General News (UPD2)

The fakemon above took PJN commentors only 20minutes to figure out, kudos to lumpaland for pointing me to the sprite that was actually designed for a fan project ‘Pokemon Lunar Dark / Solar Light‘.

The Tsutaaja evo sprite is something that popped up on 4chan the other night but may be legit.  There is evidence that points to this being real.

PokeExperto says the new cat pokemon is a dark type as well.  Take that how you will.

<3 pokejungle

  1. Maybe real… it must be a little hard editing that Musical background anyway… but I dunno XD

    But I think its based on a parrot with a “letter” on it :3

  2. It could be that Pokemon that was revealed before (I think it was in the same picture as the blue octopus) but the picture was too blurry to see, plus it was covered with too many accessories

    1. WTF? the parrot is fake, yes. but those starters are also ¡FAKE! why don’t you say that on your “website” oh and where is that “special source”? I want to see it, otherwise I won’t believe you.

    1. not nessecerally sometimes the people who make the pokemon games use ideas of others and in this case they are probably using the paraot in the game and paid the maker money for it however I am very doubtful about this and do not trust it yet

  3. If this one is fake just because of the proof you gave, then that would mean the starters are fake to. Think about it 😉

  4. Maybe it’s the rumored grass type parrot or it’s evo. PJ did have on a rumor page not to long ago.

  5. I don’t speak spanish so, I rely on google translate a bit…But I think they said on the post that this was on another site(not sure what that acronym stands for) but, was taken off shortly after being posted.

    1. The site is Tgbos, but if you type it at google it suggests Tgbus
      someone posted the pic and it was retired 7 minutes after, that’s what the say.
      I think it is fake, btw

  6. The shape of the screenshot is a bit odd, why has it been cropped? :/
    The ultra high quality of the image seems a bit suspicious too..

  7. Guys it’s fake, just look at my previous post. And I’m not just messing with you guys, I have seen this fakemon many times before.

  8. jajjaja will have a good camera does not seem real to me and I think it is this that I left behind with the blue octopus

    also … Infogames pokemon has also reported many pokemon that have turned out to be true

  9. Serebii is a homophobic peaice of garbage! his Op Raikuga kicked me out of his chatroom for saying I am a Proud gay man in his main chat room I have been crying all night

    1. Considering I pretend to hit on Serebii all the time on AIM and he hasn’t blocked me… 😐 I don’t know why you’d feel the need to say you’re a proud gay man though, but I don’t know the context of your conversation.

      1. everytime i say im gay in his chatroom is ops kick me out im just looking for a fellow gay pokemon fan to chat with in his chat but they kick me out so ive had enough and needed to say how I feel about it everywhere

    1. Hey, Pokejungle, do you mind if you give me the link to where Pokexperto puts up this stuff? It never seems to be on the main page.

      1. To be honest I don’t know where it is, Serebii and I were just discussing it and it’s from a post he made on bmgf I think

        1. I don’t necessarily believe it yet, as anyone could have made a sprite in the time that’s passed since they were revealed as ‘real,’ but it does add a bit more evidence to the debate.

          Very interesting. If he /does/ put it up anywhere, could you link me to it?

    1. Yeah i don’t like them

  10. pokexperto fakes out more than anyone that you may notice on your website took more than four years … and that is a fake from a drawing deviantart

    Hay que decir que pocas paginas españolas son de gran calidad jajaja las mejores por mi parte son PKstation, Zona safari, Pokemon Infogames y centro pokemon 🙂 mi español es bueno verdad XD

  11. I really hope the sprite is real! I decided I really like the grass and water evos, and I’m ok with the fire one too <3

    1. I hate the final water one and the fires

      1. Mijumaru’s evolution is horrible as it makes no sense, and Pokabu’s I don’t mind, but a third, CONSECUTIVE Fire/Fighting type is just crossing the line.

        1. Yeah no more fire/fighting altough Blazekin and Inferape are cool. And I want my samurai otter! My Mijumaru will only evolve once now. but I bet they’re fake.

          1. And my pokabu will stay pokabu if they are real.

        2. Actually, somewhere on Pokebeach Forums had come up with reasons why the starters made sense, and they were actually really well done!

      2. I really don’t like alleged starter evos, but seeing this tsutarja evo sprite, I must say that this is first time that it actually looks real.
        Who knows, maybe final mijumaru evolution is real too (I’m still hoping that it is not)

          1. Yeah don’t take their cookies we got brownies!

          2. Ai , you made me laugh 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m not going to the dark side… yet. But with all these news around that are saying that those evos are true and this new tsutarja final evo sprite, I must say, with tears in my eyes, that my poor mijumaru just might evolve into that horrible thing… I’m so definiely using everstone on him

  12. Idk if it’s just me, but I find the fakemons cooler than most of the legit new ones…

    Fuck, I loved the emo fish pokemon that appeared with the chubby yanappu a few months ago 🙁

        1. Thouht that was someone’s version of Bassuro

  13. There’s a lot of things I could say about why I think the starter evos are fake, but I won’t. Instead I’ll say that I don’t believe in them until they are proven real, and if they are real, I’ll second guess buying Black or White.

    1. While I do agree that they are fake, that’s actually kind of extreme. There’s lots of other pokemon besides the starters out there.

      1. Yeah if you can’t stand the starters get a different pokemon

  14. You Chikorita needs to level up.
    I want that rumours page& their sources.
    And the confirmed info page.
    Sorry for being pushy.

  15. that screen shot of tsu’s evo is fake. All of the dex screens weve seen have a GREEN grid design, this one is BLUE, if this is pokexperto’s undeniable proof that the evo’s are real. well then that means the evos are fake, because the screen shot is fake.

    1. I checked up on that the second I saw the sprite but I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be the pokedex or not. It could not be the pokedex, the pokedex might have the option of being able to change colors (similar to the pokegear in hgss) or it could turn blue after national dex for all we know. While I do want to prove them fake as much as anyone, that still isn’t enough evidence.

      1. Agreed.
        But, I wonder why it came up on 4chan…someone should check on 2chan before concluding this as possible evidence to it being real. Although somebody mentioned somewhere else that people with…. something and proxy and confusion…:S
        ….well something about something being rare ><

  16. I think people need to relax about the starters. I’m 50/50 on the whole real/fake thing and I think everyone should view the starters as simply new pokemon as if they were pokemon you didn’t like revealed in corocoro and not as something that could make or break the game.

      1. Yeah go samurai otters!

      2. Seriously, if these DO turn out fake, then all the faker had to do was make the color scheme of Mijumaru 2nd stage look more believable and actually make the third look like a samurai, and EVERYONE would have believed it after Serebii ‘confirmed’ it.

        (I’m apparently commenting like crazy. Just noticed I’m second on the top commentors.)

        1. yeah Miju2’s colors are weird

  17. For god sakes, they are FAKE. IT WAS PROVEN WITH SOME KIND OF FORENSIC ANALYSIS. Stop saying they’re real or legit, because they aren’t. That Tsutaja evolution was on deviantart the day the starters were first revealed. I am MAD at the stupidity of others who actually THINK IT’S REAL! Jesus CHRIST! I will laugh so hard at the little crying faggots when Nintendo reveals the real evolutions.

    1. Please don’t use the fag-word~

      I don’t care of the starter evolutions are true or not until we get evidence that points one way or another. I could care less D;

    2. Calmdown. To much caps

  18. In just over a week, part of my life will be gone.

    What will I, what will we, that don’t want any game-play walk-through/info do after the release? 😐

    Also, I like how this is the only site not confirming/saying that they are almost real, the starter evos 🙂

  19. bleh.
    if those are true i guess no water/fighting Miju.
    i was really hoping for that..
    even before we found out it learned Revenge/Shell Blade/etc..

    i’m still picking Miju anyway.

    1. Yeah even though Gamefreak disgracced Mijumaru he is still my favorite starter of all time along with Pokabu

      1. i’m not sure if Miju is my FAVORITE.
        i’m still in love with Cyndaquil and his evos since Silver was my first game,
        but Miju’s up there.

        1. Ahhh Cyndaquil I forgot you so it’s 1.Cyndaquil/Mijumaru 2.Pokabu/Treecko 3.Turtiwg/Chikorita 4.Torchic/Mudkip 5.Kanto starters 6.Chimchar/Totodile 7.Smugleaf/Piplup

        1. Well if it’s real Gamefreak if fake then Melkor

  20. Hey pokejungle, whats the evidence that points to the screen shot being legit? Can you share or is it all hush-hush like with Joe?

          1. Archaic posted it asking if it was real or not because he couldn’t tell…and it isn’t real. It’s fake.

          1. Thank you! 😀 I really love your site, and i’m glad your not all hus-hush like the douche known as Pokexperto, what a troll

  21. Uh, the tsutaaja evo pic is supposed to be a pokedex entry right?

    Then why is it facing the wrong side?

    1. We don’t know if it’s a pokedex entry or not. The pokedex entries that have been shown have had a green gridline in the background but Tsutaja evo’s has a blue gridline. It could very well mean they’re fake but as I said in another comment-

      “I checked up on that the second I saw the sprite but I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be the pokedex or not. It could not be the pokedex, the pokedex might have the option of being able to change colors (similar to the pokegear in hgss) or it could turn blue after national dex for all we know. While I do want to prove them fake as much as anyone, that still isn’t enough evidence.”

          1. Actually, I just went looking around the pokedex pictures. Victini’s facing the direction Smugestleaf (my fan name) is facing. Also, Pokabu seems to be in the information sheet page, which might reverse there direction… but in the non data part of the pokedex that merely lists the pokedex entries by their numerical order (which I assume this is because of the darker black bars behind its body. Also, above it is not green grids but black grids, and again, this could prove it’s fake or it could merely mean that we can change the color of the pokedex if we wish.

            Yay for accomplishing nothing!

          2. I’m more concerned with the fact that it’s overlapping the boundary between the grey box and the grid-lines. Victini, Tsutarja, Pokabu and Chiramii are all shown to be inside the box. In addition, going from the Victini picture, there should only be 2 lines of grid-lined boxes above the grey box, yet here we have 4. Of course, the box could descend and colours change depending on the evolutionary stage of the pokemon, but the amount of empty grey that would leave seems odd to say the least. Add to that the lack of the all-around sharp black edges seen around other pokedex sprites to contrast it against the background, and I think it might be a fake sprite.

      1. Uh, why does the sprite show the cape’s collar as part of the snake’s head when it’s part of the pokemon’s neck in the official art?

  22. Pokexpertos Twitter is full of info! Hes revealing the entire dex, seems that the cat evolves into a panther! Great!
    Btw, pokejungle, great page. I used to visit pokebeach a lot, but my heart belongs to you now xD

        1. hmm for some reason i can’t see his new tweets 🙁 well whether he actually has information or not, it will be interesting if he releases a new pokemon a day, even if they are fake

        1. Haha. I still remeber that incident back when there was a fight for the 4th gen english names. O.o

          Whats up with the race to get things first? and blackmail xD

        2. Can you translate that cause I can’t speak spanish

          1. you should learn spanish. its a beautiful language.

            No 510 : A panther Pokémon. Most of its body is purple, but legs, head and body marks are light brown. Very elegant and slender. Oh, the panther is also Dark Type

            His tweets are both in english and spanish

          2. Pa Pa Americano!
            Ever heard of google translate? Or are you just spamming in an attempt to be top commentor? 😛

          3. @Burokkoli:

            Google translator SUCKS hard, it translates word by word, you’ll never be able to understand anything completely.

    1. This particular accessory might be fake….

      however chances are high that there will be a few bows to put on your pokemon, it’s not like it’s an outlandish accessory.

  23. you know what would be so funny if the pokabus 3rd evolution was actually Mijumarus and Mijumarus 3rd evolution was Pokabus that woul be funny and they did that to throw us off so we wont know the truth until the game actually comes out

  24. hey guys i just wanted to let you know that they are definitely making a ruby/sapphire/emerald remake and if my calculations are correct, they will start making it soon and they will say the information after black and white is rleased in America.

      1. We actually don’t know if it will be after the games or after the remake of B/W.
        Gen III: Ruby/Sapphire, FireRed/LeafGreen, and Emerald.
        Gen IV: Diamond/Pearl, Platinum, and HeartGold/SoulSilver.
        They most likely will be made though.

    1. Why do we need an Emerald remake? Why didn’t we get a crystal remake?

      R/S remake is a given though…sooner or later…

  25. The sprite seems incredibly accurate, though someone could’ve still sprited it using the official art. Even still, I’m becoming more convinced, and the leaked images match how the anime’s art is done so there’s a good chance they could be legit.

    Either way it doesn’t bother me. I like the supposed evolutions, unlike alot of people (you guys need to be more open-minded), so if they actually are real, great! If not, then I look forward to something else. P:

    1. Yeah, starting to get convinced as well.

      I just don’t like the 3rd for mijumaru, that’s all. the others are fine.

      1. Also starting to think it would be better to just suck it up instead of hoping for it to be fake. It would be a win-win situation

  26. Isn’t pokexperto the guy that posted the fake grass owl and Pokabu evolution screenshots? Why should we believe anything he says?

  27. I think Game Freak should wait one more gen before releasing an RS remake; those games are probably still fresh in everyone’s minds. I’d say wait until we get a sixth generation on the 3DS, then release Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS.

    1. i know im saying its been 7 years so you should know that since they seem to always release new pokemon games in spring, that it will have been over eight years, and they have already done the remakes of gold and silver, so spring 2011 i suspect they will come out.

      1. If there would be a R/S remake(which I really think we need even though I love R/S) it would be on the 10th anniversary like all the other remakes. We don’t need to keep getting pokemon games every year, my wallet is already empty as it is.

          1. i know but its becoming a fact ever since platinum. Platinum spring 2009, soulsilver and heartgold spring 2010, and now black and white spring 2011. so what they might do is the third version will be spring 2012 then the R/S/E will be 2013.

  28. I Belive The Tsutaja Evo Sprite Is Fake Its A Diffrent Background From The Gen V Pokedex Background.
    Also Pokexperto Said That Their Will Be A New Normal Dog Pokemon.So I Think That The Dark Cat You Can Only Get In Black City(Pokemon Black) and The Dog In White Forest(Pokemon White).If The Dog Does Exist Like They Say

  29. from Melkor profile in bulbagarden forums

    Did you know there are only 16 Dark types at Isshu PokeDex? Wow!

    I like the way he spreads the info

    1. This melkor stuff is getting kind of ridiculous… he’s just teasing everyone with his info. If he has the game then he should just release everything instead of hinting at the fanbase 🙁

      1. But people are talking about the cat’s evolution as something coming from his Twitter, which his website has but not his Twitter page.

  30. The way I’m sort of looking at this is IF all of PokeExperto’s info is correct, then we’ll know to trust him from now on. However, if he’s been making all this crap up the entire time, then we can nuke his site with bombs of Pokefan fueled hate 😀

    1. The whole incident from 07 is making the situation so complicated. I think i’ll just live with the evo’s and if they’re fake, wohoo, if the’yre not, wohoo as well.

          1. by the way both serebii AND wpm got banned over the english name of buizel, because they FLAMED each other over it

      1. Maybe this whole starter thing is pokexperto’s revenge for what happened in 2007 😮

        This is getting juicy :p

  31. more info from our friend melkor

    his “random guess” in bmgf
    17 Water Pokémon.
    20 Grass Pokémon.
    15 Fire Pokémon.


      1. theres a thread in bulbagarden named “Black & White Speculation Contest – Final: Numbers of Pokémon”

        he said in his post that it was his guess but i think its not random at all. he knows the exact numbers, thats why i used “”

        1. There better be a prize for getting the closest numbers because if there isn’t that would be extremely childish(even though posting in a speculation contest after knowing “inside info” is childish enough)

          1. There is a prize. As one of the staff in the Black and White section, I’ll make certain that the prize is awarded fairly.

  32. lol and the flame wars on the starter evos continue. I really wanna see the looks on peoples faces if these turn out to be real or vice versa XD I’m just keeping an open mind as of now though my aqua senses are making me lean more on the real side as if these are fakes then out of all the fakes, these seem the most sugimori like. I’m heavily into art so I do pick up on style differences. However i’m still not holding my breath.. it still can go on either side of the coin. I’ll most likely end up ditching my starter half way through the game anyway >>’

  33. So, 4chan posted that Tsutaja evo sprite? I repeat, THAT 4chan? They’re probably just trolling them Pokemon fans.

    Back to the final evos, THEY’RE. FAKE. Seriously, GF can do better that that! Besides, that’s what all those fakers do, try to insist that they’re real. It is the Internet, after all, one person can easily claim those were leaked just to enjoy the fans rip each other apart.

      1. Ok so it was posted by BulbaGardens webmaster,but this does not prove anything.
        Plus everyone these days are trying to create fake things and then they clame its real and everyone believes em since they own websites and everyone believes em!
        PS-Does anyone know what happened to Jubilife Tv? Its been suspended 4 ages now!

  34. hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm, one side of me wants these evos to be real as fire final evo reminds me of kane and thaat the water final evo learns m`horn, while my other side wants me to HATE MELKOR FOR TROLLING US WITH THE INFO ABOUT THESE EVOS, remember in 07 serebii was sent a prelim pic of 4th gen starters and dismissed them as fake, while other sites accepted them, as seen in his fake p`mon page, so wwwwwwaaaaaaiiitttt til next week to bust or confirm this, because there are a lot of TROLLS, so watch out for them

      1. I agree, whether fake or not this will go down in PokeHistory XD. But I do hope they are fake. It’s kind of suspicious how the starter evos are all coming from a similar source and others aren’t getting any confirmation. My fake senses are tingling >_>

  35. Ok so I was browsing 2ch and found a valid point. looks like the pokemon pia thing wasn’t actually the cover, but a beta cover. that would explain why amazon doesn’t have that kind of cover.
    But the site that this came from isn’t particularly special, and no other site has this.

    great, now even the new york thing may be fake.

      1. it is only a few days away, and someone can probably get it before the release date if they tried to. I’m kinda interested in the “original pokemon” thing. Don’t know why the silhouette is torchic though.

  36. i hate about those fake starter’s evo!
    They’re piss me off!
    Especially pokabu’s 2nd evo (its so ugly in everytime i see its face), mijumaru’s 2nd evo (its coloring was probably wrong!), mijumaru’s 3rd evo (its not connected physically with the rest of it family, the shape was too different!), and tsutaaja 3rd evo (i always believe that every starter line always have a feets!) !

    Btw, kurumiru in game sprite is kinda scary, especially its eyes.

    1. Unless they were going with a dragon look or a snake look I wouldnt be surprise if this is the only evolution that turns out true either poison or dragoin I consider it being more of a poison type who knows jesse might get tustaja final stage and it be a very lousy pokemon and is weak you never know since their changing the series up

  37. I think I need glasses but,

    …I think I’m seeing leafy hands in that sprite and when I look back at the previous picture of it I can see those hands again…O.O

    I’m gonna go get my eyes checked.

  38. That Tsutarja evolution looks pretty awesome!
    Unfortunately, though, I’m on the “the starter evos are fake” side of the argument, so I doubt it’s real. Since I’ll be picking Tsutarja and not the others, I guess I won’t really mind if these starter rumors turn out to be true :P.

    Something is bugging me about Mijumaru’s supposed final form. Every aspect that remained constant in the previous evolutions is changed – the stance, the arms, the feet, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the shells, the ears, the tail… And what the heck is that thing on its head? And it seems familiar, like I’ve seen it before somewhere, and it was recolored and edited to look more like Miju. Maybe I’m just imagining it.

      1. Yes, it does. If you really think blaziken looks nothing like the one before, then I geuss I have nothing to say.

      2. Well Blaziken could still be connected to Combusken. Both have chicken legs and hands. Both have beaks. As Crimson stated above, nothing is related in Miju’s

      3. sorry dude this argument is old and invalid

        blaziken have a beak,chicken hands/feet,is fire type,have a color scheme than resembles a little combusken and is a chicken″ Thüm kyckz yu0ur AzsEs″

      4. You are correct to an extent. They had many differences (much more than any other starters), but NL and Ai others have pointed out, they do have similarities. If you look at their art the overall design and concept was the same – bipedal, fiery chickens in fighting stances.

  39. Have the admins of Pokexperto/Pokebeach acknowledged this Tsutaja evo sprite in any way?

    If the sprite is not the same they have, it shouldn’t be a big deal for them to publicly dismiss it.

    If it’s legit, they may admit it, but they would most likely choose to not comment.

    1. I guess the best person to ask would be WPM, since he has seen the sprite given to him by Pokexperto, and should be able to atleast tell them apart. Does anyone know where the fake final Pokabu evo sprite came from? I thought it was from Pokexperto as a way of proving the pokemon were real, yet was found fake.

  40. People are getting too worked up over this. We will all find out sooner rather than later ALL of the Pokemon in Black and White. Obviously, we all have an issue with ANOTHER Fire/Fighting starter evolution. Gamefreak needs to learn the meaning of variation. That is by far my biggest argument with the supposed starter evolutions. I always pick the Fire starter, and I’m tired of using Fighting moves… But I will deal with it if I have to. No one WON’T buy the games because of the starters, so LIKE ME… Just deal with it people.

    1. Actually, the biggest argument is how Mijumaru’s final form looks nothing like it’s first or second.

  41. I just noticed that on Melkor’s twitter, he listed Tsutaja as #495, while Serebii and Bulbapedia say #494. I don’t remember for sure, but didn’t we see 494 as the official number out of CoroCoro or something? I didn’t think we just assumed that, I thought we had images explicitly stating it. Serebii and Bulbapedia also list Minezumi as #503, making me think these numbers are official, and Melkor made his up, basing them off of the Regional dex with #000 Victini coming before the starters and the rest of the pokemon.

    Any thoughts?

      1. The numbers he lists would put them in the National dex, though. Isshu numbers should be much lower. If he has Isshu numbers, just give those. Things have always been scrambled a bit between Regional and National dexes.

    1. Good point. It would make sense for Victini to still be towards the end of the national dex, as the only purpose for it being 000 in the Isshu dex is so people can get it early and the amount of pokemon are not revealed in the Pokedex straight away.

  42. On Pokebeach the forum people say that sprite of Tsu-evo is fake because the background is wrong: the pokedex BG is green and not blue 🙂 BUT WHO KNOWS not me

    1. Read up and you’ll see that this may be the color for the nat. dex, or he swapped skins.(it says you can, although it was about DLC)

      1. Not only is the Pokedex’s square-pattern background green, not blue, but pokemon do not overlap the background in it.

  43. aaaiiii….melkor/pokexperto/starter flame wars ——> making my head hurt.
    now i’m looking forward to the release JUST so it can all stop, and not for the new gen…..this is sad.
    i’d actually rather do some studying at this point….and that’s saying something :/ what has this gen come to?!?!

  44. hey everyone man can you believe that black and white comes out in japan in 12 days? as soon as its released, all pokemon will and towns and gym leaders will flood pokejungle, pokebeach, and serebii. cant wait

  45. So Pokexperto claims that Victiny comes before from starters on national dex and then he lists national dex numbers and pokemon informations. Could we believe him? I mean Victiny before the starters??? WTH?

    1. Victini has already been confirmed to be #000 in the regional dex, so it makes sense that it would be before the starters. I think it’s supposed to be to make it seem mysterious or something.

    2. I assumed #000 Victini was Isshu dex, and for National Dex it would make sense for Victini to be moved to the other end of the dex like shaymin, manaphy etc. However it’s possible it could be between arceus and tsutarja in the national dex…but yeh it sounds stupid.

  46. Hey guys, I just got some news from a friend of mine. His father works as a translator for gamefreak in NYC. Richard (my friend) and me grew up together, and we actually met up while we were playing Red version WAYYYYY back in the day. Kabutops was my favorite pokemon, and Richard’s dad gave me some inside info into the Gen V fossils 🙂 I was so excited. Well anyways, I’ll share because there were no silly rules placed on this info! This Gen there are actually THREE Fossil Pokemon, one each for physical attack, special attack, and one really good at defense. The physical atk fossil is a spinosaurus. The special attack fossil is a tyranosaurus. Finally, the defensive fossil is what he called an iguanodon. I had to look up an iguanodon, and it looks really cool!!! He said we’d find the fossils about mid-way through the game after we receive an archaeology kit. I’m pretty pumped for the T-REX!!! I’m still made he didn’t know the types though, but if you’re like me you’ll be happy with this! Hope everyone is enjoying Boise State be Virginia Tech!!! 🙂

    PJ’s Note: Obviously not confirm-able

    1. hope its true also some thing thats makes me hope its true it the skeleton in the museum that plasma trys to steal

    1. This is pretty old news. I’ve seen it on the last couple of updates in the comments. Not to vouch for pokejungle, but I’m sure he’s seen it by now.

    2. I don’t believe that guy’s arguement…

      If he made it, why is he being so negative towards his own work?

      1. Maybe he made them just to be funny, and he’s more mad at everyone’s idiocy for believing in them? I’m not sure, this guy could very easily be lying about making them. But at the same time, even if he didn’t make them, he does bring up a valid point.

        1. Lol. Retorical question, but that makes a lot of sense. I saw this a couple of days ago on pokebeach and was surprised by the amount of resemblance to these other pokemon.

          Though, I do think people are becoming to critical when it comes to these evos and so, they look for minor errors to prove them false.

          I just don’t like the starter evolutions. Whether it be Sugimori or some trol who created them, I don’t like them…

      2. Sometimes you are your art’s best critic. Knowing what went in to making something makes it easier to know when it is rubbish, even if it works aesthetically. I’m no artist, but when I made stuff in high school, I viewed my work unfavorably a lot more than others.

        1. I can get that because I’m an artist(i guess a skecther) myself. 🙂

          But I was joking around. Lol.

          That’s what they invented smileys for huh…Should have used one there! xD

    3. Yep we’ve seen that a few times. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deny the authenticity of the starters’ evolutions supposedly = =

      One can dream though…

  47. So i read on serebii that their source for the starters is “a japanese forum” which would kind of make them not official (yet)

    About pokexperto…. I dont know what to think but my first reaction when seeing the starters was “haha fake xD” but apparently they have very good info :/
    I personally still think theyre fake, because they just seem that way to me, and starter evos have never been leaked before have they??
    What i find worse is that people dont complain more about their looks and some are even like ” omg pokabu evo so cute” evrn though its the fucking ugliest thing ever

    If this turns true those are the worst starters

    Also, i wouldnt mind next time the otter actually being brown like normal otters the starters dont always have to have the same colors t.T

    Okay i guess thats enough ranting xD

      1. yes this is my favourite pokemon site! u give rumours so its not boring! although when u said there’s a slim chance of them being fake i was really worried but thats not ur fault. But after all of this u could say there’s a slim chance for them to be real! it must be hard since stupidly u will get the blame if they turn out real( hope not) ;)!

    1. my bad its not his website…i think…..sorry i dont know all of the websites and who runs em i only visit yours lol ♥♥♥♥♥

  48. Has there ever been this much discussion over the authenticity of any previous pokemon? I just find it weird cause most real pokemon hav gotten solid proof quickly and this obviously still rages on. Just makes me think this could all be a very clever trick ;D hope they’re fake

    1. What’s keeping them from being stamped “FAKE” is that serebii’s source(which is trustable) confirms it.

      1. even with serebii’s trusted source he isn’t sure yet so until then until its a 100% i will still have an open mind

    1. …dude. I love it. Not Sugimori style, but… I believe these. Definitely. Way better than that FAKE crap going around!

    2. sugoii!
      They’re amazing!
      However they’re still fake, but highly better than those fucking fake 😀

  49. Okay, was surfing on a forum and I THINK somebody found evidence on these being fake:


    Serebii is being antsy about his source, and it’s very likely the same source PokeBeach has. PokeBeach revealed their source, a Spanish (wtf why would a Spanish speaker get this game before a Japanese person?) webmaster named PokExperto. PokExperto claims to have the game earily and that is his source, and he posted the fake screenshot of the Pokabu Evo (proven fake by the name for Pokabu’s evo being “Mijumaru” and major discrepancies in the stats). He is a fraud and does not have the game. Check the screenshot, you can see his website (in Spanish) on the computer screen in the background.

    Serebii’s source for “confirmation” = PokeBeach’s source for “confirmation” = PokExperto who does NOT have the game or legitimate proof =NO CONFIRMATION OR LEGITIMACY.

    Never mind the fact that the creator of the fake art posted proof on /vp/ that he created them and showed different shots of the same art to prove it.

    Don’t believe the original images were photoshopped?

    In addition- they are not Sugimori art, which would indicate they are animation art sheets, much like the beta sheet revealed a while ago. Animation art sheets are used as color indicators and proportion charts so Pokemon appear the same size consistently and when compared to other Pokemon on screen. In theory, if the two evolutions of the starters are meant to be from an animation sheet, they would be in scale with each other and to the left we would see their first stages (Mijumaru, Tsutaja and Pokabu) as additional size references.

    They. Are. Fake.

    The SmugLord sprite going around is just as fake as the Pokabu backsprite.

    Someone from /vp/

  50. Okay, some guy on /vp/ said something about the evos being fake:

    In addition- they are not Sugimori art, which would indicate they are animation art sheets, much like the beta sheet revealed a while ago. Animation art sheets are used as color indicators and proportion charts so Pokemon appear the same size consistently and when compared to other Pokemon on screen. In theory, if the two evolutions of the starters are meant to be from an animation sheet, they would be in scale with each other and to the left we would see their first stages (Mijumaru, Tsutaja and Pokabu) as additional size references.

  51. Someone in /vp/:

    they are not Sugimori art, which would indicate they are animation art sheets, much like the beta sheet revealed a while ago. Animation art sheets are used as color indicators and proportion charts so Pokemon appear the same size consistently and when compared to other Pokemon on screen. In theory, if the two evolutions of the starters are meant to be from an animation sheet, they would be in scale with each other and to the left we would see their first stages (Mijumaru, Tsutaja and Pokabu) as additional size references.

    1. Plus, evidence since pokejungle won’t let me post moar >.<


    2. Plus, a link for evidence of being fake: [url=][/url]

    1. These are just names, but apparently theres a rumor or something on 2ch ’bout the pokabu’s evo names


  52. These are just names, but apparently theres a rumor or something on 2ch ’bout the pokabu’s evo names


    Woops, I accidentally left it as a reply.

  53. does anyone else feel particularly sorry for pokabu? i mean before these evos were released, everyone was talking about tsutarja being too popular and mijumaru not being popular (but then really popular lol) and pokabu was just in limbo, but with imo the best potential out of all three in terms of evolution (tsutarja was always going to become a snake, and mijumaru was predictable – before the evos were released that is..)
    his evos look less than impressive (at this stage) and if they end up being fire-fighting…yeh i’m not gonna go there.
    pokabu needs some <3

    changing the topic slightly, we have seen all the starters use attacks not of their type that really hint at their possible secondary typing:
    Tsutarja: poison type 'coil'
    Pokabu: dark type 'assurance'
    Mijumaru: fighting type 'revenge'
    poison and dark sound plausible for tsutarja and pokabu, but i'm struggling to imagine a quadraped using revenge. I think the main problem with the Mijumaru evo is that it looks too stiff lol, and not athletic like most fighting types. It needs to loosen up a bit 😉
    I reckon its anime depiction is going to help it a lot in terms of people warming to it.

    1. You know, the one that just sits out there like a potato is usually the strongest/best. I just know pokabu’s is going to be a good pokemon 🙂

      Mijumaru also knows fury-cutter. making him once again more samurai like.

      1. oh fury cutter too? hmm, that makes it even more interesting lol. and agreed about pokabu. everything’s gonna go up in flames xD

        1. The attacks are a very good point and i dont mean to be such a buzz kill cause i hope they’re fake too, but diglett knows scratch ._.

    2. Hate to break it to you, but Pokemon learn moves that aren’t their type naturally all the time.

      Charmander learns Metal Claw.

    1. i’m thinking maybe black/white might have different music to each other. As in different versions of the same songs…..hence there are heaps of songs..? Also because there are four discs. Good find!

  54. Serebii and WPM just started a meme apparently. When you see something fake you can say “My inside source tells me its real” and some idiots might believe you.

  55. I’m just kind of wondering…. What evidence is there that points to the Tsutaja final sprite being real?

    1. nothin’ much..except for the PokeExperto says it’s real, and frankly they have had pretty accurate info in the pastt..

        1. i know, trust me i wnated this to be fake as much as everybody else, but lookin’ at PokeExperto’s history they had the names of all the DP pokemon well before it came out. and personally i wouldn’t be all that suprised if serebii some how got their hands on a game. i have full confidence in serebii.

      1. Ah, I see. Thanks for answering! I hope the evolutions are real, but I just didn’t know about the sprite. Pokexperto seems pretty accurate so far….

        1. ahah no prob. 😛
          it’s my job. xD

          they have been and that’s what’s been freaky about it, alot of people have really blown this outta porportion. 😛

          i mean theywill grow on you, i mean look at the starters, i remember everybody thought tsutaaja was ugly (even PJ thought they were the worst starters ever created) and now look at them. XD

          1. You are absolutely right! I did think they were the worst starters ever…. But they did grow on me, it’s weird! I’m looking forward when this starter evolution fighting is over, though….

  56. POKABU INGLISH NAME IS PYROINK !!1111one My inside source says its REALLL

    this name is wonderfull

    ps:a new meme have arrived

  57. LOL i just realised the tsutarja evo backsprite is going to look like a rabbit with those collar extensions


  58. lol am i the only one who actually doesnt give a whoop about the evos
    personally none of the starters will be on my team anyway about half way through there be in my box

  59. Guys, check out the Tsutaja-evo sprite right around where it loops around. Looks like somebody forgot to color in the hole of the sprite and left it as the background color. Way fake.

  60. Wait when did someone change the Tsutaja3 sprite so that it just has a grey background now? Didn’t it used to have a alt-colored pokedex background behind it?

          1. Right now obviously there is a lot of controversy coming from certain sites and whatnot so I did it out of respect because it was an image that wasn’t intentionally supposed to be shown.

  61. Do you know where you arrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee

    Your in PokeJungle Babaaayy

    your gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee

    in the jungle welcome to pokejungle wont u bring some more rumors pah pah pah pah pah please please

    in the jungle welcome to pokejungle its gonna bring you downnn! huah!

  62. melkor=martjn muller, BOTH THESE PEOPLE ARE TROLLS, BOTH HAVE FOOLED GAMING COMMUNITIES, i think it is pokebeach that deserves an anti troll brigade, because they have been fooled by both, and DON’T FLOOD THEIR E MAIL INBOXES WITH SPAM, oh and pj, have a debate with melkor to clarify these starter evos, as he may behave like his lord of the rings counterpart.

  63. I bet Dento gets that new cat pokemon. STARTER EVOS ARE FFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      1. I’m with you guys, Pokemon fans have found evidence that those Starter evos are FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  64. i still wishing about a new pair of eevee!
    If that happens, i want that to be a poison and steel type 😀

  65. I enjoy all this info(?), but I just don’t know what to believe anymore. Maybe I’m just bored (or a vampire(?))
    I think I’ll just dance now.
    *turns on Arcade Fire

  66. if the starter evos are fake, we should BOYCOTT pokexperto -hums uprising by muse- and please anyone don’t be like antisinnohalliance, who is a right wing republican who hates gays, like yourself pj

    1. lol tbh if these starter evos turn out to be fake, we won’t need to do any boycotting 😛

  67. If the starters were fake, I wouldn’t care that this was the biggest troll ever. I’d just be thankful that Mijumaru doesn’t evolve into a unicorn/narwhal/seal thing… I wish someone would just put me out of my misery and told me if they were fake or real = =

      1. Or that. But it certainly isn’t a bipedal samurai otter; but that was expecting a little too much…

  68. if smuglord is real, please let it be grass/dragon, so that it can learn both FRENZY PLANT AND DRACO METEOR, 2 OF THE MOST POWERFUL MOVES OUT THERE, plus we haven’t from filb ages now, but can we pppppppplllllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeee F#$%^&G stop these F#$%&^G FLAME WARS OVER THE STARTER EVOS, but if they turn out to be real, i bet xous will draw them, but i also bet he is drawing them right now, so we need someone to spy on him.

    1. even though that’s not the real sumuglord we can wish that it’s grass/gragon. but it has a 4x weakness D:

  69. also

    511: Yanappu. 512: Yanappu Evo, same design but bigger, with an Elvis forelock, more hair and arrogant pose. Also a pure Grass type.

    guess hell cover 6 pokemon per day

    1. ahaha actually PJ is working on that for us 🙂
      hopefully we’ll get it up soon 😀

      do you reall wanna know about us that badly? ><

      1. no, but it’s nice to know more about the great pj team (:
        btw i know about you, i read your mt. moon profile 😀

        1. awwww 😀

          ahaha well the info that’s on my MMC profile is copy/pasted from what will be on my bio here xD
          so only thing that will be different is a picture of me :S

    2. Kriffix, Ozy, Daigo, and Jonny will all have one up soon :p I’ve just been busy. I meant to get them up sooner. “The path to hell is paved with good intentions” 😡

  70. something tells me antisinnohalliance is going to yell (if smuglord is real) F#%&$\G RAYQUAZA RIP OFF, D`OH I THINK I ADDED FUEL TO THE FLAME WAR, BUT IT MAY HOLD UP IF THEY ARE REAL, but when the games are revealed and they turn out to BE FAKE, i think we to hold an inquiry to find out why how many people fell for melkors prank, with a neutral webmaster as a judge, with melkor being his own defence, while the prosecution headed by yours truely pjn, thus finding out how he decieved us all.

  71. The Sprite for Smugleaf’s Potential Final Evolution looks a lot like the HeartGold Dragonair Sprite, just stretched out.

    1. Ahh I love going through these chuckling while thinking “You were all wrong wrong wrong it WAS real” hehe

      1. ok just saying ur site brilliant ;)! although i don’t know why serebii has already put them on his new pokemon list?

  72. I don’t think the Tsutaja evo sprite is real. Look how the tail is skinny in the back on the right hand side of the image. Then, as it moves to the left hand side of the image, it gets blocked out temporarily and then becomes much thicker for some reason. Perhaps it curves forward in the little chunk we don’t see in the main body mass.

  73. Could he tell u cos im really worried about this now and we still have 10 days to go until we can find out!!! ive only been exited about the evolutions for the starters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Pokejungle u said that there most likely real now do u think there most likely fake after all this? first the evos back sprite was confirmed fake and the tsutaaja final evos front sprite is milotic and it was addmitted twice that they were fake. why are sites like pokebeach sayin theres a slight chance of them being fake?

  75. aww im feeling unwell to think there rea :(! that adorable pokabu just cant evolve in to that beast!!! please pokejungle tell me there fake! 🙁 if the pokabu backsprite was fake then they must be fake! the guy addmited it!!! there to ugly!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 this serebii makes me mad!!

  76. im dying of misery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  77. pokejungle is it 50/50 now since everything hes been saying been proved fake like the back sprite of the ugly pig? u scared the life out of me when u said there was a slight chance for them to be fake?

      1. ok 😉 im just so upset about pokabus evos noses, u know i have nightmares about them! i just cant stand to see that awesome pokemon be like that :(!

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