Yanappu’s Evo

Well… it’s head at least.  From all that I can gather it has an 85% chance of being legitimate.  Enjoy 🙂  If you’re wondering why it is cut out… its because a full screenshot leak can cause bad news for sources who leak information to sites.

BTW don’t lynch me if this turns out to be false for some reason.  :p

<3 pokejungle

ps- short post… 🙁  Looks like I’ll be able to post the third legendary’s typing soon though!  Yay.  Just $55 to go!

pps- Reworded article to make me seem less evil.




    1. first thxbai n00bs

      Looks like I’ll be able to post the third legendary’s typing soon though,ARE YOU KIDDING TELL THIS TO US NOWWWWWWW


      ps:sorry for the caps

      1. Get a hold of yourself, Private!

        In all seriousness, if they’re real, they’re real. Nothing can be done over complaining about them.

        Although there isn’t any concise proof of it being fake or real, so I”m still waiting until the games are released next week.

        1. Fool, pipe down. Ye ain’t talkin’ ’bout shit!

          But yeah, I really doubt that he’ll just give you the info. Most places can’t reveal their info until their sources agree to it due to the fact that the site can get shut down and/or the source can get fired.

  2. Yay, I hope you can post it soon.

    Also I second what Krake said its funny lol.

    I’m just glad the gimmick monkeys get an evo each 🙂

    Also hoping for the new dragon to be a new type conbination too.

  3. Do you know when you can post the rest of its body, ’cause to me it doesn’t look skinny anymore.

  4. real or not im actually liking this one :0 even though when i heard of the description i didnt think i would. I’m hoping for a Dragon/Ice

  5. Wouldnt that make this all true!?!?!? COOL!

    “511: Yanappu.
    512: Yanappu Evo, it will look just like Yanappu except bigger, more arrogant and it has a Elvis-like hair-do. It’s pure Grass.
    513: Baoppu. Fire Type monkey. Orange or red body (Hiro thinks it has an dark orange body whereas Mulker thinks it is red) with a flame-style hair and tail. It has a sleepy face.
    514: Baoppu Evo. Fire Type monkey. It is fatter than the Grass one, and seems confused. Its tail and hair has flames. Redorange color.
    The monkey trio are believed not to be 3 split evolutions from a single pre-evo”

  6. But the starter evo could still be false cause the source could have given him bad info OR it could be a plubicity stunt to get more views but then every one yelled at him so now hr is leaking all this info to get some fans back THIS Is JUSt my UnLIKELy wishful THinkings. Caps aren’t working

  7. Greetings Pokejungle, would you kindly grace us with the information that led you to conclude that this sprite is real? Thank you and have a nice day :’D

          1. Nor has Paul ever resorted to “secret” sources and leaks, but there’s a first time for everything.

            Paul, I like you, and I like your site. But don’t stoop to the others’ levels.

          2. “Unlike Joe I only protect certain sources in order to guarantee more information for you guys. Not so I can stockpile it and not tell you”

      1. But PJ!! You cant pull a PxP or a Joe on us now! We are your loyal fans, we come here for the nitty gritty, the non-discreet. You cant let us down now! You just cant! Please tell us D;

        1. Unlike Joe I only protect certain sources in order to guarantee more information for you guys. Not so I can stockpile it and not tell you 🙂

          1. That still doesn’t explain why you would simply cut out the head of the sprite…at worst Nintendo asks you to take the screenshot down and you do.

            A simple headshot leaves much to be desired considering the last two leaks of Melkor’s sprites have reduced the margin for error by showing less and less (full battle scene -> “dex scene” -> head sprite)

          2. I don’t have the whole screenshot, Yanappu’s head came as-is. [In a box on my doorstep. A note written in blood said “YOU NEXT” ;_; ]

  8. Ask him to cut out the bottom half for Yanappu’s evo for a later date.
    So we can piece it together ourselves.
    Get the other guys’ heads at least.

  9. Well….guess I’m gonna have to go with Pokabu or Mijumaru now, because that hair is just too fabulous not to be on my team.

  10. If only his elvis hair was YELLOW… then I could name him ‘Johnny Bravo’… you know… ’cause he’s a monkey…
    Johnny Bravo: Do the monkey with me, come on!

  11. How to win sum money: doing this.
    I really hope it’s true, but if it’s fake, i will be very disappointed with you, man.

      1. +shrug+
        just posting information that was found
        i don’t believe this stuff, but thought i might as well.

      2. To have three pokemon have an egg at once. That way, we’ll NEVER know where eggs came from just like in Gold/Silver. Except this time its a threesome.

        1. haha.
          might be a cool way of trying to get certain egg moves down.
          but that was the only thing i came up with for it.

          1. Lols yea. The only regular reason i have so u can have 2 pokes to mate and 1 to level up at the same time i guess

    1. “However there was explanation story midway, this time completely, as for being attached degree having an influence on status certain it seems.”

      Reading between the Babelfish-made lines, does this ACTUALLY say that they EXPLAIN GAME MECHANICS???? Because that would be epic win in my book.

      1. was that through Google Translate..?
        or did you actually translate it?
        i had someone who knew Japanese attempt to translate it as close as they could and that’s about what they gave me.
        but they could be wrong.

        i’m gonna learn how to at least read Japanese soon, so i don’t have to worry about Google and it’s horrible translations

        1. That was through Babelfish. >.< I'm in the process of learning Japanese, but I'm having a horrid time with the grammar. I can read them and tell you what the words are, but I can't put them together very well. Sooo I have to rely on translators still, not that it does much good.

  12. You know what else gets sources in trouble
    lookin at you, pokexperto

    1. Except he hasn’t. O.o He’s not saying “#548 is Mumbawoobie, the sucker Pokemon. It evolves from Mumbaweenie at level 15, and learns Mumbawumba Barrage at 33. It can also be found in the wild if you twirl in a circle at the top of the mountain. Base stats are 10000, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9001. Ability Mambo: You dance around and nothing hits you. (Link) Here’s the sprite, and (link) here’s the Sugimori art!”

      ……if you think about it, he’s actually giving us very little info.

  13. ・That the IV’s EV’s and base stats are all drastically changed/:O interresant
    ・Apparently Friendship is now a big part of stats,/really cool,more friendship=more power and toughness
    ・Can hold 3 pokemon in daycare/i dont use daycare but is cool too
    ・new HM “float”/another retarded hm float i think chillarmy will be hm slave of this gen

    1. actually, when i thought of Float, i thought of a combination surf/fly.
      which would probably be really cool, as crazy as it sounds.

      1. Yea lol. Im still hoping for controlling where to fly. It would be cool to see the cities from all the way in the sky. And seeing items on the ground and maybe…

        Sky battles and wild flying pokemon enconters
        The last two probably wont ever hapoen lmao. But i can dream :3

          1. Yup :p but if sky battles come into an actual idea, i hope you cant attack on the pokemon your on them when surfing. Like how u can dig while surfing o.O. But then again, most things in pokemon make no sense. Like… In FR and LG you had a TV. In your bag. ??

  14. Basically I came to this site to avoid this…sort of “SECRET SOURCE DO NOT TELL YET TELL” sort of crap. Like I’m happy with all the information we can get, but it’s really….almost insulting that we can’t just know the entire thing. I’m tired of “insider sources” and all the drama that comes with them.
    It’s what I hoped to avoid here…


    1. well think of it like this if PJ told us who gave him his info what do you think would happen??….im not sure on the answer myself but im sure PJ knows 🙂

  15. I won’t lynch you if it’s fake, but I really don’t want you to go around saying it’s real if Nintendo or Gamefreak haven’t said so yet. Always cover your bases, because contrary to popular belief, the internet is not srs bsns, anyone can become anything, even you.

  16. Hell, at this point, I don’t care if the starter evos are real:

    This thing is awesome. Which means the other two monkeys will be awesome.

    Wanna know what’s more awesome?

    So far, Isshu has NINE FIRE TYPES, HELL YES and I hope it has even more as time goes on. I’m so happy. And we have a cool cat pokemon coming up. It’s like my birthday all over again.

  17. Yanappu’s evo looks great even if it is just the head.

    pokejungle do you know if Gochiruzeru has an evolution or a pre evolution?

  18. Pokejungle, any clue as to whether or not there are any cross-generation evolutions in these games? New Eeveelutions, anything?

  19. I wish I had an inside source and got the game early and all that jazz…but Tom Cruise refuses to tell me ANYTHING about the game and he’s had it for days..woe is me..

  20. Pokejungle im new to u but i’ve been checking ur site for ages and like the way u put up news 🙂 it’s rly nice and i believe u 🙂 and if only was working i would give the full 150$ :p just to know that type and keep ur site ongoing 🙂
    but thanks for everything u did and i think i like that monkey 😛

  21. I’m telling you guys,

    GameFreak probably thought of these pokemon as a fun joke at first. haha

    I’m loving the three monkey trio already. Way to keep it lighthearted. Good job GF!

    1. It’s entitled ‘yannakingu’ (Kingu being King) ….. Wow, they’re not even being subtle about comparing it to Elvis, are they?

      1. Pokexperto liked the artwork. They said it is mostly right!

        They also said, that the Grass/bug Pokémon and its evolution together with a Bug/poison centipede and its evolution, are not going to appear in the first half of the Pokedex.

        They found it weird too.

  22. infernape is better than yannapu’s fire bro, plus if smuglord is real, i am going to put it in my secondary SS team, thus increasing its potential, plus the monkey trio can be beaten with 3 moves: razor leaf, surf, lavaplume

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