Experto Stuff pt 2 (UPD4)

New silhouette (UPD3: They’ve posted fanart of it) by Pokexperto so I thought I’d post it.  Also here’s some recent stuff from their twitter:

  • Hiyappu is a water type along with its evo.  Both are cheerful monkeys.  The evolution has a “rasta” style haircut.  Dex #: 515 &516
  • More Dex #s: 517. Munna 518. Musharna 519. Mamepato 520. Hatoopoo
  • UPD1: Mamepato’s last evolution is pidgeon-like and has a haughty stance.  Brown chest.  #521 [BTW- It is also Normal/Flying according to Experto]
  • UPD2: Mamepato’s last evo has alternate form with pink mask which it transforms to during the Spring
  • UPD2: Shimama has a more fierce looking evolution.  Pure Electric line.  #s: 522 & 523
  • UPD3: Gigaiasu and it’s prevos are #s 524-526.  Pure Rock line.
  • UPD4: #527 Koromori & #528 Koromori Evo blue body / white fur with forked tail.  Not sure if he meant heart EYES or heart NOSE.

That’s all for now.  Since the comment sections get kind of long I thought I’d break up the posts :]

<3 pokejungle

ps- Should I continue to cover Pokexperto stuff?  You guys can decide.

      1. Please keep covering Experto stuff. ^^ It’s entertaining, and it’s making time go by faster.

  1. Yea, just keep posting what you find. That way we can have a bit more things to know when the games come out. But since it’s not confirmed it’s still a bit fun, because you’ll get really disappointed when you discover they are real/fake or you’re really happy. Keep posting those things please 😀 BTW, I really don’t know what to think from that silhouette, looks like a piece of broken stone.

    1. Or wait, maybe I know, the pre-evo from Gigaiasu (or how you’ll spell it) it looks like that, just realised after I posted other message.

  2. Please pokejungle dont publish more pokexperto stuff i cant stand how people are buying hes stuff but whatever , i can and will only belive in what nintendo shows XD

  3. Definitely looks like some sort of crab – hope it’s not just a bog-standard water, that’s Kingler’s role. A Parasect evo would be a bolt from the blue, but I do remember a bug/ground that was supposed to be towards the end of the new dex. A Pinsir evo perhaps? I won’t get my hopes up, it’s probably unrelated to any existing ones and could be that new bug/electric tarantula.

    I’d keep with the pokexperto updates, but I’d be wary of overhyping them too much.

  4. Yeah, keep going with him. He was right with the Purple cat, and the english names last time. Plus the info so far looks interesting.

    1. Definitely legit. I’m surprised it’s not on Serebii yet, ‘cuz it’s so obviously legit.

  5. The thing is, I believe all this Pokémon and all (he was right about the cat), but I really don’t want those starters, especially their typings, to be real.

  6. Keep posting everything! Because I’d rather have too much than not enough! (And news concerning B/W are pretty slow now, so every bits of rumours are worthwhile!)

  7. I read that silhouettes are not offical, they’re drawn by looking at sprites. Which makes me think that maybe starter evolutions are offical designwise but they are drawn by someone too since they’re full of errors.

  8. The order of the pokedex entries just doesn’t add up. Why would they put the gimmick pokemon before the beginning bird and bug?

    1. Because the ‘beginning’ bird and bug might not be on the first route? O_O Maybe they’re doing things differently!!!!

      Maybe you can catch Apputachi before the first gym. 🙂 That’d be nice.

    2. That’s a really good question. And i wonder something too, why would they put Victini before starters in “national dex”

  9. why cant i see his latest tweets? last one i got is “515: Hiyappu: Un mono de tipo Agua. Es bastante alegre y su pelo termina con forma de fuente. Es de color azul claro. “

  10. I agree with Berserker. The appendages sticking out from the silhouette all have rough, sharp, uneven edges, which leads me to believe this is a Rock-type.

  11. 521: Mamepato 3rd Evo. Typical bird Pokémon with an arrogant pose, resembles a pigeon. Same colors, but brown chest. Normal/Flying Type.

  12. yes continue the pokexperto stuff! it’s interesting.

    if it’s real, rasta water monkey will DEFINITELY be my water type xD

  13. Obviously the electric spider Pokemon. I swear to god, any shillioute HAS to be an evo of a previous pokemon. Remember Zoroark?!

    People; OMG!! IT’S A LUCARIO EVO!!! <—IDIOTS.

    Anyways, I like when you cover Spanishexpertowhateverhis name is. XD It's so close it won't matter anyways come next week. =)

  14. Actually, looking at the existing pics of Denchura (not that there’s many) I don’t think it is. Denchura’s legs are furry towards the bottom.

  15. Hiro from Pokexperto said that there’s no evolutions nor pre-evolutions for Pokemon from previous generations.

  16. Pokejungle! I’m sorry, you misunderestood some of the information!

    Mamepato’s 3rd evo has no a brown crest, is a brown chest. Brown feathers on the chest.

    And also, from the previous update, I would like to explain something:
    The monkey trio is known not to have a common prevo, what it is guessed or suposed is the fact that them may evolve using stones.
    Also you mixed the fact that Melkor believe the Fire monkey to be orange and Hiro to be red, it is the opposite way. Hiro also posted in his twitter the image of the exact colour he meant.

    See you!

    1. “Hiro also posted in his twitter the image of the exact colour he meant.”

      Can I have a link to his twitter please.

    1. Twitter is being weird at the moment. Appears for some and not for others, it’ll be okay eventually tho.

  17. Melkor updated another tweet.

    Oh, btw, 521 has an alternative Forme. Still a pigeon, same pose, but with a pink mask, maybe a Spring Forme or somewhat.

  18. New tweet: “Oh, btw, 521 has an alternative Forme. Still a pigeon, same pose, but with a pink mask, maybe a Spring Forme or somewhat.”

  19. There is an alt form for Mame’s 3rd stage.
    522: Shimama. 523 Shimama Evo. Still a zebra: bigger, fiercer, more white stripes and hair. Still Electric Type.

    Blast! I wanted Dark/Electric for it’s evo. 🙁

  20. Melkor has posted now a new in Pokexperto, revealing the two shadows Hiro posted.

    Gigagaisu prevolutions. 524-526 in the National Dex.

    1. Pokexperto’s twitter page has frozen on me.
      Went to the website to see the Pre-evo’s of Giga. very nice. Might be a team member.


    😛 That’s about all that would explain the numbering.

    1. LOL!!

      The fact that it is a late Pokemon may be good, maybe we have a worth-training bug-type Pokemon. Also, we haven’t seen weird type-combinations so far, they are not appearing at the moment.

    2. Ledyba was #30, Spinarak #32 and Burmy was #45, so Kurumiru not being part of the first 30 is entirely possible.

        1. Yes they were. Well, I suppose Kricketot was the early Sinnoh bug but personally I always saw Burmy as the gen’s Caterpie regardless.

          1. Actually according to national dex:

            Caterpie: 10
            Weedle: 13
            Ledyba: 14
            Spinarak: 16
            Wurmple: 14
            Kricketot: 15
            Burmy: 26

            We’re talking about “National Dex” so Kurumiru should be in first 20

          2. ^That’s what I meant. There was always a bug in the first group. The fact that there isn’t one now is a bit wierd. However, there have been a LOT of wierd things this gen.

          3. Oh right, I guess it’s different when there’s no old Pokémon anymore. You win then, but it’s still possible Kuru isn’t in the first 30. It’s not like it’s uncommon for some lateish-dex mons showing up before the first gym anyway. Mankey and Skitty, for example.

  22. Whats with all the pure lines this generation?
    The gigaiasu line reminds me of a mix between Golem line and Metagross line.

    1. Pokexperto also said that Kibago’s evolution line is only Dragon.
      This is great! The first pure Dragon worth training!

  23. >.> im actually sick of pokexperto.
    Once the actual games come out. everyone here who believed in his crap will be dissapointed

    1. Yet, he got the Purple Cat out before it was released on the ad, and the English names before everyone else. He’s got a lot going for him ATM. Better than everyone else who has “Contacts”.

  24. Okay is it me or do you guys believe more and more Pokexpertos stuff? Well I do! I think that either they got their copies VERY early or they got all the sprites for the Isshu dex and are drawing fanarts of them for what they can see! Its kinda possible! Because maybe they can see that the sprites for the evos is the same as those artworks, which they have showed Serebii/Pokebeach, which proves it… maybe? 8D

  25. Please keep covering Pokexperto news. It saves me and I guess many other people from translating his page.

    1. Is it really that hard to use Babelfish? Sure, it’s not the greatest translation, but it gets the point across.

    1. They’re kinda FANARTS of the real deal! They might only got their sprites, which they base them on :b

    2. These are fanart by one of Experto’s staffers (Hiro) based on the images they have seen.

      ps- My bf’s name is Hiro… lulz.

  26. Something I find odd about Melkor’s pokedex data entries is that he never seems to cover any pokemon we haven’t seen before. Sure, he has Gigaiasu pre-evos, but we’ve already seen Gigaisu. My point is, why hasn’t he posted any totally new pokemon that we know nothing about? (their evolutions do count as knowing something about them as Melkor could just give them an evolution and say it’s real.) And please don’t argue with this saying ‘what about the dark type cat?’ He put up the info on the dark type cat AFTER the pokemon sunday commercial, so thus, it was confirmed.

    I’m not going to believe any of this until he covers something that is totally new.

      1. I wasn’t following D/P’s release. This is the first pokemon game’s release that I’ve followed so I know very little on the american names scandal.

  27. I’m on the fence with this, leaning a bit towards PokExperto’s side, mainly because he’s able to throw such information around rather easily, and the information he is giving is quite realistic in terms of descriptions of the Pokemon. It’s hard to say “Prove it! Show us sprites!” when he could really get into trouble for doing so, so I’m just gonna be open minded and see what happens. x:

    Originally I was thinking that the first one resembled that little Grass type(?) that was in the Daycare on one of the commercial videos with Chiraamii. I’m still curious to know what that one actually is.

  28. Wow, Gigaiasu’s first stage sucks!
    But if all of this Pokexperto’s stuff turns out to be real, I will be happy to catch that little rock to have a Gigaiasu… hhurra!

    1. That’s the image Experto posted half an hour ago and the one I have on my site. I am quite sick of that site.

      1. Me too 😀
        I hate how they put that stupid watermark on any random image that appears on their site! D:

  29. I’m starting to hope that PokeExperto is legit. I love these guys! 😀 That, and the starter evos are starting to grow on me…

    1. Same here. Plus, I’m guessing the starter evo’s are all fanart, and therefore will look slightly worse than what they originals do.

  30. Yes, definately continue to cover the Pokexperto rumors. Might turn out true, and its nice to have a list for those of us who don;t want to go dig trough and translate their twitter.

  31. Why am I reading all this?! I love all this news but I hope to God it turns out fake, because I told myself I wouldn’t ruin any other Pokemon for myself, minus the starters and their types. I’m just sticking around until starters types are confirmed, then I’m off.

    1. Why don’t you ask someone else to watch the site, then? They can keep looking until the starters are confirmed.

  32. I like that mamepato transforms in spring, but I feel dissapointed that shimama’s line is only electric, I wanted a dark/electric poke sooo bad 🙁

    PS: the first poke in gigaiasu’s chain is awful D:
    PS2: I want more info abou the cat :B

    1. I swear to god if Kurumiru gets ruined like all of these other new Pokemon Pokexperto is claiming to know, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. Kurumiru is probably my favourite Pokemon, visually only so far of course, of all time. I don’t think I could handle the same crush to my soul Pokexperto delivered with the Mijumaru evolution again.

  33. Gigaiasu line (if what pokexperto says is true) is a lot like Metagross’, following the similar pattern: weird steel/rock eye, weird bipedal steel/rock head, weird quadrupedal steel/rock spider XD I guess it’s Metagross’ and Golem’s Isshu counterpart.

    1. Actually, Gigaiasu’s mid-evo is tripedal (if that’s even a word). He has two front legs and one back leg. But I agree with the parallels, especially since it seems to ‘de-bulk’ between its mid and final stages, as is seen in the transition of Graveller to Golem.
      I wonder whether its evolution line will be like that of Geodude, with an ‘special’ method of mid to final stage evolution, or whether it will be a simple level-up family like Aron’s…

    2. OMG!! Thats what I thought 1st time I saw em! I thought when I looked at them, ‘Beldum, Metang and Metagroos…’ 2d evo is a rip’off of Metang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I dunno if this is known or not but it says on his twitter website thingy that those pre-evo’s are his own fanart. Does this mean that he has coppied them as he saw them, or made them up? :s

    1. It’s implied that he has created them as a representation of what he has seen/what has been described to him. It’s a similar case to the anti-copyright representations of Groudon, Kyogre, Marshtomp, Combusken and Skitty seen (and I believe wrongly categorised) in Serebii’s ‘Fake Pokemon’ archive. Overall design is real, but they’re unable to use official art or sprites in case of legal repercussions and consequences.

  35. Pokejungle or anyone else…. Have anyone of you heard of an old pokemon image hosting site called PokeChan?

      1. o it was??? im sorry…. do u remember 2 people, seemed to know eachother who were causing alot of chaos on there?

          1. oooooo lol well nevermind then cuz i was going to say that those 2 kids were my brother and i 🙂

  36. hey pokejungle! when the bulk of the game news and pokedex gets revealed around the time the game comes out in Japan, are you going to be posting the whole pokedex up? I need to know cuz if you are, I NEED to stay away from your site until it comes out in America. I really want to keep EACH and EVERY pokemon a surprise for when I get the game. Thx! ^_^

  37. I wonder if mamepato’s last evo will have a crest like that of roosters, b/c hatopo has what looks like one. Pokexperto if you get to read this do you know?

      1. Thnks PJ, whew I was about to go nuts, lol. I was thinking that mamepato would be like a pigeon line w some rooster in it. Well gotta wait for scans.

      1. Good… I’m not going crazy :3

        Something is kinda annoying about all this, though.. Names.
        Why doesn’t he tell us them!?!? (Or would that have copyright stuff?)


  39. He’s saying that Gigaias and Shimama are before the regional bug. How does anyone still believe this guy?

    1. No one said Kurumiru was the national bug. :O
      How awesome would it be to have shimama before the nat. bug though?! 😀

      1. But there should be a national bug, and it should have been by now. That’s the wierd thing.

    2. …the semi-legendary Dragons of Sinnoh were in the middle of the dex, nowhere NEAR the trio of fairies. Anything is possible

    1. What is with these inside sources!?GEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ!!!!!!!!
      I dont believe any of these ‘inside sources’ because they are fake! If the pokemon company hasnt revealed it, how should u know!?
      All I say is, everyone who has an ‘inside source’ stop lying and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I don’t believe in these.
    Its weird how all of a sudden the 3rd one gets eyes. . . .
    i mean, the shape/silhouette might be correct.
    But that art, isn’t.

    1. Yep I totally agree. And the art ov the new pre-evos is horrible! If u look at the 2nd pokemon(The Metang rip-off) U will see how childish the art looks

  41. I refuse to believe. Why?

    Despite the fact PokeExperto has many trusted facts, you can’t trust them to be right ALL the time. After that final evo rumor? Ha. Fat chance. Them Pokemon even don’t LOOK like Pokemon! It looks like a Happiny’s head got stuck in a Geodude, for Arceus’ sake! And the second evo looks like Metang! Geez.

  42. Oh, and to answer pokejungle’s ps thing: I really think you should stop covering pokexperto. It feels like he’s trolling us Pokemon fans, and no, don’t bring me the but pokexperto’s been trusted a lot thing. We’re delving into flame territiory right now…

  43. for gods sake i am going to love when the game is out and you all will se that pokexperto was a lousy troll , im so gonna love.

    1. Yeah, what you said! I haven’t believed pokexperto since I realized Miju’s second was a samuri/ninja and would not evolve into a narwhal unicorn. Why give it a samuri garb and hairstyle just to take it away?

      1. Oh, I’m so with ya! Once all the new Pokemon are revealed, and none are true, I’ll sit here in my comfy chair with a sweet, big bowl of I TOLD YOU SO for everybody who believed this was real. Don’t worry, it’s free! :3

        1. HE He!!! Thats what I was gonna do! I was gonna wake up and hop outta my I tOLD U SO bed and go eat my I TOLD U SO cereal. Then Im gonna go to my I TOLD U SO school, come back go on Pokejungle and watch those guys who believed ths junk make a fool of emseilves!
          Sorry about that I meant To say:WE TOLD U SO!!!

  44. Pokexperto is continuing!

    What the hell? Koromori doesn’t have heart shaped eyes xD They mix it up.

      1. Wait…Koromori has a heart-shaped NOSE. Anyone who knows Spanish care to translate what Melkor said about Koromori? If he said EYES, THIS IS SUREFIRE PROOF THAT EVERYTHING HE SAID [b]MIGHT[/b] BE WRONG.

  45. Pokejungle koromori tail looks like a fork not a hook,fork in espanol is garfo

    And yes he said koromori still MAINTAIN heart shaped eyes i think he mixed up the things

    1. He’s not mixing up the things. Some people still think that Koromori has one big eye, and since he’s just a big hoax, well…

  46. bah.
    is it just me or does this stuff seem too.. convenient? nah. different word.. something like that though.
    i mean, the game comes out in 9 days or so, right?
    seems odd whoever PokExperto’s source is would let him just give out everything so close to the release..

    1. This happens almost every generation. About 10 days before release we get torrents of information :3 This is like the beginning. Serebii will start releasing information closer to the 18th

      1. i never really kept up with the information for others >_>
        mostly because i had a habit of staying away from Serebii’s site when i was younger for some reason and i never found any other site that i would go to.

        1. Eh why did u stay away from Serebii? Its the best!
          Eeeeh…along with Pokejungle o course! He…

          1. +shrug+
            simply because i just never liked the site for some reason.
            there’s not really an “exact answer”

  47. WHOA i just realized that koromori’s heart isn’t its eye! That makes it even uglier than I thought it was when I thought the heart was the eye.

  48. Yes! please cover pokexperto stuff,his twitter doesn’t update for me so I can’t read it 🙁

    I can’t wait to see Koromori and Shimama’s evo’s if this stuff is real!

  49. I’m REALLY starting to hate all of this “lulz I have inside sources” bull crap. I realize giving away your sources could jeopardize the jobs of the people who leaked it, and what not, but it seems like EVERYONE is saying it now-a-days. Seriously, I could post a picture of a pregnant woman and say “This is real, I have inside sources” and, hell, I bet a handful of people would believe me just because I said that.

    I might be being a bit ridiculous, but it’s really ticking me off.

    1. Same here! Inside sources that inside sources there! Its crap!
      How about this, if anyone has an inside source they can tell us what thet inside source is!?

  50. *sigh* i wont believe pokexperto till i see the actual coro coro or pokemon sunday confirmation -_- its gettin hard to believe that melkor had the game two weeks before release and has a inside source any ways i hope these rumors are true mamepatos last form sounds pretty cool

  51. all of this stuff about the rumours hes sending is making me scared. i think i might have to believe the starter evos are real since his info seems like it could be true…. its just serebii he should tell everyone his source!!! >:( why is he keeping it to himself? serebii is a veryyyy popular site and hes not gunna ruin that! pokejungle could u ask him what that source was please what did it say and how he knows for certain? what has a robbed a copy of pkmn black and white and dont want anyone to know?

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