New Cat Pokemon (UPD)

Hey Pokejunglers! I was bit hesitant to post this a few hours ago  considering that it originated from PokeExperto, and the only reason I’m actually posting this after a few hours of debating is because I finally got a clearer image and that makes it confirmed now. 😀 This image came from the Can’t Wait! … Read more

New Character: Riine *FAKE*

A *very* small scan has just leaked showing us the bottom corner of a new female character: Riine [ree-neh].  The poster on 2ch who linked this image named them as the leader of Team Plasma.  The caption does indeed state that this character is indeed some kind of mysterious leader and is after Iris. Also … Read more

Best Wishes News

As was advertised on Pokemon Sunday, a small amount of news was revealed on today’s episode of anime.  :3  Wouldn’t give you any spoilers from Ash’s match though! Yanappu is Dento’s!  Grass trainer?!  And of course Ash’s obligatory costume change :p  Also Ash is revealed as catching a Mamepato.  If you want to see promotional … Read more

Dento Just Got Even Cooler (UPD)

Hey guys! Your loyal PJN minion ozymandis here! 😀 We’ve officially past the “one more month” mark until the release of Pokemon: Black and White! Since PJN has now officially started on the Pokemon: Best Wishes anime news, I’ve decided to give you a little news on our own mascot Dento! The voice actor who will play … Read more

Best Wishes: New Characters (UPD: Vid)

Normally I don’t cover anime news, but I want to watch ‘Best Wishes’ just for fun, so I’m going to cover some of the major news that comes out.  Thanks PokeMark for the tip off on this news! UPD: translations and small bits by Kriffix In the picture above we have a new character, Shooty. Shooty … Read more