New Cat Pokemon (UPD)

Hey Pokejunglers!

I was bit hesitant to post this a few hours ago  considering that it originated from PokeExperto, and the only reason I’m actually posting this after a few hours of debating is because I finally got a clearer image and that makes it confirmed now. 😀

This image came from the Can’t Wait! Pokemon Sunday BW Special! commercial that was on the official TV Tokyo website, so it’s 100% legit.  😛 The Pokemon Sunday cast is supposed to reveal brand new Pokemon in this episode. Not to mention the special guest appearence of Masuda! Also, Tabunne was seen in anime form. Cute, but not really any thing to exciting. The episode, like we’ve reported before, will air on September 16th.

So what do you guys think about this mysterious little cat? What typing do you think it is? I’m thinking Dark or Psychic. September 15th, something big is gonna happen…mark your calendars.

peace and love —ozymandis

P.S Maybe it’s just me because I’m the one updating this, but has anyone else noticed that all these leaks and such always come out around this time when i’m the only one awake out of the team. Then again I am only an hour behind Japan. :S

P.P.S  T minus 12 days until the Pokemon Black and White Release!