Dento Just Got Even Cooler (UPD)

Hey guys! Your loyal PJN minion ozymandis here! 😀 We’ve officially past the “one more month” mark until the release of Pokemon: Black and White! Since PJN has now officially started on the Pokemon: Best Wishes anime news, I’ve decided to give you a little news on our own mascot Dento! The voice actor who will play … Read more

Best Wishes: New Characters (UPD: Vid)

Normally I don’t cover anime news, but I want to watch ‘Best Wishes’ just for fun, so I’m going to cover some of the major news that comes out.  Thanks PokeMark for the tip off on this news! UPD: translations and small bits by Kriffix In the picture above we have a new character, Shooty. Shooty … Read more

Full Corocoro Scans!! (UPD 6)

Finally!!! The full scans!!!!! Ozymandis here yet again! These images were found on 2ch as usual. We get some really clear Sugimori art of the pokemon! 😀 We’ve seen all of them except for the Miruhoggu one. So, here’s some new info/confirmation! Translations curtosy of Kriffix and myself! Swana’s new move is called Gale and the … Read more

I’m Back~

I was debating actually posting anything because I have no real information to give you, but it felt weird to just leave PJN with the last update from me being @ 2PM and I know I won’t be updating again until 5PM tomorrow (when I get off work).  Although I did set my alarm 20mins … Read more

Pokemon Sunday News!

httpv:// httpv:// Many thanks to for the high quality videos of the Best Wishes! preview and the Pokemon Black/White demo! Also, thanks to CBreeze5g and D-Wheel for the name fix and SnowyArticuno for the Gym mixup! Hey everyone! It’s Daigo! I’m gonna be updating for Pokejungle on what goes on on this weeks Pokemon … Read more

Oha Suta Vid: What I missed

httpv:// *Note: Please watch the video from yesterday if you have not already. I’m not going to bother re-translating stuff that has already been covered, so this is mostly from Serebii at the moment: New attacks called “Grass Vow” (tsutaja), “Fire Vow” (pokabu), and “Soak” (Mamanbou) The “Tower of Heaven” bit is a mission in which you … Read more