New Cat Pokemon (UPD)

Hey Pokejunglers!

I was bit hesitant to post this a few hours ago  considering that it originated from PokeExperto, and the only reason I’m actually posting this after a few hours of debating is because I finally got a clearer image and that makes it confirmed now. 😀

This image came from the Can’t Wait! Pokemon Sunday BW Special! commercial that was on the official TV Tokyo website, so it’s 100% legit.  😛 The Pokemon Sunday cast is supposed to reveal brand new Pokemon in this episode. Not to mention the special guest appearence of Masuda! Also, Tabunne was seen in anime form. Cute, but not really any thing to exciting. The episode, like we’ve reported before, will air on September 16th.

So what do you guys think about this mysterious little cat? What typing do you think it is? I’m thinking Dark or Psychic. September 15th, something big is gonna happen…mark your calendars.

peace and love —ozymandis

P.S Maybe it’s just me because I’m the one updating this, but has anyone else noticed that all these leaks and such always come out around this time when i’m the only one awake out of the team. Then again I am only an hour behind Japan. :S

P.P.S  T minus 12 days until the Pokemon Black and White Release!

    1. ahah ya i noticed. xD

      i acidently clicked the publish button on the article that i was hesitant to post about an hour ago. 😛

      1. More so that it has the same ears and is purple. But yes, I know Delcatty will not get an evolution. Personally, I don’t want Delcatty to get an evolution because I like it the way it is.

  1. The silhouette from pokeExperto doesn’t match the feline pokemon in that picture.
    This is all rather wierd.

  2. Yeah, why trust a major site, who’s had insider info before, that’ve maintained the starters are 100% real since they first laid eyes on them (the post on their site with them in it is now nearly 1 week old), even providing evidence to other webmasters. Definitely sounds like a shifty bunch to me.

    Or, you know, they were real all along or something. I dunno.

    1. uh…whoever dissed serebii…NO

      serebii is god-like in these terms and i have trusted them for almost five years now, i’ve seen a bunch of commentors here use the whole “lapras pre-evo” mistake as an example of serebii’s apparent “un-reliable-ness” but that’s just a load of BS. Back in the pre-DP days a shellos did look like a damn lapras pre-evo! serebii didn’t get it wrong, they, along with many other sites, just made a careless mistake based on appearence, and i know for a fact that we all base pokemon evos/pre-evos based on appearence.

      as much as me, PJ and the rest of the team appreciate your dedication, you shouldn’t diss other sites/web masters in the process 🙂

      so no more hatin’ on othr sites k? 😀

      1. see, YOUR attitude towards other sites is why i choose yours and not some douchebag water pokémon trainers page. i mean, why would he keep all those crossed-out links on his layout? so we can want to see things that he doesn’t have anymore? ugh. so many things are wrong there. positive people like you guys are the type of people we make music for.

      2. I agree! I have trusted Serebii for years and rely on it more then any other website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Also-I think Dento will get the cat Pokemon since it is next to Yanuppu and looks PokemonMusical-ish.
        P.s It looks heaps like Glameow!

    2. Sab, irrelevant but just a quick question if I may.
      Do you guys at Serebii curently or have you ever reported that Mamanbou is a Luvdisc evolution?

      Because i’m really not getting that vibe. Whats more is that I feel there may be no new evos. If you guys at Serebii feels this way too with your inside info then i’d feel more assured. Personally what do you think?

      1. Although I’ve personally moved away from it being an evo of Luvdisc recently, we’ve not discussed Mamambou much in our discussion. I’m pretty much in the dark as to Serebii’s info unless he chooses to tell me (like with the starters), although I did stumble across Victini’s type by accident 😛

        Anyway, supposing that 156 is the true number of New Pokemon (and it is, as far as I’ve been told), there are no cross-gen evos. So, I’d say that they’re not related.

      2. I dont really know.. I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Serebii fan but with no info at all from Serebii, I believe Mamanbou is an evo of Luvdisc

  3. New pokémon cat! Do want! The image looks real though…
    Unlike the starters, those images were way too clear for unconfirmed pokémon.

  4. Hey guys don’t know if you know this yet but pokexperto had the silhouette of the cat Pokemon up 3 hours before the trailer for this special was shown. Which means something’s up. The starters are starting to look realer and realer.

  5. Considering Pokexperto had the silohuette up before that trailer even aired, we can safely say he is legit.

    Something else Pokexperto claims:
    number 506 after Miruhoggu is a Shih Tzu like dog, with golden-brown hair. Normal type.
    number 507 is its evo, a longer dog with the same face, but with a moustache. Face and legs golden, body is dark gray. Also Normal type.
    So I guess now that we know Pokexperto is legit, we can take this (and the starter evos) as real.

      1. Dude, the starter evos ARE real. Stop being in denial.

        And you’re saying he just randomly guessed this cat Pokemon with such accuracy? Please.

        1. I have not seen any prove for them other than “I HAVE INSIDE INFO”. There are lots of errors and mistakes that Sugimori and them wouldn’t make. It also doesn’t seem like anything Sugimori would make either.

        2. Why would a otter standing on two legs go to a weird thing that looks nothing like the one before and stands on four legs?
          Are they sure the “inside source” didn’t just look at mijumaru’s first evo and tsutaja’s first evo and say “yep it’s real”?

          1. Uh, I think the inside source would know what is real and what is not. -_-

            Fact is, both Serebii and Pokexperto’s source say the starters are real. Just because YOU think they have mistakes or don’t look like something Sugimori would draw doesn’t mean they are fake. There’s just no way in hell the starters evo can be fake at this point. People need to come to terms with that.

          2. What? Just because he got one thing right, everything else is right? Putting fakes within real pokemon to make it look real is a common thing.

          3. He didn’t just guess this cat. His source leaked it to him, and now we know it’s real. So we know he isn’t just BSing. We can trust him.

          4. I keep saying this. Just because one thing was right doesn’t mean the others are. For all we know, the video may have already been up on the website and melkor randomly typed in urls and found it. Can I see a link for the silhouette?

            And there’s still plenty of evidence stating starter evos are fake. 1, the creator didn’t get rid of mijumaru’s evo’s head(I’m just going to call the 1st evo rakkonosuke and tsutaja’s Tsutacake) and as a result, there is a black round thing sticking out in tsutacake’s photo, perfectly fits. 2nd, if his “Source” had the actual game, he wouldn’t make that fake screenshot. 3rd, the mijumaru third evo has no resemblence of the pokemon before.(even remoraid and Octillery were related in that remoraid was a gun and Octillery was a tank)4th, there those gifs saying they were based off of yadayadayada.

        3. Please excuse me for reasonably arguing with your statement with this arsenal of animated gifs made by the lovely Suave Squirtle (whom I now worship) on Pokebeach-
          Pokabu’s second form-
          Pokabu’s final form-
          Tsutaja’s second form-
          Tsutaja’s final form-
          Mijumaru’s final form-

          Ooh, hey, have this picture as well- (dont forget to read the bottom)

          I think they’re fake.

          1. Yes, I’ve seen all the arguments. (Those aren’t gifs, btw)
            And I understand. But Serebii’s source has never been wrong before, so if he says these Pokemon are real, I believe him. Besides, this is just anime sketches. Not official, final Sugimori art. Minor errors aren’t unusual.

          2. If they were anime sketches then they would have lines all over them just like the beta sheet so that they could compare sizes with the previous evos and the other pokemon.

            And, Hejiru, it’s possible for people to lie. Gamefreak would never allow the starter evolutions to be leaked and them be the real ones. While I don’t want to use the Shellos example, Serebii HAS been wrong before. Even he believed that the Flower Owl Pokemon (whose name escapes me) was real and even put it into the gen 5 pokemon section before taking it out after it was proven fake.

          3. Well… yes his source has not… but as I said, that does NOT mean he can’t lie. And, two other things. I would be able to believe his source more, if I knew who his damn source was. And two, as many others have stated before me, I’m not going to take ‘a secret souce told me’ as a legitament reason for me to believe these starters.

            I’ll believe them if NINTENDO and GAME FREAK, tells me. September 18th, 12 days until we know for sure.

          4. Most of that “proof” posted these days is hilariously silly and critically flawed, but the Licky-Pokabu one is easily the worst.

            I’m supposed to believe that someone needed to trace a Lickilicky, of all things, for a simple oval, then opened Photoshop, stretched the image vertically, and then (the same talentless hack who can’t draw an oval on his own) somehow, magically drew a convincing Pokemon on on top of that.

            Even if they are fake, what’s so hard to believe or understand about the fact that Japan is full of talented artists who can draw from scratch, without having to pathetically copy and paste bits and pieces of other things?

            Western artists have done this before (Skymin), but since you are all so desperate to prove these wrong, no one in Japan can do it anymore, LOL .

            Ockham’s Razor anyone?

            BTW, I remember hearing rumors somewhere (maybe here?) about a “new brown eyed cat”.
            Maybe this is that one?

          5. That was my first thought too, but it dosen’t look like it has brown eyes. But then, the image is poor quality.

          6. Serebii has lost a lot of my respect for legitament information this gen. Personally though, I DO trust Serebii, who I don’t trust is Pokexperto who started these starter evolutions rumors, passed them off as real, then tried to prove they were real by saying he ‘had an inside source’ and ‘he had the game’ by showing a screenshot of him playing it although his pokabu evolution was named Mijumaru. Now he’s saying he still has the game and he’s saying the exact number of pokemon YET Serebii hasn’t posted that info because his ‘source’ hasn’t told him. Why would a SPANISH site have a better source than FREAKIN’ SEREBII?

          7. I don’t think Pokexperto was the one who posted that fake screenshot.

            And Serebii did say his source told him there werw 156 Pokemon.

          8. What about the Tentaquil thing, It’s fake, and it has the same background as the alleged Starter’s evos. So it means thats also proof that the starter’s evos are fake.

          9. Here’s the link to the one I saw:

            And with that, I’m outta here. This argument is just going in circles. I’ve explained all my positions. If you disagree, whatever, that’s your choice. We’ll see when the games come out. Until then, I’m sick of arguing with you people. Later.

        4. Oh and Serebii’s also wrong that before Diamond & Pearl is released in Japan, He said Shellos is the pre-evo of Lapras.

    1. Don’t be so naive. The only way to be 100% sure about anything is to wait for official confirmation, or in this case, leaks from an official source. Until them, stop forcing your opinion on others.

      1. I wasn’t trying to “force an opinion.” I was just saying that since Pokexperto got the cat right, the other stuff is probably true as well. I never meant to imply it was 100% confirmed. Just that it had a higher chance of being true than just any old rumor.

        1. The silhouette doesn’t seem to match up with that cat completely. Until they show the silhouette I will be doubtful that some random spanish site could have insider info.

          1. Of course it dosen’t match completely. It’s probably in a slightly different pose; Lots of Pokemon in that trailer are in different poses. Plus the image is quite blurry.

    2. It should be noted that no one ever said that the pictures of the starter evolutions we have are the official, finalised and soon-to-be-published Sugimori art of the starters evolutions, merely that the overall design was real. If these pictures were taken in the development or editting stages, that could well explain the ‘mistakes’ that you supposedly uncovered in them, and possibly even the supposed evidence of photoshopping, if edits or colourings had been tried out using these photographs as a base.

      As for the cat not matching this silhouette I’m struggling to find a picture of, if you pay attention to the news post, or, for that matter, ANY of the pokemon in the advert, you’ll notice none of them exactly match their Sugimori art, since they are anime in the form of artwork, which often lacks the detail of the official game art. You can see this easily by comparing Sugi and Anime Minezumi. Thus, if the silhouette is of Sugimori art, as all past silhouettes have been, that could well explain the lack of some features/details between the two versions, especially considering the miniscule size of the current cat picture.

  6. Its name will be Psymese, just sayin it first.

    There is a rumor from Pokexperto’s twitter that there will be a Shih Tzu pokemon. This would actually make a lot of sense for two asian dogs to be in the game early.

  7. well I see the trend of having a new cat every generation is continuing lol, someone should make a kitty team X3

  8. I bet in a clear image the new cat will look roughed up… The way Alley cats usually appear.

    New York = Alley cats!! Lol
    maybe it will have uproar, since those cats sit on fences and sing/meow (in cartoons)

  9. the pokemon at the EXTREME right side of the photo

    yannapu→→green pokemon and i dont think is gearu,maybe winpillar cocoon form

  10. i still hope for the starters evo’s to be fake

    also i hope the new cat isnt normal type, i feel like we have had enough normal type cats, lets see something different, also please no physic dont we already have enough of those types this gen?

  11. Here’s a direct quote from PokeExperto on the starter evos (translated into English):

    “We assure you that these Pokémon are real.”

    I’m gonna LMAO if they turn out to be fake XD

    Oh and btw, that cat is a bamf….just sayin’.

  12. The program featuring Masuda is the 12th, this one a totally different one, and will air the 16th.

    I’ve got to say that I feel offended because of the fact that you consider Pokexperto a bad source, even thouth you post everyday pathetic rumors taking from elsewhere.

    If you consider Pokexperto information as rumor, why don’t you post it? And plenty of those “rumours” are being confirmed those days and many English well-known sources confirm them, such as Serebii, that confirmed that the number of new Pokémon Pokexperto said they are is totally true.

    Do you want up-to-the-minute information? Check pokexperto’s twitter.

    That cat is Dark, for you to know.

    See you!

    1. I don’t know where we’ve said Experto is a bad source :p I’m just wary to post information from a Spanish site that apparently seems to have a Japanese contact. Its a bit like the “telephone” game with all that translating.

      1. OK I understand. Thank you very much for your reply.

        But if you want to check pokexperto’s twitter, you are not going to have any problem because he writes in English.

        1. I will say, however, I do know that Experto does have some inside information. That’s not something I doubt.

    2. The difference is, Pokejungle posts rumours as rumours, not as facts without evidence to back them up. Nothing wrong with discussing rumours, I for one find it fun, but they are just rumours, and I personally don’t consider them beyond rumours without sufficient backing. So don’t go hating on Pokejungle for doing its fans a service and letting us know about all BW-related info, whether it be solid facts or exciting rumours.

      1. I know romours are funny to discuss and I’ve been looking for rumous plenty of times because I find it exciting.

        But the problem is that I understood from this post that he/she is not posting rumours from pokexperto for some reason (now I know). And I feel as a pokexperto has been showing correctness, the rumous coming from this site should be menctioned. (I find them more trustful that the ones from 2ch). That is all.

        As I could chat with pokexperto’s master, I tell you some “rumours” they said.

        – There is no one old Pokemon evolving or having a pre-evolution on the 5th Gen.
        – There is 156 new Pokemon. Total of 649.
        – Some of the first Pokemon we will encounter will include Minezumi, a Normal type dog Pokemon (that evolves two times) and this Dark type cat.

        See you!

        1. Are saying that pokejungle isn’t posting any rumors from Melkor because he doesn’t trust spanish people? pokejungle isn’t racist,(infact he says “be nice” when people say racist jokes) he just doesn’t want to post those rumors because the whole point for Melkor doing this stuff is so other famous sites could post it up as well, and he believes that the starters are fake. nothing more than that.

    1. @Thexel: Look closer at that silhouette. The body doesn’t match the actual design, and the head is larger. And if you look closely, you can see a white line running through its hind leg. It’s fake. =/

        1. Yes how so? it seem true to me and everyone one else there.

    1. He even said he barely can speak English so he is doing the best he can. Some of the people on 4chan even said the coding was correct. If this isn’t real this has to be one of the best (and politest) trolls I have ever seen.

  13. they need to make a pokemon based on a cheetah or wildcat or tiger ive yet to see a pokemon based on a tiger

    1. What if the legendary trio was a lion, tiger, and cheetah.

      1. no actually it is a legendary do thing

        1. sorry meant legendary dog

        1. Isn’t a dog a canine?

          1. Yes, canine means dog. Feline means cat.
            Arcanine is a dog. Not a tiger. Raikou might be a (sable tooth) tiger.

        1. I see him as a weird cat

  14. We’ve had a lot of cats. Meowth and Persian, Skitty and Delcatty, Glameow and Purugly, and now this guy. I’m not complaining, though. I want that thing on my team. Looks like it might be dark or psychic (or both, that’d be pretty cool). I hope it gets a cool looking evolution (unlike Glameow and Purugly).

  15. To those saying that Pokexperto is right now that he has said something correct:

    Martijn. Remember him? He trolled us all (or was trolled and unintentionally second-hand trolled us all) with a sea of bogus information, and a few things that have shown some accuracy. This is the same sort of situation. Pokexperto’s source is making stuff up, and tossing in a few bits of real information to make himself seem more credible.

    I know your response. “But Serebii’s source has confirmed Pokexperto’s information.” Well duh. Of course “Serebii’s source” has confirmed the info. Because Serebii asked the SAME PERSON whose been giving Pokexperto his info. There aren’t two different sources saying the same thing, there is one source, being believed by multiple webmasters.

    Whether the starters are real or not, or whether any of this is real, we still have no reason to trust Pokexperto and his “special source.” He has not said anything that later turned out to be true. He may have talked about this cat once the ad showing the cat aired in Japan. That doesn’t mean he had advanced information. That means he watched the ad.

    Until CoroCoro or Pokemon Sunday show the material, it is false. Kind of like the legal system in America has “innocent until proven guilty”, we don’t trust random claims until we can verify them. The cat, for instance, has been verified. This does not give the slightest bit of credibility to anything else said alongside news of the cat.


    1. You’re right i think he watched the ad and made a silhouette, that is why silhouette and cat in ad are different in some points.

  16. hey guys gamemaker here just thought i’d post some of the rumors i saw on serebii.
    Tsutaja- Smugleaf or Ivyper.
    Pokabu- Buroink.
    Mijimaru- Wotter.
    Minezumi- Hypmunk.
    Chillarmy- Chillarmy.
    Gear- Gear.
    Swana- Swana.
    Victini- Victiny.
    Zorua- Zolua.
    Zoroark- Zoloark.
    Reshiram- Reshiram.
    Zekrom- Zekrom.
    Also, if you go on PokeBeach and scroll down to the end of the page and hit 2. Then scroll down a tiny bit and make the Best Wishes poster larger. Move it around to where you can see the top left corner. You will see what looks like a legendary bird!
    Here’s the link:

      1. scroll down a tiny bit, when you see the poster, look at the red bird right by the girl’s hand in the top right corner.

    1. These were put on the comments here yesterday. We’ve seen them… and I highly doubt that the fan names for Tsutaja and Mijumaru will be the real names so I’m just going to assume they’re fake.

    2. Okay, I’ll bite. I think these names are better:

      Tsutaja: Vypalm
      Pokabu: Pigaboom
      Mijumaru: Splotter
      Mamanbou: Valendisc
      Mamepato: Flidgeon
      Giaru: Rotogear
      Muuna: Droma
      Mushana: Dremagin
      Ononokusu: Gildenox
      Meguroku: Crocodune
      Minezumi: Chipsqueak
      Miruhoggu: Prarihog
      Gigaiasu: Quadrok
      Moguryu: Mogger
      Doryuzu: Mogdrill
      Shimama: Zazebra
      Hihidaruma: Bamboon
      Darumakka: Baroon
      the supposed monkey trio: Frimate (fire), Brimate (water), Trimate (grass)
      Emonga: Aririsu
      Basurao: Trullet
      Gochiruzeru: Constella
      Rankurusu: Zonkulus
      Swanna, Wargle, Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom, Chillarmy, Zorua, Zoroark all keep names

      1. Weird…Valendisk?Zazebra?BAMBOON! They wont give a pokemon a real animal name! Pigaboom…Ha!

    1. It is fake. Have a look. If u look closely u can see that it has just been copyed and pasted from somewhere else.

  17. whether, for seven minutes to put the image on the site was withdrawn … it is rare not? perhaps filter them
    is one of the best pokemon in Spain pages Pokejungle.
    They always something new and often before anyone else …

    a few months ago drew a picture that came up two weeks later: o

    Membership would be a good pokejunge yesyesyes not believe? jaja

  18. PT: I believe the animal name you’re looking for is -baboon-; that’s minus the M. <_<

    Bamboon is a combination of "bam" (like an explosion) and "baboon."

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