Help pokejungle!

Hey guys, I’m turning to all of you because I’d like a little help raising money to get an IP.Board for Mt. Moon Community.  Over the 4+ years that it has been open we’ve amassed almost 300,000 posts and almost 6,000 members.  MyBB has served us well, but I would really like to move on to a professional script and start a new chapter in our community’s life.  The problem that I’m running into is that it will cost me $149 to do that and right now I’m saving for my trip to Japan (probably happening Oct/Nov… my boyfriend is finding a job before I come) so I don’t have a lot of spare money.  Luckily the ads on the site usually take care of the hosting costs of PJN and it’s related sites (MMC, SCO, etc) but definitely does not cover over that.  So that’s why I have to appeal to you guys 🙁

What I’d really appreciate is PJN followers who feel like they could contribute $5, $10, $15 to this project.  It would take only 10 people donating $15 to make this happen.  Or 15 people donating $10… and so on and so forth.  So if you have a job and could spare a bit of cash it would be so much appreciated so we can better the community we have built together.  Plus people who donate would be recognized on the site and have no ads displayed on the forum.

What I don’t want is my fans to ask their parents or guardians for money.  🙁  I know that there are a lot of visitors who may not have jobs… so if that’s you just sit back and enjoy your carefree years 🙂  I want this to be a personal donation made because you support the site.  DO NOT FEEL BAD IF YOU CANNOT DONATE!! Under any circumstances!!  This is a free website 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- If we can reach the donation goal by today I’ll reveal the third legendary’s typing 🙂  [If for some odd reason donations exceed the amount needed they will go to cover this month’s extra bandwidth costs which I WILL NEED ;_;  So many people visiting my site…]

pps- As of… almost 6PM CST we have raised a grand total of $130!!  That is AMAZING!!  I would really like to raise $200 because I know that my site will go down this month if I don’t pay for some temporary bandwidth boosts ._.;;