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Hey guys, I’m turning to all of you because I’d like a little help raising money to get an IP.Board for Mt. Moon Community.  Over the 4+ years that it has been open we’ve amassed almost 300,000 posts and almost 6,000 members.  MyBB has served us well, but I would really like to move on to a professional script and start a new chapter in our community’s life.  The problem that I’m running into is that it will cost me $149 to do that and right now I’m saving for my trip to Japan (probably happening Oct/Nov… my boyfriend is finding a job before I come) so I don’t have a lot of spare money.  Luckily the ads on the site usually take care of the hosting costs of PJN and it’s related sites (MMC, SCO, etc) but definitely does not cover over that.  So that’s why I have to appeal to you guys 🙁

What I’d really appreciate is PJN followers who feel like they could contribute $5, $10, $15 to this project.  It would take only 10 people donating $15 to make this happen.  Or 15 people donating $10… and so on and so forth.  So if you have a job and could spare a bit of cash it would be so much appreciated so we can better the community we have built together.  Plus people who donate would be recognized on the site and have no ads displayed on the forum.

What I don’t want is my fans to ask their parents or guardians for money.  🙁  I know that there are a lot of visitors who may not have jobs… so if that’s you just sit back and enjoy your carefree years 🙂  I want this to be a personal donation made because you support the site.  DO NOT FEEL BAD IF YOU CANNOT DONATE!! Under any circumstances!!  This is a free website 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- If we can reach the donation goal by today I’ll reveal the third legendary’s typing 🙂  [If for some odd reason donations exceed the amount needed they will go to cover this month’s extra bandwidth costs which I WILL NEED ;_;  So many people visiting my site…]

pps- As of… almost 6PM CST we have raised a grand total of $130!!  That is AMAZING!!  I would really like to raise $200 because I know that my site will go down this month if I don’t pay for some temporary bandwidth boosts ._.;;

  1. Pokejungle, I wish I could help you but I don’t have already a moneycard ? (Don’t know the english word sorry)

    I would like to thank you for this awesome website and your kindness ! Long life to PJ ! 😀

    1. No worries <3333 People visiting my site is enough <3333

      And since you leave well thought out intelligent comments that is a bonus ;D

      1. *Mega hug*
        I want to give ya a gift ! è_é Tell me, have you got a favorite pokemon ? What your’re trainer type would be ? :3

      1. No prob. The very thought of this site stagnating is terrifying to me, since ATM you’re the only one of the big 3 actually COVERING stuff. :/

  2. I’d like to help but I don’t know anything about donating, doing something with with money on internet because of my country.

    Anyway I’d like to point out something. All grass starters final evo is something related to dinasours or prehistoric creatures. What is Smugleaf’s evo then?

    Venusaur – Kannemeyeria
    Meganium – Apatosaurus, Sauropoda
    Sceptile – Dilophosaurus
    Torterra – Ankylosaurus

    1. Snakes are about as prehistoric as any of those Dinosaur’s, they’ve been around for hundreds of millions of years.

        1. Maybe they’re limiting it to only reptiles now and nice discovery btw lol took me a while to figure out the articUNO, zaDOS, molTRES thing >.<
          sorry off topic 😡 id have to say something related to the. Basilisk from the secind harry potter movie. If i find the real name ill post it

    1. Maybe it’s one of these fossil snakes with hindlimbs:
      Najash, Haasiophis, Pachyrhachis, Eupodophis

      or one of the others:
      Gigantophis, Titanoboa, Alamitophis, Madtsoia, Dinilysia, Palaeophis, Sanajeh, Wonambi, Yurlunggur

  3. I want to help but I don’t have a credit card because I’m still a “kid”(well…that’s what my neighbours refer to me as) ;_;

    I’ll give you <3 😀

    Hope you accomplish that amount. 🙂

  4. Normally I don’t really donate to websites and stuff, but for me this is different. I’ve really come to enjoy this website and the news and friendliness that it offers, as well as the strong sense of community it provides, and I’d really love to see that grow.

    As such, I’ve just donated $75, so I hope this helps you out 🙂

  5. I my da lets me use his Paypal account when he gets home from work, then I’ll donate about $20. Depends if the typing of the third legendary is good or not xD

    Jk. Kinda.

  6. I really wish i could help because i LOVE this website… But i have to save up first because i don’t get an allowance anymore and i am looking for a job

  7. I’d love to donate but it’ll have to wait for a later date 🙁 Uni starting soon and I gotta save up.

    You guys have done a great job covering B&W so far :3 Thanksss <3

  8. I don’t have any money to give, needless to say i Do feel bad that i cannot donate :'(
    Please have this horrendously drawn (i’m not lying here) ‘cookie’ instead
    / @ o \
    \[email protected]__ @_/

    Also i love your site 😀

    1. Hey, don’t underestimate old ladies! They’re dangerous! The best way is to use student loan money ahah! Luckily I get extra money from my parents each month, so it’s not too big a worry 🙂

  9. so there was a little secret chat! haha, Some things do have to be kept a secret.

    Oh and How I wish I could donate… I geuss I’ll donate a heart♥

    Oh yeah, and Apparently TV tokyo removed the promo thing which had tabunne and the cat. weird.

  10. this is pathetic you want money to fuel your rumored filled site when people out there need monkey to cure parkinsons disease michael j fox would be upset with you

    1. Well, I believe that there have been at least 3 new monkey Pokemon revealed, would any of those do?

      If you don’t support the cause, don’t donate, simple!

    2. Well, if they really need monkeys, there are plenty in Pokémon games, so I don’t see the problem!

    3. I would question the effectiveness of using monkeys to cure parkinson’s disease, however i am glad to see that i am not the only person who +1s their own comments 😉

    4. It’s a pretty common practice for websites that want to upgrade to ask the site’s visitors for a small donation. A lot of sites even go so far as to REQUIRE a donation before you can view anything. PJ’s humble asking is refreshing, IMO, and that’s why I donated.

  11. Hmmm, I have about 1500$ saved up for a trip to florida this winter that was recently canceled, so now I’m sitting pretty on it with nothing in particular to spend it on. I was planning on donating about 500$ of it to red cross, but pokejungle seems like a great place to donate it to as well. Too bad you guys banned me from your highly exclusive chat yesterday because I was “trolling” aka speculating on new pokemon while everybody accused me of being 8 years old. Oh well, I’ll find a more appreciative cause to donate money to.

  12. I would love to help your site, but I don’t have a credit card, and I hope this doesn’t sound greedy, but i’m saving up for White.
    Thank you so much for all of the coverage you do, trivial things, big things. When I get on my computer, you’re the first site I go on to!!!!!

    p.s. How do ju no da typing for da tird legendary?

      1. I’ll donate if you can tell me what I want to hear about the Starters typings lol. Nah, I have no money at the moment, but its the thought that counts. As soons as Ii get some dough, I’m dougnating! *cringe*

    1. haha

      Ice/Dragon would be quite the pickle jar to deal with, as right now mostly defeating dragons are done by Ice moves. But then again, reshiram applies as well.

    2. Somewhere on GameFaqs, Pokejungle clearly said it was Ice/Dragon.

      But i may be wrong. I just know it has “Ice” in its typing.

        1. I would really like Dragon/Grass , since it would eliminate its weakness to fire,
          and most fire-type moves are really strong. >.>

          1. I would like grass/dragon, but quadruple ice damage is a no-no for me. Well, It’ll still probably be good:)

            If you haven’t guessed, I play competitively so sorry if I’m talking mumbo-jumbo.

  13. Well, I’ll still enjoy my carefreelife. But I use so many sites, I wish I could donate to all of them. I mean I would if I had a card. I’m considerate like that 😉

    Personal stuff aside, this site is great.

  14. Actually, please dont be any dragon….
    Theres just been too many lately T.T i also think reshiram shoulda been fire pure or fire flying and zekrom electric pure or electric dark cuz come on dialga palkia and all that xD

    Im so sorry i cant donate cuz i dont have a credit card 😛 but i wish this site the best because its awesome xD

  15. I realized how i just popped in here.
    I wish i could donate to PJ too ;c
    His site is the bomb.
    but alas, im too young. . . . . *sighs*

  16. I’ll see if I can slip some money to you on my credit card.
    hopefully I can, you’re fantastic for doing this for us!

    1. ・That the IV’s EV’s and base stats are all drastically changed(if this is true, I’m going to slam my DS and go crazy)
      ・Apparently Friendship is now a big part of stats,
      ・Can hold 3 pokemon in daycare
      ・new HM “float” (yes that is the direct translation)
      ・Subway master music up again.

      If the first to are true, I’m going to go nuts.

      1. Also forgot to mention that you can go to isshu only. Although I should note that this is from the 2ch pokemon board, were there’s a bunch of crazy people, mean people, and mentally challenged people(I mean it.) So I wouldn’t take it for granted yet.

          1. I’m guessing we’ll get remakes of Ruby and Sapphire this generation eventually if FRLG and HGSS are anything to go by 🙂

      2. I really like the sounds of these potential changes! Lets see if they prove to be true or not 🙂

        1. 3 pokemon in daycare? I see a problem whos the father?
          when it comes to 2 week old elekid shimama you are the father

    1. I am hoping to raise $70 more 🙂 We’ve raised an astounding $130 just in the ~2hrs since I put that post up!

  17. Oh plz…IBV’s and EV’s actually are hard enough without the friendship thingy ;_;
    Well i don’t have any means to contribute PokeJungle so e think a super exaggerated heart will do.

  18. So now people are saying the third legendary is ice dragon is that true? xD
    Isnt game freak just so creativelately?

    Does anyone know what the third one looks like yet? Can pokexperto give us a description and/or fanart?

    I hope they dont put too many legendaries in this game, heatran was just unnecessary and retarded T.T
    I loved shaymin and rotom and manaphy but come on they coulda saved those up for later xD

    I think the trio + victini is enough
    Maybe put another fairy or alternate form in pokemon grey xD am i thinkin too far ahead maybe?

    1. I geuss they wanted to use a cockroach so badly.

      Trio+Victini won’t last in japan, they have to have a legendary at the movies or no one will come to the movies(money money money money, monay!), so the have to come up with atleast 4.

    2. Well, here’s how the trend goes for legends-
      Promo legends (Reshiram and Zekrom)
      3rd legend to go with those two (???)
      Mirage legend (Victini)
      Legendary Trio (??? ??? ???)
      Whatever other bullcrap they come up with (??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? [however long you want this question mark list to go])

      So, at the minimum, we’ll have 6

      1. I really hated the legend overload in D&P if theres too many they dont feel like legendaries anymore and so true heatran was just “unnecessary and retarded” hoping for just 7

  19. New tweet:

    527: Koromori. 528: Koromori Evo. A bat Pokémon with blue body and white fur. It maintains heart-shaped eyes but adds a hook tail.

    So still no Kurumiru !

        1. I know, (the fakemon doesn’t even match the description – blue fur instead of white) but I find it interesting. Is Koromori based off a known bat?

    1. He may be confused about eye – nose thing but i’m still at the Kurumiru. That really makes me think he forgot it (i mean if what he’s posting is fake)

  20. i would love to give you money , but i dont have the moneycard nor i have a job, but i wish you get the money that you need and all the love and suppurt that you deserve ! <3

  21. I’ll donate if I get the chance. I love the website, and I’d be glad to support it!

    So, pokejungle… you’ll reveal the third legendary’s type? O.o
    You never specified that you meant the third Legendary Pokemon to go along with Ram and Rom, just the “third legendary”. My guess is that you’ll say Fire/Flying for Moltres or something 😛

  22. I wish I could help more than you know! I absolutely LOVE this site but I don’t have a credit card 🙁

  23. Actually add 3 birds or beasts or regis or feelings or whatever to it….

    Hmm what havent we had before…. The three legendary monkeys? Hmmm (jk yanappu deff not legendary)

    The three….. Legendary….. Hamsters? Sounds good!
    Yea not really
    Legendary fish?

    I just dont get why a game needs more legendaries i mean it was fine with mewtwo mew and the birds wasnt it? I think GF should focus on making standard pokemon more unique ( like the new pigeon having alternate form)

    1. Actually, I can’t stand form-changing pokemon. It seems almost gimmicky and makes me (although I struggle not to) compare it to digimon.

  24. I have a debit card, but I’m not sure if I’m going to donate. If I do, it’ll probably be around $10.

  25. Pokexperto tweeted again and said:

    527: Koromori. 528: Koromori Evo. A bat Pokémon with blue body and white fur. It maintains heart-shaped eyes but adds a hook tail.

      1. Koromori’s evolution might have two noses, though.

        One’s for showin’, the other’s for blowin’!

  26. Hey sorrry Pokejungle…i don’t have a job due to the horrible economy 😛 But, i would have loved to give u money…I mean I hope u get to $200 so u reveal the typing! 🙂

    Okay so i have two questions;

    1. is Pokexperto accurate or somewhat…cuz he seems to be legit…and it’s cool how he’s informing us!?

    2. how does Pokexperto and you know all this cool information?!


  28. Pokejungle I just got word that there are 3 secret pokemon set to return in Black and white more info will be released on the 10th of this month is a special book called Pokemon Pia

  29. Hmm the legendary koi trio? Doesnt sound too bad but the typing?
    I guess ice/water, ground/ water and steel/water

    Then dive will be reintroduced and you go into an underwater dungeon where the legendary koi are unleashed (enter epic unleashing scene with lotsa sparks and bubbles) and then some background story about how they control and regulate the tides or something xD

    ….. Except that will never happen

    Also, if hiun is NY (i live there woot woot) i wouldnt wanna dive in east river too dirty… Then again there’s mutated fish which would make the trio plausible 😀

    I so hope GF has a better idea though

  30. Hopefully we can reach the amount of $200 for you Pokejungle!!
    If we do reach the original gaol, are you still gonna let us know the third legendarys typing??

    (unfortunately i will be one of the possibly many that cant give money.. no credit card to pay with) 🙁 sorry

  31. I can understand wanting others to donate for whatever reason, but really? Are you seriously going to pull the card of “well if you can do it in x time, I’ll do x for you whether it is something real or not 😀 ” Just save up your money. Heck unless your paying bills, car insurance, a car, etc.. it doesn’t take that long to save $149 even if you work for minimum wage and part time

    1. I have a $200 head gasket job on my car as well. But I’ll reveal the info regardless I was just having a bit of fun.

    2. You forget that this would be a service that the community would use (for free) and would otherwise come out of PokeJungle’s own pockets. While it’s obviously not expected, and he’d likely reveal the type anyway, what’s the harm in asking if anyone in the community wants to return the favor for the services Paul has so graciously provided? It’s not a subscription, it’s not any kind of requirement – he’s just asking, and I – like others – have no problem helping out. 🙂

  32. i cant believe that your trying to use a legendary typing to boost the sales donations that is low for a site of what i THOUGHT was fellow poke-fans especially a site that CLAIMS to want to report news
    its alright to have the donation box but withholding certain facts that MAY OR MAY NOT be real and we will know in less than 10 days any way is LOW and SLEEZEY.

    1. How long have you visited my site? xD Almost all pokejungle visitors should know that regardless I’d reveal the information :p I was just teasing a bit

      1. lol, just. lol.


        And sales? Excuse me! Since when did a site became a COMPANY!? It’s a mere coincedence, geez! ONCE AGAIN, TROLLS HAVE PROVEN TO BE HEARTLESS DERPDERPS*

        * = I need to lay off the derpy insults

  33. Could u reveal it in a half hour cause then I got to bed please!!!!!!!!!!!! Picture me as a cute little puppy when u read this Pokejungle

  34. I never thought once pokejungle was trying to boost donations, he was just being nice by offering to reveal it for us. Plus he said he’d give you money back u asked. I dont see how thats all bad. I’d donate if i wasnt young.
    Pokejungle says in 9/10 that he doesnt like keeping info from us, and never will xD

    I didnt put this as a reply cuz i guess it goes for everyone?


    1. pps- As of… almost 6PM CST we have raised a grand total of $130!! That is AMAZING!! I would really like to raise $200 because I know that my site will go down this month if I don’t pay for some temporary bandwidth boosts ._.;;

      But it ain’t gonna be shut down, amrite!?!? D: D: D:

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