Experto Stuff pt 2 (UPD4)

New silhouette (UPD3: They’ve posted fanart of it) by Pokexperto so I thought I’d post it.  Also here’s some recent stuff from their twitter:

  • Hiyappu is a water type along with its evo.  Both are cheerful monkeys.  The evolution has a “rasta” style haircut.  Dex #: 515 &516
  • More Dex #s: 517. Munna 518. Musharna 519. Mamepato 520. Hatoopoo
  • UPD1: Mamepato’s last evolution is pidgeon-like and has a haughty stance.  Brown chest.  #521 [BTW- It is also Normal/Flying according to Experto]
  • UPD2: Mamepato’s last evo has alternate form with pink mask which it transforms to during the Spring
  • UPD2: Shimama has a more fierce looking evolution.  Pure Electric line.  #s: 522 & 523
  • UPD3: Gigaiasu and it’s prevos are #s 524-526.  Pure Rock line.
  • UPD4: #527 Koromori & #528 Koromori Evo blue body / white fur with forked tail.  Not sure if he meant heart EYES or heart NOSE.

That’s all for now.  Since the comment sections get kind of long I thought I’d break up the posts :]

<3 pokejungle

ps- Should I continue to cover Pokexperto stuff?  You guys can decide.