird @@;  Can’t wait to meet up with Dento in the game though~ <3

Victini’s type was also revealed as Psychic/Fire (from that pic above).  Its ability translates to Victory Star (jouri being victory, hoshi being star).  Yeah :3 AND OMG WOW WOW WOW I want that caterpillar.

Also this blog post by GameFreak’s director seems to confirm the notion that Black and White will contain all new Pokemon without bringing back the oldies (until you get the National Dex).

UPD1: Added screenshots, originally from blue skY.

<3 pokejungle

ps- sorry? 🙁