PokExperto Stuff + Probable Fakemon (UPD3)

Hey Pokejunglers!

I know that some of you are wary of PokExperto (Judging by some comments) but, to be fair, they have given us some pretty legit information in the past when Diamond and Pearl was released. So, I’m making this post not only to show what PokeExperto has posted in the past few hours, but also to tell you guys that maybe we should give PokExperto a little more credit. 🙂

UPD: It seems to have quieted down a bit now, but still keep checking back every now and then for updates!

  • 511: Yanappu.
  • 512: Yanappu Evo, it will look just like Yanappu except bigger, more arrogant and it has a Elvis-like hair-do. It’s pure Grass.
  • 513: Baoppu. Fire Type monkey. Orange or red body (Hiro thinks it has an dark orange body whereas Mulker thinks it is red) with a flame-style hair and tail. It has a sleepy face.
  • 514: Baoppu Evo. Fire Type monkey. It is fatter than the Grass one, and seems confused. Its tail and hair has flames. Redorange color.
  • The monkey trio are believed not to be 3 split evolutions from a single pre-evo

UPD2: I noticed that the silouhette wasn’t entirely blacked out, so I put some white paint on it. Now you can kinda see a few details of the possible new Pokemon.

So with that, here’s what he has posted! As you can see, it’s just a silouhette. Remember they did have that cat Pokemon silouhette up last night before anybody even posted news about it so this could be real, but at the same time, there is still a HUGE chance that this is fake so don’t take this as being real until it’s CONFIRMED.

UPD3: Found this, it’s probably fake. It doesn’t really fit the the description that Molker gave us, (Not saying his info is 100% accurate) other then the fact that it looks very similar to Yanappu and also the resolution of the sprite doesn’t seem to match the background.

91510 something will happen…. ; ) (comment below if you saw this!)

peace and love–ozymandis

P.S. “Looks like a Chansey and a nosepass got busy” ” It looks like its been attacked by a chisel.” Ahaha you guys make me laugh. 😛